ARAB-AMERICAN columnist blames Western media for emboldening Hamas terrorists

Caliphate-Crescent-eclipse-17192National Review columnist Lee Habeeb appeared on CNN’s dreadful morning program “New Day” to lay out an articulate, intellectual, and ethical case for how recent news coverage of Israel’s war of self defense in Gaza has turned the American media into the public relations branch of the terror group Hamas.

Breitbart  (h/t Mike F) Unable to defend its appalling anti-Israel coverage, CNN not only is pretending there is a moral equivalence, it has has voluntarily become a public relations outlet for this evil — which has the added horror of encouraging Hamas to use more innocent children as human shields.  Lee Habeeb says: 

“The goal of Hamas’s strategy, the point of the spear is the media and dead children and dead women. They used to use women as human bombs, women and children. Now they’re using them as human shields. The American people, the world need to know Hamas’s strategy. And I don’t believe that the media is covering it. Where are the Hamas soldiers? We don’t see them because they’re hiding. We see the Israeli soldiers. They’re wearing uniforms. Why do we only see the images of dead women and children and not the images of Hamas soldiers? That needs to be contextualized by the media.”