ISLAMIC STATE (ISIS) attempts to ethnically cleanse 500,000 minorities in Northern Iraq

Nearly 500,000 of the Iraqi Shia Turkmen, Yazidis, Christians, Shabak and the Armenian minorities have been chased out of their homes. Many are living in horrible conditions. Over 1500 Turkmen have been killed or kidnapped since IS takeover while the town of Mosul has been completely cleansed of Christians.


Liveleak  Christians in Mosul were more fortunate than the Shia Muslims and Yazidi. They were allowed to escape, but they were stripped of all their belonging, including cash, jewelry, ID’s, mobile phones, and even their property ownership papers, while their homes and businesses were all confiscated by IS.

The latest tragedy is the Yezedi towns in Sinjar. Close to 200,000 people have been chased out of their homes. IS has been executing all the yazidis they could find. 40,000 of them are still trapped on the Sinjar mountain after climbing their to escape the wrath of the satanic state. 40,000 people are on the verge of death. Scared children, babies, elderly and women forced to sleep on the rocks. Hundreds have died from lack of food, water and medicine.