“That’s my boy,” is the caption on a Twitter photo of 7-year-old Australian boy holding up the decapitated head of a Syrian soldier

The young son of an Australian jihadist has been photographed gripping the severed head of a slain Syrian soldier. Khaled Sharrouf’s son, believed to be aged seven, used both hands to hoist the decapitated head up as he posed for a chilling photo. His proud father, one of Australia’s most-wanted terrorists and a suspected war criminal, posted the photo to Twitter.


UK Daily Mail  The extremely graphic (but censored) photo – seen on Twitter by Daily Mail Australia – is believed to have been taken in the northern Syrian city of Raqqa, according to The Australian.

With an uncomfortable expression on his face and clearly struggling to grip the head in his hands, the boy stands posing in front of a fence that featured the severed heads of apparent enemies of ISIL (also known as ISIS). Dressed in an innocent blue t-shirt, checkered shorts, sandals and a cap – the youngster looks more as if he’s dressed for a holiday tour than a warzone.


PM Tony Abbott said photographs such as this one highlighted the ‘barbaric’ nature of ISIL, which he said was trying to establish a ‘terrorist state’ in Iraq. ‘We see more and more evidence of just how barbaric this entity is,’ he told ABC Radio‘I believe there are more photographs in the newspapers in Australia today of the kind of hideous atrocities this group is capable of.’

Mr Abbott also stated the Australian government’s willingness to join the humanitarian effort to supply aid to ten of thousands of Yazidi people and Christians trapped by ISIL in Iraq.

Sharrouf also uploaded a photo of himself posing with the same soldier’s head with the caption: ‘What a head.’


Defence Minister David Johnston told ABC radio he was ‘revolted’ by the images and said they revealed the need for the tough counter-terrorism laws the government announced last week. Opposition Leader Bill Shorten condemned the photograph of the boy as a ‘shocking, evil image’ but said he was wary of using the photograph for political purposes and said Labor would be discussing the proposed changes to anti-terror legislation.

Mr Shorten said the key question that needed to be answered was: ‘How on earth this guy got out of Australia on his brother’s passport… It’s shocking he’s gone through our passport system and go to where he’s gone,’ he said.

Another photo shows Sharrouf posing with his three young sons dressed in identical camouflage fatigues, wielding machine guns.


One angry tweet, accompanied by a picture of Sharrouf and his children all dressed in military fatigues, reads: ‘The more u hate this path you infidel aussie dogs the happier feel dieinrage when you cant affect men lie about women.’

He has also directly threatened Australian journalists and claimed ‘Inshaallah soon in Aus’ – which means ‘God willing or if Allah wills’, a clear sign he wishes to bring jihad back to Australia.

I don’t know why they are censoring these photos when there are ISIS decapitated heads all over the internet:




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  1. I believe we are at a tipping point and the World is finally waking up to how serious this threat is to Humanity! This is World War III and the rest of the world is getting ready to join together and stamp out this cancer!!

  2. To the moderator, I really like this page I’m glad I’ve stumbled upon this honest forum. Death to [IS], death to all these sick indecisive blood mongers. True morons. IDF will sort them. Should they dare step close to the great land of Israel. I’ve been following this is stuff for weeks true barbarians. ..how is this normal? I wish we didn’t have such a leftist in office.. so we could take proper action..I feel like one foot close to israel or jordan stuff will go down.

      • It makes sense. Think about it a minute. He COULD have said it better, but it would have taken more words — as crystal clear clarity often does. To spell it out for you . . . his statement implies that Australia is not the person’s birth country. Get it?

  3. I would not have a muslim as a friend or even worse a so called brother. The last thing the human race needs are these inbreds. Imagine being stuck in their imaginary world of a fairy tail religion and being in their so called Mecca with them for eternity. Now that would be a hell. Their God is so pathetic that they have to do the killing for him. What a joke! We should strap some pigs on nukes and wipe them all out.

    • You misjudge Islam. As a muslim, I condemn these acts of the ISIS, even us muslims, stand against them. This is not true Islam, Islam is about peace and love, not death and hate. We, muslims, have the right to fight against those who invade our countries, sure thing because they do not have the right to invade us, as you would not another country take on yours. This is the only case we have the right to use violence, please correct your facts and don’t use acts of minorities of stupid people to judge a whole nation. I suggest to read more away from this hateful anti-islam website, to get at least a neutral idea about our religion, and please dont consider these fighters as real muslims.

      • Throughout history, islam has been spread through murder and intimidation. islam is a satanic, aggressive, murderous totalitarian political system masquerading as a pseudo-religion. islam is going to prove to be Satan’s greatest Grand Strategy for destroying humanity — greater than Nazism or communism.

        Every printing facility in the world that is printing the koran should be completely destroyed. Every copy of the koran




        should be hunted down and destroyed and islam should be wiped off the face of the planet.

        We should start by nuking mecca and medina TOMORROW.

  4. There is a clear distinction between Jews and Zionists. It’s not a far-fetched that they same individuals who have a strong hand in western media, economy, and politics may result in less than noble means to fulfill their agenda. There is tons of speculation that Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi (leader of ISIS) is actually a Mossad agent. And Ron Paul (Former US Presidential candidate himself said that Al-Qaeda, Hamas, and other terrorist organizations were created and funded by American and Israeli intelligence for their own agendas. Not my words, his… Wake up people! If this is part of Islam why aren’t the rest of us doing it?!!! If there are 600,000 terrorists (which they aren’t). That still would make 0.01% of Muslms! What about the rest of the 99.99% that are peaceful???

      • Why is it idiotic? What happened to freedom of speech? We are all brothers in humanity. We Muslims are free from this savagery. 99.99% of Muslims condemn any act of violence except for self defense no if, ands or buts period! I will not let some animals hijack my religion! Not in the name of Islam. God bless you all. May God protect the innocent and those who stand for justice, no matter who it’s for or against!

      • shame for humanity is people like you … in a debate like this, where servantoftheallmighty’s getting a little sense, saying that we should not generalize Muslims. this ban represents your lack of arguments and a little desire to get closer to reality …
        if you want to generalize you can start with you Americans, the real terrorists, those who make weapons, generating conflicts that many people end up armed with those American and Israeli weapons …. I think the real guilty are you Americans and Israelis with dirty your interests ….

      • To “Just saying” : Really? We’re the dirty ones??? The entire fucking world would be in chaos if not for America riding herd on many whacked-out cultures and societies and dictators. I’ve often thought that we, America, should declare a 20-year freeze on all intervention in conflicts between other countries. We just tell the world that for 20 years it’s a total free-for-all in which any country can invade, conquer and subjugate any other country — and we won’t do a thing about it.

        WITH THE EXCEPTION OF ISRAEL. No one touches Israel.

        Long before the 20 years of free-for-all is up, countries around the world will be BEGGING America for help. They’ll be begging for us to come save them from their evil, murderous neighbors who have invaded them. And if I know the idiots known as the human race, they’ll blame US for leaving them to their own defense. Yes, they’ll accuse and condemn US for NOT being there to defend THEM, and they’ll tell us how bad and evil we are, etc., etc., etc.

        America is damned if we do and damned if we don’t.

        Screw you.

    • If you knew anything about Ron Paul, you’d know that when it comes to foreign policy he’s a freakazoid whackjob. He’s right on about the principle of small gov’t, but his “foreign policy” thoughts are out around Pluto. Quoting Ron Paul’s foreign policy statements gets you NO credibility. What’s more is that my sense is that he’s somewhat anti-Semitic — as you definitely are.

    • to ServantoftheAllMighty:

      – ”There is tons of speculation that Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi (leader of ISIS) is actually a Mossad agent. […] Al-Qaeda, Hamas, and other terrorist organizations were created and funded by American and Israeli intelligence”

      – Perfectly logic! Allow me to speculate that even the Maur leaders, the caliphs, the Ottomans pashas were CIA and Mossad. And the mastermind was no other than Mohammad, the first registered KGB agent in history. A web has been woven eversince from the headquarters situated in Mohammad’s tent. Tsk tsk tsk, what a conspiracy against peaceful moslems!

    • what is the percentage of suicide bombers among muslims compared with people of other religions. because of muslims the world needs such security and the world spends billions of dollars and wastes time. why the muslims want to emigrate to white,western countries and to saudi arabia or yemen or sudan? the europeans and americans are making a terrible mistake by treating these muslims in a humane manner. they will repent .

  5. “I advise you ten things| Do not kill women or children or an aged, infirm person. Do not cut down fruit-bearing trees. Do not destroy an inhabited place. Do not slaughter sheep or camels except for food. Do not burn bees and do not scatter them. Do not steal from the booty, and do not be cowardly.” Prophet Muhammad, Maliks Muwatta Book 021, Hadith Number 010.

    “If anyone killed a person not in retaliation of murder, or (and) to spread mischief in the land – it would be as if he killed all Mankind, and if anyone saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of all Mankind (Quran 5:32)

    “O you who believe! stand out firmly for justice, as witnesses to Allah, even against yourselves, or your parents, or your kin, and whether it be (against) rich or poor: for Allah can best protect both. Follow not the lusts (of your hearts), lest you swerve, and if you distort (justice) or decline to do justice, verily Allah is well-acquainted with all that you do. (Quran 4:135)

    • to ServantoftheAllMighty:
      [”Do not burn bees and do not scatter them. Do not steal from the booty, and do not be cowardly.” Prophet Muhammad, Maliks Muwatta Book 021, Hadith Number 010.]
      Pardon me? Do not steal from the booty? How idiotic this prophet could be? {Piss Be Upon Him} The booty of Moo_HAM_Mad was seized by robbery and pillage and thus was in itself STOLEN. Do you mean that the thief Moo_HAM_Mad was afraid of other thieves like him? What a stoopid joke CUR-ANUS is! [And of course, how low this CRETIN MOHAMMAD can be!].

    • to ServantoftheAllMighty:

      – Why is it idiotic?
      – Because whatever MOO-HAM says IS in fact idiotic and has no sense. Stupid babble from a stupid illiterate.

      – What happened to freedom of speech?
      – Ask MOO-HAM. He used to kill poets who criticized him. So much for the all merciful [dog poop be upon his ugly head].

      – We are all brothers in humanity. We Muslims are free from this savagery.
      – Really? Are you moo-sleems brothers with pigs and apes [Jews and Christians]?
      Then I suppose you should let your first daughter marry a Jew, and the second daugther marry a Christian. This way you should rid your family from the abomination of MOO-HAM [forever cursed be his name]. Muslims will be free from this savagery once they renounce this horrid poop-head. Until then, grave-digger MOO-HAM will twist moslemia minds with the same mocking look on his faceless skull.

    • koran also says in the same SURA ‘those that make war against GOD and HIS apostle and spread disorder in the land shall be slain or crucified or have their hands and feet cut off on alternate sides …’ ‘as for man or woman who is guilty of theft ,cut off their hands to punish them for their crimes.’

      • You people are racist scum. Our foreign police DOES cause unwanted consequences, and for anybody to be so blind to where they cannot see that is beyond me. Our CIA admits it, and it is blatantly obvious. You guys get on here and bash the brown people from the comfort of your home, like some holier than thou beacon of truth. Our foreign policy is a policy of sticking our noses into everybody’s business, and then acting surprised when people react violently. We should mind our own business. We have a strong enough military to LITERALLY blow up the world 100 times over, and nutsbags like you people are advocating for more, and saying “without us, the world would be soooo terrible”. You are all obviously insane, and there is a reason when you post this trash ANYWHERE ELSE on the internet, people vehemently oppose what you are saying. We were allies with Bin Laden at a certain point, same goes for Hussein. All of the these problems that we are having can be directly attributed to our interventionist foreign policy. If somebody invaded Texas, you redneck dummies would be the first people screaming “revolt!” with your gun in your hand… but somehow, in your fucked up heads, you have convinced yourselves that we are so good and so righteous that when we invade and bomb other countries, they should welcome us, and things like this should never happen. We kill people’s friends, family, loved ones, and then act surprised when people who have nothing to live for and are constantly surrounded by horrors we cannot even imagine, do crazy shit like this. And you idiots REALLY believe that our foreign policy isnt DIRECTLY related to all this bullshit? Read a fucking book and turn off Rush Limbaugh you hypocritical redneck morons.

        • jordon, you are the racist as you consider all muslims to be “brown people.” What makes you think islam is a race? And yes we do hate islam, a death cult posing as a religion. I only wish we would “blow up the world 100 times over,” although that number has been shrunk considerably since the muslim POS became president. More than 60 million like what we have to say. And very few people come here an oppose it other than leftist scum like you. If you hate this country so much, get the hell out. You talk just like a muslim.

      • jordan — It’s easy to see that the major liberal media have done their job on your brain. You are stoopid beyond belief. You’re so moronic and misguided there’s really no gain to be had in trying to educate you. When someone has been so indoctrinated and brainwashed by the liberal media and the liberal academia and the un-American Hollywood lefties as you have, it takes years to fix his mental disorder. You will need years of remedial intellectual therapy in order to be able to re-join the rational part of the human race.

        It sucks to be you.

  6. I’m waiting for some prick of a politician, like David Cameron, say “This is nothing to do with Islam.”

  7. Islam is the most evil of all faiths… why the hell is this disgusting religion allowed to exist… I have never condoned violence… but they are not human beings… bomb them all back to the stone age where they deserve to be.. they are animals and deserve to be treated as such..

    • What is religion? Why does so many souls in this world need a silent leader? …..My son at the age of 11 was asked the question that might change the future and the world as we know it in light of the Iraq War going on. …..Something that would have profound impact on how we live and the way we treat or behave toward humanity. He replied….. “I would remove religion“….. He is now 22 and has not changed his mind on a world cleared of religion and war. My point…… Children are never too young to understand what’s going on. …This 7 year old is lost and will never be saved from his teachings….. It’s time for an ATOMIC EXECUTION.

  8. Holy f**k, I am all for the eradication of the extremist terrorists, but reading some of the psycho “Christian” babble in some of the comments below makes my skin crawl. Some of you so called “Christians” need a real frontal lobotomy to make you safe for our communities. Anyway, on the flip side, these extremist Islamic nutjobs scare the crap out of me and need to be wiped out.

    • “The greatest single cause of atheism in the world today is Christians: who acknowledge Jesus with their lips, walk out the door, and deny Him by their lifestyle. That is what an unbelieving world simply finds unbelievable.” ― Kevin Max

    • Thomas Gunn: Interesting comment in that not only is it vitriolic criticism that’s conveniently unspecific, it’s also completely self-contradictory. If you would take the time to re-read your comment, I’m sure you would agree that you’re schizophrenic. Both of you.

      I heard your favorite poem years ago:

      Roses are red,
      Violets are blue,
      I’m schizophrenic
      And so am I.

  9. This is madness! This is filth! This is against Islam! Islam like any other religion or society allows fighting as a last resort and only in self-defense! These barbarians are not Muslim… Either they are sick brain washed savages or they are funded by the Zionists to unite the world against Islam! I am a Muslim and this makes me sick to my stomach!!!!!

      • Yes but it appears these “ragheads” have u all frightened like little girls, why else would those in the west responsible for allowing this madness to spring up after years of occupation and failed policy, turn tail and run scared, leaving the Arabs to deal with there mess on our own? Please, stay out of the Middle East.. What good have you ever done for us? This is your going away gift to the Iraqis.. Well done

    • Cause everything is the Jews or Zionists fault right?! Why is it so hard for you to believe that this radical behavior is part of your religion? There are hundreds of verses in the Quran that say it is ok to kill, and cause of that you get monsters like this people. Leave the Jews alone! They did nothing to you. And the fact that you think they had anything to do with this, show how brain washed you really are!

    • Servent I have no idea why you’re still arguing and convincing these stupid idiots… apparently theyre just talking what the media tells them, and if they didnt, if they actually tried to look it up and read whats actually going on, they probably read the biased point of view of the retarded american/israeli governments… you shouldnt be here reading all these hate comments that just show how ignorant and brain washed these people are…

      • Hey, majestoopid, why don’t you go live in a musloid country for a coupla years and then get back to us — that is, IF you’re still alive.


  10. I wish we could just nuke all of them. Honestly even if civilians would be killed, it would be far fewer civilians than would be killed otherwise. This is pure evil – this is the Nazis of this generation. They gruesomely enjoy the act of killing and torturing people. I don’t understand how this happens to human beings. They’re killing Muslims too so imagine what they would do if they captured an American soldier or made their way to Israel. Think of that all you people supporting the Hamas terrorists in Gaza. Remember what they did to Daniel Pearl, an American Jewish reporter?

    The other thing is social media sites like Youtube are so concerned about removing penis or vagina images and yet they have live videos of beheadings still there today. There are terrorist beheading videos with up votes; Google is helping genocide.

    • You nailed it, Max. We need to nuke mecca and medina. In the long run it would save hundreds of millions of lives. And yes, they’re WORSE than the Nazis.

  11. and well that too bad cos Muslims will never take over the world cos there is bible mention about evil rise but will fall short due to zombie apocalypse will come and it will be two third of population will be wipe out by zombies and muslims, devil and his demons can’t kill that fast and can’t get two third of population in short times so there is one option is zombies apocalypse and after this, earth will be destory by fire so guessing this could be solar flare or super volocanoes but half of the earth will be survives and every bible and other religion’s book mention about America, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia in end times but there is small story about Australia and New Zealand and those stories about prison islands and will become great nations and will be last country in the world and they mention about thier civilization and technology will be like Star Trek and how i know because they did say kind of technology they having and they say Australia and New Zealand will be pure freedom, no money, etc.. and they will living like peaceful and worship Jesus cos he came to Australia first after World War III and Zombies and the World Govenment knows this and that why they send their kids to Australia and celebrities moving to Australia.

  12. These are not muslim photos. All of them are whites with blonde hair. They are American or jews and its so obvious. One can get pics of severed heads off the internet anytime and git it any kind of tag. Look at this website. Its and anti-Islamic website so obviously they will show white americans dressed and place an Islamic poster at the background just to fool the world…and many are getting fooled already. With all the education and the day-to-day conning and chearing even between spouses, why don’t the readers ask for evidence. Even a 10 year old kid can photoshoppe any image. I feel sorry for the readers who fall for this kind of shit. If this were true, it would have been on the news TV.
    Although i dont support any religious group in the world, but how do I know these are not americans posing as isil???? How do I know if this is not from the Iraq war? or from the Israel war? or from any other civil unrest in other countries. How do I know if this was not shot at the Hollywood studios or film sets. Look at their faces, for gods sake, none of them even know how to even hold a gun properly, even the grown up dude. Any you are calling them Islamic soldiers on a killing spree. Shame on this website and shame on the ones for fall for this kind of shit. seriously!!!

    • “Whites with blond hair?” You’re both blind and stupid, and as your name suggests you should go back to sleep and continue the nightmare you’re obviously having.

      To think humankind can come up with millions of amazing inventions, the internet, nuclear weapons, amazing planes, missiles, sublime music and art, incredible buildings, bridges and ships; and on the flip side of humanity, there’s……


    • you are the dumbest person with the dumbest comments I’d ever heard… I would love to see how man you are going to one of this slaughter houses and telling them they are Americans. please man, why are you so stupid? go there, see for yourself, I dare you you idiotic animal.

    • I think you are the dumbest person on the Internet. Why would anyone photoshop these photos. They are real because that is what happens when radical Islam takes over!! Think these are photoshopped? Then watch all the videos they post of them killing people or bury them ALIVE. This kind of Islam has no place in the western and modern world, and the fact you blame Jews/ American show that you’re brain washed!

  13. This shows what the Quran is really about and that Mohammed was a retard. Islam is only for lower apes in human form. Read in the Quran that believers of Islam is smarter than non believers lol I guess that´s why all inventions like the internet and all modern things are imported to Mohammed land 🙂 what a disgrace to human kind.

    • That’s what happens when you allow Muslims in your country, people should wake up before they find themselves in the same boat as Israel.

  14. The Daily Mail describes the boy, “With an uncomfortable expression on his face”

    That is a lie. Look at the little jihadi’s face. He looks extremely comfortable holding the bloody head of a victim. The little savage fully embraces evil and will seek to kill infidels whichever country he is in.

    It’s despicable that wicked Western leaders and media constantly LIE and DECEIVE for Islam. They are devoid of all ethics and have deliberately placed infidels in terrible danger.

  15. Shame he wasn’t more headstrong. That’s not the way to get a head in life. He’ll never be the head of a major corporation.

  16. Don’t moderate Muslims realise that they are apostates of Islam as they don’t follow Islam correctly under democracy and Isis is doing what muhammad did kill unbelievers and apostate’s, moderate Muslims bang on that Islam is peace bull shit Islam means submission and if Islam is peace why don’t we see this, Islam in Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia don’t tell me that ain’t Islam because it is, moderate Muslims had better make their minds up, because Islam will kill all of the so called moderate ones, Islam is a cancer and Jesus Christ is the answer.

    • Jesus Christ is not the answer. The eradication of all religion is the answer. Bunch of adults creating war over whose fairy tale characters are real. The ignorance and stupidity never ceases to amaze me.

      • The Bible contains the famous Ten Commandments and other Laws:

        You shall not murder. You shall not steal. You shall not bear false witness…… and the Golden Rule — upon which Western civilization is based. This is what you wish to eradicate?

        The Bible’s Golden Rule
        Jesus Christ, Bible, Matthew 7:12
        Treat people the same way you want them to treat you, for this is the Law and the Prophets.

        Jesus Christ, Bible, Matthew 5:7
        “Blessed are the merciful for they shall receive mercy.

        The infamous Muslim Brotherhood declared they want to destroy Western civilization.

      • The eradication of religion will never happen, ever. You speak of ignorance yet you preach it with every word of that sentence. Since the beginning of mankind religion has been the centerpiece of our moral foundation, whatever that may be. Greeks, Romans, Jews, the list goes on and on until we hit modern times today. Our laws and customs follow that of Christianity (for western countries). Our entire systems of law are based around the morals of Christianity.

        Also, to go along with your theory, which is that all religion is bad because it creates wars- The last war Christianity caused (Christians waged against another group in the name of religion) was centuries ago- the Crusades. Wake the fuck up. Christianity and many other religions are not the problem. Islam unfortunately is Christianity morphed with hate and violence.

      • Linda Rivera, the ten commandments is also present in Islam and Judaism. All three religions are Abrahamic faiths, based on the Old Testament. And guess what, the commandment to kill infidels IS also in the Old Testament. Ancient Israelis pillaged and murdered neighboring Canaanites for the same reason. It’s not Islam that’s the problem, it’s the fact that ALL the Abrahamic religions are based on a childish jealous god portrayed in a book written by hypermasculine patriarchal goatherders.

        The only reason Christianity is so different from them nowadays is because of Jesus. And even Jesus’ philosophy was quite alien from traditional Abrahamic fare. More akin to Buddhism or Zoroastrianism even. Much of Christianity’s modern traditions is also the result of it being ameliorated from contact with the more egalitarian culture of Ancient Europe. Monogamy for example, was borrowed from a Roman tradition (who strictly forbade polygamy). Women being far freer in Christianity are from the Celtic treatment of their women (who regarded them as equal to men).

        But if given enough ignorance, Christianity CAN become just as savage as these Islamic extremists are (and they were just as savage during the Inquisition and the Crusades). Just take a look at the number of evangelicals and cults in the US South. Compare their views on women, gays, and nonbelievers and you’ll be surprised how very similar they are. There’s a reason why both are known as CONSERVATIVES. Because they are conserving the older traditions of the Abrahamic faiths. A tradition of blood, tribalism, and an utter lack of empathy for anyone who does not agree with their beliefs. And their aim is to bring back what they believe are the “good old days”. You can see examples of it already here of people calling for the deaths of Muslims in the same way that Jihadists are calling for the death of non-Muslims.

        An eye for an eye. Monsters creating new monsters. This world is going to hell in a handbasket.

  17. his twitter statement “the more u hate this path you infidel aussie dogs the happier feel dieinrage when you cant afford men lie about women” makes absolutely no sense.
    it is all the more reason for this ideology is abolished and votaries delded

  18. By any chance is his wife a white Australian? Many Syrians look very white so it might be hard to tell but I’d wager a guess that he is married to a stupid convert woman.

  19. Disgusting creatures! They have no parental feelings at all! That kid is not a kid any more! He will never be able to live in a civilized world again! What cowards these animals are! They do their evil shit then hide behind children! Death to islam and all that obey its stupid verses!

  20. this is why you DO NOT want your children in schools with muzzie kids, this kid probably has or will have some mental health issues I guarantee it

    • Of course he will have mental health issues; already does; they can only be expected to become worse as the little inbred lowlife grows to be an adult arselifter, like his dear old degenerate demonic ass lifting lowlife father!…And HELL NO to letting any child or grandchild of mine be in a classroom with little junior jihadist shits!….You can expect things to get much worse in this old world just in the next few years before the filthy devil worshipping ass lifting filth is finally eradicated at Armageddon; ONLY THEN will there be lasting peace in the Mideast or the rest of the world; the “peace on Earth good will toward men” spoken of in Scripture (the Bible), NOT the jihadist manual koranus!

  21. Islam is the cancer of the world.and the sooner the world will understand this, the better.
    barbaric “culture” which thrives on killing anyone who dont want to become a muslim.
    its time to start a new crusade against the evil barbarism.

  22. These ISIS are not Muslims. Praying to Allah, or fasting in Ramadhan does not make them Muslims by committing all these crimes. Should we condemn Christianity for the crimes committed by the Nazis ? Weren’t they mostly Cristians (Catholics and Protestants). Should we condemn Christianity for the crimes committed by the Tsarist regime (the pogroms) ? Should we condemn Christianity because of the Crusades ? I want an answer.

    • Most upper tier Nazis were either agnostic/athiest or some sort of neopagan. Sorry if this explodes your little leftist mind but go and look it up,.

    • But I am sure, in fact there was moderate nazis. People who believed in national socialism but did not condone war crimes or genocide. We can’t condemn national socialism based on the sections of a few criminals like hoess wirth and stangl

    • Adel, You are on the wrong, muslum islamic world view, side. isis are muslums wanting to have an Islamic state for the world. What is your experience to tell a person that they are not muslum? Reminds me of all of the infidel judges lecturing terrorists on what it means to be muslum. Should we condemn America for nuking japan? No. Should be condemn America for beating back the nazi? NO. Should we condemn America for all of the muslum enemies they have defeated? No. You are supporting the evil that is inherent in islam. The crusades where pushing terrorists muslums out of the middle east. America were pushing terrorist muslums out of iraq, kuwait and so on. You are either on the side of terrorist islamic muslum ideology or you are on the side of the infidels, Christians, Jews, Hindus, gays and so on, who hold the line against the world vision of an islamic state. islam is the problem. Most Americans are still Christian. Make a list of countries whose governments were formed based on Judeo-Christian values and a comparable list of countries formed based on islamic or communism and then you decide which country you wish to live in. That free choice is another gift from governments based on Christian values.

    • Geez Adel wake the fuck up and read all the answers and pictures right here in front of you! You want an answer then purchase a ticket to one of these hell holes and walk up and ask one of the first koranimals you come across and I bet you will get your answer! They will rip your bleedin heart liberal ass to shreds! Now go on and ask yourself then why are we letting these koranimals into the United States! Search for that answer you DUM DUM!

    • Adel, Nazis killed in the name of Hitler, Muslims kill in the name of their impotent god. Not one Nazi shouted “glory be to god” as they committed their genocide. Only Muslims kill in the name of god and shout out “allahu akbar” while committing their heinous acts. So to answer your question yes if Christians kill in the name of God they should be condemned however Jesus is the Prince of Peace and never uttered any words that can be construed as endorsing violence to others; yet that’s all Mohammed (may the shit be upon him) did. Read his own words then make an educated commitment to Jesus. Read Jesus’ words then Mohammed’s (may the shit be upon him) words. Once you read Mohammed’s (may the shit be upon him) words you’ll understand why muslims kill in the name of allah (their most impotent and imagined god).

      • This is all quite true, Adel.

        “allah” (pig schitte be upon him) (intentional no cap) is a false god, mohamed was a murdering child-molester and large parts of the koran were plagiarized from the Judeo-Christian scriptures and then perverted for use in the Satanic, religio-political belief system known as islam.

        islam is worse than Nazism and should be wiped off the face of the planet.


        And every one of you libtards needs to pull your head out of your ass.

        Have you heard, Adel, that the “islamic State” has issued an order that mass numbers of women in the conquered parts of Iraq and Syria are to undergo female circumcision? I’ll bet the major liberal media didn’t tell you that, did they?

        The REAL “war on women” is being waged by the PC libtards in the West who defend the indescribably and brutally misogynistic political cult known as “islam.”

    • Did Hitler or any of his followers ever shouted the name of the Christian God everytime they kill?

      Can you find a teaching of Jesus in the bible that justifies the Crusades and all you mentioned like what we can find in the quran that justifies all the actions of these muslim terrorists?

      • And what triggered the Crusades other than over 470 years of PERPETUAL Moslem PERSECUTIONS and INVASIONS of Christian territory???

        Between when Mohammed died in AD 632 and Pope Urban II announcing the First Crusade in 1095, we had the First Siege of Constantinople in 717-18, the Battle of Poitiers (Tours) in 732, the Destruction of the Library of Alexandria by Caliph ‘Omar in 640 – and finally the Byzantines losing the Battle of Manzikert in 1071!!!! This last event made the Byzantine Emperor BEG the West for help, which resulted in the First Crusade of 1095-1100.

        As to the Qu’rân calling for fighting against “infidels”: read ALL of Chapter 9 – it’s one LONG exhortation for violence and war against all those who refuse to either pay the jizya tax (which is meant to drive those who pay it into destitution and SLAVERY!!!) or convert to Islam…

        SO THERE!!!

      • @ ADHD: And the burning of the library at Alexandria was a crime against civilization. It was the repository of countless and priceless works by Romans and Greeks. But what does a stoopid, uncivilized Musloid care about priceless, timeless literature and history?????

        On the orders of Omar, Caliph of Baghdad, the entire collection of books (except for the works of Aristotle) stored at the Library of Alexandria were removed and used as fuel to heat water for the city’s public baths.

        The loss of the library at Alexandria was a particularly grievous blow because the works of so many Roman scholars. literary geniuses, and historians were destroyed. The loss to the world is incalculable.

        Musloids are anti-intellectual, anti-scholar, anti-education, anti-woman, anti-freedom, anti-science, anti-progress and anti-Semitic.

        We need to rid the world is islam. We need to burn every last copy of the koran and prohibit further publication of it.

    • And muslims aren’t terrorist just all the terrorist we have captured are Muslim all we can do is pray they change their ways before it’s to late (muhammad’s bones are in the ground try to go find Jesus bones they are gone for he has risen amen)

    • They are following the teachings and example set by Prophet mohammed the filthy (may the ejaculation of a thousand gay rapists be upon him), the aforementioned rapist and slaver beheaded 700 men and boys and sold the woman into slavery, not to mention the numerous raids he launched killing thousands he even gave rules in the rape of women, all sanctioned by his cave pimp allah the impotent.

      Why do you filthy subhuman enablers of a child rapist think that the people that invented EVERYTHING, you sand rats use are stupid and have not read the absurd shit infested islamic scripture?

      Non Muslims we are smarter than you in every way possible and you sub human consanguinity riddled lemmings are headed for a genocide if you don’t stop your islamo madness.

    • Keep up your politically correct denial, Adel, right up until they cut off YOUR CLITORIS and decapitate every man you’re related to.

      Face it: THIS IS ISLAM. It’s a ruthless, barbaric, totalitarian political system masquerading as a religion.


    • Adel, You call those Nazi pigs — Christians? How sick and disgusting.

      Books documented the fact that Hitler and his vile Nazis were heavily involved in the occult. God-hater Hitler and his God-hater Nazis hated Christianity and sought to destroy Christianity.

    • Stop living in the past. Make decisions based on TODAY and current universal morals and standards. If we constantly take positions based on what happened in the past we will never progress.

      • That’s a mistake!
        Casting aside the past and focusing only on the future, equates you with a hapless tumbleweed – without root.
        Progress is made by knowing the past and correcting the mistakes.

    • It was Christian countries who attacked and punished Nazis. Christians did not watch in silence the atrocities by Nazis. Thousands gave up their life just to save humanity.
      Why the surrounding muslim countries do not act against ISIS and save their fellow muslims if they believe ISIS are not muslims ? Why there is not a single muslim in the street anywhere in the world with a placard telling ISIS that they are being unislamic. just a website, a video anything denouncing ISIS, anything to tell ISIS that dont count on the support of all muslims. They may or may not listen. But if you are not even telling them, how do we know whose side you are on ?

    • Nazis were not Christians or Catholics. You are historically incorrect. You have been fooled and brainwashed by the Elite Media who are Luciferians. The fact is the Nazis were homosexuals and followed Lucifer mysticism.

  23. Anyone doing these barbaric things are ungodly, unholy scum pigs!
    the west should assasinate the father and his damaged children, and for fuck sake don’t let them into civilised, democratic countries!
    Let them stay in the dessert killing each other, they are filthy swine!

    • There were people like that long before Islam. The God of the bible ordered Israel to kill them all but today Atheists condemn the God of the bible for doing that.

      • This is a distorted view of this case. Although God of Israel (and Christians) promised this territory for Israel, the main cause of occupation was perverted life of the population living there (see Bible). Even God delayed the departure of the Israelites to the promised place, while will be “filled the guilt of nations”. A similar case was in the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, where for the prayer of Moses, God promised to preserve from destruction, unless there find at least 10 righteous people. Not found. The God as Father of mercy well knew what condition these nations. Finally, the rest of the righteous people were salvaged along with Laban. Similar was the case with nations in Canaan. About sins of these nations the Bible says quite openly.
        The New Testament (Christian) excludes any physical violence. As very good example was Jesus, although the Son of God, became obedient to their mission of salvation to His death on the cross.

  24. Bastards sons of a bitches , go to hell with your shit fanatic religion of assassins and terrorism

  25. the greens political party in Australia will be very upset with their pro refugee multicultural platform now showing what some of these people stand for.

  26. I’m lost for words with this barbaric culture. Anyone who thinks it wont happen in our country is sadly mistaken. Utterly disgusting cult. Death to Islam

  27. The amount of outrage being leveled at this story in Australian newspapers is unprecedented. Comments are still flying thick & fast many hours after this story broke.
    Up until now, Australians have been relatively quiet “the Silent Majority” with few of us having the guts to speak out – it appears that a watershed moment has occurred.
    The usual apologists, muzzturds & left wing scum are nowhere to be seen or heard.
    People are writing about halal & many other things hitherto not written about.
    Let’s see how it rolls from here….

    • Maybe some of my apathetic Aussie Mates,Work Mates and family members will wake up. Sadly I think not. Like most people, unless Islam directly effects their lives, Football, fishing, weekends,cars,partying and sex will be the only things on their minds. Sadly people will have to die before Apathy wains.TO HELL WITH ISLAM, NO SURRENDER EVER!

      • mad-aussie,

        I have the same problem as you with Aussie friends and family- they are not interested in learning the ‘Dark truth about Islam.’

        A good Aussie friend of mine that does reject Islam in total wrote to me with the following brief comment…

        “Regarding today’s press article about the ex Sydney kid who was posted on a web site holding a severed head with the comment by his father “that’s my boy”.”

        “Did you see / hear Tony Abbot’s statement on the topic – he scripted his comments very carefully so as not to mention the words “Islam” or “Muslim”.”

        “Every comment I saw or heard today was similar, they mentioned “people of various or particular ethnicity”, but not one said Islam or Muslim.”

        “Everyone is running scared, scared of offending some lunatic, while the lunatic plans to kill us all.”

        “Australia has a lot of problems to come, looks like sooner rather than later.”

        Abbott kept his promise and stopped the boat invasion. But in reality he is only a fraction better than Shorten, Rudd & Gillard.

        Not one Australian Politician including Abbott will say anything to criticise Islam and Muslim beliefs for fear of offending Muslims.

        The acceptance of legal Muslim immigrants through due process is still operational.

        Nothing has changed since 1989 when Muslims marched on Sydney’s streets chanting “Death to Salman Rushdie.”

        Australian Leaders- Politicians, CEO’s and Journalists/Editors are still running scared afraid to offend Muslims that are committed to the ‘Islamization of Australia.’

        I was disgusted when I saw Abbott on TV News apologise for his criticism of Obama, during his recent US visit, in front of Obama & US Media that he made before he became Prime Minister. So much for conviction- all of our Politicians are crème puffs.

      • Tony Abbot–I thought he sounded too good to be true. Sad.

        And you all know by now I imagine that the only hope of containing isis/isil in Iraq rests with the Kurds who will be given some arms, grudgingly, by obama who has been shamed into it, but doesn’t want any American troops on the ground.

        I would be absolutely shocked if the Kurds received any “troops on the ground” from Eurabia, where country “leaders” are terrified their substantial muslim populations would go screaming mad if they offered the Kurds any assistance.

        It’s up to the people–do we have war now, when we have a very large numerical advantage; or do we wait until the muslims have far more people?

  28. He and his family have got a better chance of staying alive with the US airstrikes there than he has of avoiding a mob attack in Australia, guaranteed.

  29. Any citizens of western countries who participate in the fighting and slaughters in Iraq and Syria must have their citizenship revoked. There are enough photos that many of them should be identifiable.