AUSTRALIA offers sanctuary to 4,000 Iraqi and Syrian Christians and other persecuted minorities

The Tony Abbott Government has announced that up to 4,000 Iraqi and Syrian Christians and members of other minorities fleeing from certain death or enslavement by Islamic State terrorists would be offered sanctuary in Australia. 

PM Tony Abbott
Prime Minister Tony Abbott

Daily Telegraph  Prime Minister Tony Abbott has also not ruled out sending Australian Diggers back into the war zone, saying the “murderous hordes of ISIS, now the Islamic State, are on the march” and threatening genocide on Iraqis.

Mr Abbott’s announcement came as the United States weighed up plans to put troops back on the ground in Iraq following a UN warning that the mass genocide of Yazidi refugees at the hands of IS fighters could be “only hours away”.


UN minority rights expert Rita Izsak warned the 20,000-30,000 trapped people, many of them members of the Yazidi minority, “faced a mass atrocity and potential genocide within days or hours”.

At the same time British Prime Minister David Cameron revealed an international operation is under way to rescue civilians trapped by IS forces on Mount Sinjar in northern Iraq. Mr Cameron declined to give details but said Britain would play a role, just as it had worked alongside the US in conducting humanitarian aid drops to thousands of Yazidis and other minorities.