Islamic State in Norway: “Our only enemy is the kuffar (unbelievers)”

“Our real enemy is not each other, but the filthy kuffar (non-Muslims) who wish to destroy us,” claim Islamic State terrorists. Take a ride through a Muslim majority neighborhood in Oslo, where most of them live off the generous welfare benefits of the state while turning Oslo into the rape capital of the EU.

Muslims burning the Norwegian flag

Muslims burning the Norwegian flag

Snaphanen (h/t Proud Islamophobe) With such a large Muslim immigrant population already in Oslo, it would be easy for the Islamic State terrorists to make an attempt to gain control. The unknown element is how many Muslims there would cooperate and aid and abet their efforts?

VG   After all, the Norwegian Army is now so small, it can only defend a single district in Oslo, said Inspector General of the Army Robert Mood. According to TV2, the Norwegian Army currently is composed of only 3,000 employees and 4,000 conscripts. This means that the size is reduced by 95 percent over the last 15 years. Army’s record low.