Iraqi Christians are throwing their children from the mountaintop to keep them from being raped, enslaved, and/or slaughtered by ISIS terrorists

Imagine being trapped on top of a mountain, dying slowly of thirst, and knowing the only thing that awaits upon descent is certain death or capture by ISIS terrorists? This is exactly what is reportedly happening atop Mount Sinjar in Iraq.

Children dying of thirst on the mountain
Children dying of thirst on the mountain

DC Clothesline (h/t Susan K)   The dire situation has caused some families to make a seemingly incomprehensible decision. Forced with the bleak realization of their children dying of thirst or possibly being captured by Islamic State (formerly known as ISIS) militants, parents are making the unthinkable decision to throw their own children from the top of the mountain to end their suffering and bring about a quicker, and possibly more humane, death.

ISIS beheadings
ISIS beheadings

Why would parents make that choice? We can not assume what is going through their minds but here is a recent example of one of many possible reasons. One Islamic State animal recently announced his coming marriage to a seven-year-old child in Syria. One would question whether the situation in Iraq is much different. Islam’s prophet married Aisha at the age of six.

BufOfR4IYAA2g3c.jpg-large received this report from Ms. Christina Patto, VP of Assyrian Aid Society of Iraq:

It is a tragic situation, nobody can imagine how terrible it is, as much as I write to you and send you reports it will not be enough to describe the suffering of people.

For Zummar and Sinjar: they are under Da’esh control, thousands of Yazidis died in the last two days, they are facing a real genocide. Till yesterday (45) children died of thirst. Some families throw their children from the top of Sinjar mountain in order not to see them die from hunger or thirst, or not to be taken by the terrorists. (1500) men were killed in front of their wives and families, (50) old men died also from thirst and illness. More than (70) girl and women (including Christians) were taken, raped and being captured and sold. More than (100) families are captured in Tel afar airport.


There are about (50) Christian families in Sinjar. The terrorists were able to control the Syriac church there and cover the Cross with their black banner. Till now we do not know anything about those Christian families.

Displaced civilians flee to the mountaintops.

ISIS releases photos of mass killings, beheadings, crucifixions in Syria.