MALAYSIA: Student under investigation for sedition for liking a ‘Pro-Israel’ Facebook page

The alleged screen capture of the ‘I love Israel’ post from the teen’s Facebook was uploaded by a teacher onto her own Facebook page, with a comment saying: “My student likes Israel? How shameful for me.”

For a country reeling from two recent airline disasters, this isn’t going to help their image as a so-called “moderate” Muslim nation.


Today Online  (h/t CC Leong) A Penang police probe into a secondary school student for sedition for allegedly liking an “I love Israel” Facebook page has sparked an outcry in Malaysia, with some questioning the action and others criticising the police’s move. Anti-Israel sentiments have been running high in Malaysia since the outbreak of conflict on July 8 between Israel and Hamas in Gaza, where close to 2,000 people have died, most of them Palestinian civilians.

On news portal The Malay Mail’s Facebook page, one user commented: “Stupid teen! Why love the country that killing children & women?!!” Internet users have also criticised the move. “What about all the people who visit Israel? Are they under investigation too?” asked user B Huan Yap on The Malaysian Insider’s Facebook page.

The 17-year-old student had on Monday gone to the police to file a report and seek aid, after he had been threatened with immolation over the Facebook “like”, which was allegedly screen captured and circulated by a teacher from his school. Instead, he was yesterday called in by the police for questioning.

Under Malaysia’s laws, sedition includes acts that raise discontent or disaffection among people in the country and promote feelings of ill will and hostility between different races or classes of the population.

The student has since deactivated his Facebook account. “He is now living in fear for liking the page,” said Mr Rahim.