INEXCUSABLE! No White House representative at funeral of two-star general killed in Afghanistan

The 'Commander-in-Chief' had a lot to say about Ferguson but not a word about his two star general slain in Afghanistan

The ‘Commander-in-Chief’ had a lot to say about Ferguson but not a word about his two star general slain in Afghanistan

Major General Harold Greene, the 2-star general killed in Afghanistan August 5, was laid to rest Thursday at Arlington National Cemetery. It was a beautiful service that was only missing one important attendee: The President of the United States. (He was busy on the golf course) Also missing were the Vice President and the Secretary of Defense.

Just when I think I couldn’t possibly hate Barack Hussein Obama more than I already do, I am proven wrong.

Biz Pac Review  Photos of the service, posted on the internet from news services all over the globe, showed a riderless horse, the general’s children touching the casket and the flag presented to his widow by Army Chief of Staff General Ray Odierno.





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  1. Just curious – Did George Bush attend the general’s funeral? Yes I believe Obama should have attended as the current President. But I think that the President who started the wars the General was killed in should also have been in attendance.

    • Don’t know if you have noticed or not but George Bush hasn’t been president for 8 years. Get over it. By the way George Bush did things I didn’t agree with but he was a better & more compassionate president than this moron, idiot Obama ever was! Obama has been destroying this country from the inside out!! Obama is more interested in his party than the people of this country & especially the afro Americans people! He is a disgusting, race baiter who should be destroyed. Anyone who votes for Hillary should have their heads examined!!! Have a great day & VOTE TRUMP!!

  2. Would not have been surprised if some lackey had driven in from DC with a pink slip for the General and handed it to his wife during the service.
    They missed him in the field of course, but a whole lot of Captains, Majors and LtColonels didnt get missed.

  3. Everyone needs to remember that part of BO’s game plan is to have as many of us as possible as upset as possible. He wants to use your anger against you and your country. The only way that he can become our “legit” dictator is to cause us to lash out, physically, so that he can announce martial law. It behooves every single one of us to stay very calm, at least outwardly. My Dad used to say: plan your work and work your plan. Part of our plan is to stay as calm as possible so as to figure out how we are going to deal with this man and his cohorts. If you are truly angry then take your anger and work for the Democrats landslide DEFEAT in November and/or BO’s impeachment in January.

    • I agree with nearly entirely, msskriss. The only part I’m gonna comment on is the vote, even though you’re quite correct.
      However, with that said, as November rolls by and the votes are cast, here’s where the situation becomes lose-lose:
      1. Dems lose the House and o’shitbag goes into revenge mode.
      2. Dems win the House and o’shibag gets to do what he wants anyways but with their blessings.
      Now here’s where things go haywire:
      Dems lose the Senate and all hell breaks loose
      Dems keep the Senate and it’s status-quo for them

      Looking at it from a distance, we’re screwed, blued n tattooed either way.

      As to your advise – you’re spot on!
      Stay calm and don’t draw attention. Be patient, lay in wait, stockpile your goods, prepare for the worst and plan your strategies. When the time comes you’ll have ample scenarios to work from.

      And most importantly – KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT~! Tell no one what you have. NO ONE! NOT EVEN FAMILY!

      For move advice, visit and look for the “SHTF – Survival” in the series section by “Janyk”.

      • Hadenoughalready,

        You gave excellent advice when you said… “And most importantly – KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT~! Tell no one what you have. NO ONE! NOT EVEN FAMILY!”

        I have lived by that rule all of my adult life.

        Thanks for that link.

        • You’re quite welcome. Let me know what you think, ok.
          I remember seeing some of those old WWII posters – “Rosie the Riveter” and “Loose Lips Sink Ships” and the like. It’s just common sense, I guess; (or so I thought).

  4. I bet a thousand dollars that the third photo will be cropped in hundreds of leading papers, because it shows a Magen David in the bottom right hand corner.

    According to Arlington there are over two thousand Jewish patriots buried there. According to a one-man investigator, Ken Poch, there are 2,500, while according to the Jewish Genealogy Society of Greater Washington, there are 5,000.

    Probably the most famous is:

    Hyman George Rickover
    Admiral, United States Navy
    “Father of the Nuclear Navy”

  5. I do agree tht its a disgrace that the President was not there, however, he did have 2 veautiful services, one here at APG Md, and another at the Pentagon with his family, true friends and colleagues. And that means so much more to all who knew and loved him. Shame on Obama though.

  6. obamas issue here is if the general had been black if only he’ed been black but he wasn’t black and that’s why that disgracefull pos wasn’t there plain and simple he is a racist and cant denie it

  7. I stopped expecting anything from Odumbum when I saw a picture of Hillary Clinton and two other people on a stage and the only one without his hand on his heart is that Son of a Bitch! There is a large American flag behind them and it was obvious it was the Pledge of Allegiance. Obama has his fingers inter-locked in front of his dick like his zipper was undone.

    Someone should have thrown a Prayer Rug in front of him and we could have had an early preview as to what this shape-shifting slime was all about.

  8. Not attending his funeral is not just a disrespectful thing to him and his family, but it’s also disrespecting the entire country

  9. Did anybody check to see if the Generals family wanted anyone from the administration at the funeral? It was listed as a private service. To me that means family and close friends only. No POTUS or other politicians wanted.

  10. My anger flows with so much rage I forgot to Salute the General and his Family. I apologize. And may GOD bless them.

  11. To be honest with you. If the General were my son I would have preferred not to have BO at his funeral. After all it was his ROE that got him killed. BO is the most thankless, egotistical, arrogant, uncaring, unsympathetic, unemphatic, unempathetic, barbaric, manner-less, and disrespectful, person on this planet.
    I for one will do my best to see we don’t have a lawless Democrat in office ever again.
    Our Constitution will survive and it will be dusted off and placed, once again, on the Altar of Honor.

  12. Sad truth is I question if this General who was actually trying to do his job as a professional soldier wasn’t identified and killed with the uncaring consideration of The Obama. This General was ready to criticize The Obama to Congress-won’t be any report now-regarding how Afghanistan is now going after The Obama gave The Taliban back its leading brains from imprisonment in Cuba. We’re losing in Afghanistan and Iraq now thanks to The Obama who really supports our enemies.
    Unlike many patriots, I don’t think we should waste American national energies impeaching The Obama but rather his guard dog and enforcer, the far shrewder, Eric Holder who has protected him all these years and hurt his domestic opponents as well as Holder’s melons in the US IRS tax collection agencies!
    The Obama is Mr Make Believe, a man of mediocre intellect who just acts intellectual with the aid of the US media who cover for him but a true national security risk who unfortunately gained the loyalty of multitudes of low lives by promises to give them free stuff by stealing their neighbor’s assets and with the help of Islamic money that bought off all too many of the corrupt members of the American elite! Rather, I think The Obama should stay and be humiliated every day by seeing all his theories turned to the manure they are while his supporters turn on him eventually because in the end there are no more checks and no more free stuff! It is what it is and you don’t send a man to the White House who can’t prove himself to be a natural born citizen of your country let alone a person who honors your indigenous institutions nor one who even received a numerical majority of his own Party’s votes in 2008 in a sham of an election!

  13. It means little here but, to the family, thank you for your sacrifice and unfortunately the loss can never be remedied but true americans understand and love you.

  14. I’ve endured “special breaking news” about the passing of comedian and actor Robin Willams. Nothing of any weight in the news specifically about this Gentalman. It sickens me. God bless your family.

  15. The commander in cheat is obviously busy doing something important. God bless how did this fuck up get elected? Twice already. God Bless the general and his family and friends.

    • Mr. Obama got elected with the “aid and comfort” of the Mayor Daley Chicago Mob Democrat Party Political Machine using the Saul alinsky and the Cloward-Piven Plans in 2008, 2012, and 2016 (already planned) elections.

  16. I find all the actions of Mr Obama and the white house reps to be treasonous inexcusable and if he wasn’t half black he would have been impeached.

  17. As a couple have already mentioned, it’s good that no one from the Super O administration attended. It would have been a pervasive insult and a disgrace to America, the people there, the armed services and his family. The Super O administration got what it wanted out of this man … another blood sacrifice to Allah/Islam/Muslims/the liberal agenda/political correctness/multiculturalism and hopey/changey.

    May his soul rest in the peace it deserves. May the current administration and all Muslims burn in Hell.

  18. I’m left shaking my head in utter disgust and disdain for this administration.
    May they all rot in hell~!!!
    This should a bell-ringer for all the Veterans and serving US Military of who gives a damn whether you live or die in battle.
    We, The People, Support and Respect you but it seems time for complacency has passed….jus’ sayin’.

  19. There is no love lost between Obama and the armed forces. And this is very comforting because if he ever tried to take over by declaring Martial Law or such a measure, or if he directed the army to control demonstrating civilians, he would find the armed forces turning their guns around, directed at him. If there were some potential heroes in America we would follow Egypt’s example and dump the dictator.

    • hardiharhar,

      As a retired USAF officer I hope and believe your assessment is correct. Our oath isn’t to a president or administration but to protect and support the Constitution against all enemies both foreign AND domestic. Historically, as a group we’ve been instilled with the concept of civilian leadership of the government as sacrosanct.

      However, I believe it’s possible Mr. Obama and his sycophants may well try to manufacture a crisis that’ll “require” martial law and a suspension of the elections, and possibly Congress, leaving him as “commander-in-chief of the country.” It’s something he’s already said he was. Then perhaps the military will act, a bit late, but better late than never.

      Thanks for your post.

      Sic Semper Tyrannis.

  20. They are the real enimies of Barak Hussein Obama administration and his dem fellows!!!!..Their allies are tje muslims brotherwoods, ISIL, ….and so one!!!

  21. The death of Major General Harold Greene flows directly from the treasonous policies of Shrub and Obamination. Shrub should have killed every Goddamn Muslim in Afghan istan. Obamination should have let our men carry loaded weapons and defend themselves.

    Muslim friends and allies are oxymorons, total insanity.

  22. The hardest thing to explain is the glaringly evident which everybody had decided not to see – Ayn Rand

    He has no regard for the sacrifices of true Americans. He has abandoned the brave in their time of need. He is what one can expect from a foreign Marxist ideologue.

  23. It’s a good thing the three representatives from the White House didn’t attended the funeral. The last thing the good General needed, would be three hypocrites, liars, and traitors posing as good people at his funeral.

    Their absence showed their true colors. They did more to disgrace themselves than they could ever disgrace the General.

    It all worked out just fine.

  24. It’s better he didn’t go. His presence would have contaminated the ceremony. Keep it pure and clean. Whatever little respect the Army had for O, it’s quite possible it evaporated. This will come back to haunt him somehow.

    • We, and the mourners and relatives of the General were spared the pain of listening to another of the Dwimps (that’s dweeb & wimp) “I, me, I did, I will, Me, my,” speeches that even his staunchest supporters looting in St. Louis didn’t want to hear.
      RIP, General !
      Thankfully, you were spared the indecency and embarrassment of providing a platform for one of the SLITWH’s * fund raising, self praising, stockyard smelling, pronouncements.

      * Serial Liar In The White House

    • Thank you. I mean, seriously, would anyone want anyone from this egg-sucking administration at their funeral? I wouldn’t.

  25. Absolute disgrace, hang your head in shame Obama. RIP Gen Greene. Condolences to Gen Greene’s family from a British ex Recy Mech

  26. I wouldn’t doubt if the Honorable General was in not line to be put out of oslime’s (Not his) Military, Hit Men for when he wants our Proud Military to shoot Civilians that will refuse to be disarmed..

  27. # from a NON-USA person, but does have a heart of knowing what’s right !

    For does the usa president have any ‘ PRIDE/RESPECT OR EVEN A OUNCE OF DIPLOMACY IN HIM AT ALL ? ‘

    This must make many a US citizen ashamed of who,where & what is leading their country ! FFS, his lousy game of golf, can be had any day of the week (?) he wants. ” This shows to everybody in thy world, just his true colours of where he stands, on those that have ‘ DONE THEIR DUTIES & SERVED THY COUNTRY,WELL AND BEYOND EXPECTED ‘ as the CALLING THEREOF IT TOO ! ”

    All the whilst telling:- ” Many other country’s and their people, far beyond its own borders, just what they should be doing ( WITHOUT SETTING A GOOD EXAMPLE IN HIS OWN LANDS )… Shame,shame,shame on him !

  28. Deuteronomy 32:41 “when I sharpen my flashing sword and my hand grasps it in judgment, I will take vengeance on my adversaries and repay those who hate me.” thats pretty much how I feel.

  29. Ok Mr. President, we got it, Please wake the sleeping Giant, so when we the People awake, we can kick you in the ass, Impeach or Prosecute you, or send you ass back to Kenya…What non-American disrespect, I know it is your doctrine at play…..Gen Greene, when you get to the Pearly Gates, stand in the Jar-Head line…!

    John Rowe USMC 1970-76

    • This piece of Scum ( ya,us president ) is & NEVER EVER WILL SEE,NOR KNOW WHAT THEM PEARLY GATES ARE ! For it’s all hell fires & the suffering he deserves is what gonna be reminding him, of thy WRONG DONE,endowed on this earth ! And, maybe then, it will awaken to taking thy highway straight into INFERNO HELL….. With every other brother & sis of cults got …..

  30. I table my highest respect for Major General Harold Greene, and all of the valiant American Military that fight for the preservation of ‘Liberty’ for all Americans and the World.

    Lest We Forget that such tough men is the reason we all live free.

    I am disturbed by the enemy of the people behaviour of Obama and the White House’s disgraceful failure to attend the 2 Star General’s funeral.

    Three representatives from the White House should have attended the funeral giving respect in memory of the General’s service to his country and the world.

    We the people of the World can count on the gallant American Military to fight for Global Freedom but we cannot count on coward traitor Obama.

    • Thank you sir. Obama neither represents nor respects America, nor its military. He should never have been allowed on a ballot, much less to take an oath of office. (Which means nothing to him anyway. Why should it, when he, along with our highest officials and all thinking people, knows he is an illegitimate occupier.)

      • Pray Hard,

        Agreed, but never-the-less the ‘White House’ should be reprimanded for failing to attend the funeral.

        BNI is correct in chastising the ‘White House’ failure to deliver recognition and respect for the General.

        I have no hesitation in putting the boot into Obama- I reject his communication with Australia- he is a disgrace in every sense of the word, as a leader and as a human being.

        I prefer cockroaches and I hate those crawly things.

  31. This administration are low life scum traitors dirt bags, low life’s pimples on my ass are better than these scum of the earth the maggots of the worse kind are these people. I hope I live long enough to see each of these ugly people die a very very slow death. And then sent to hell. With their Botox with their golf clubs with their money and burn for all eternity.
    I pray for Gods forgiveness for these worms of maggots. Not the people but the maggots.

  32. May Obama rot in Hell along with his 72 Virgins[And they will stay Virgins] The twenty young boys with skin like pearls on the other hand will have to put their track shoes on. Obama will go down in history as the worst most divisive most destructive president ever.

  33. Only thing surprising here is that ppl are stunned at this ? What were you expecting from odumbo , the Jihadi in WH to do ?

    He does not even have an election to win or worry about . He can make his own decisions , irrespective of who controls the senate …….so why shud he continue with the taqiya ?

    That is why he can stop arms supply to Israel Just when they need it most…..he gives a damn about the reaction of the American Citizens who support Israel.

  34. How much more ‘ DISRESPECT & SHAMEFUL ‘ can they get (?) it’s a simple & basic embarrassment to ANYone and all american’s ! And it was the American people ‘WHO ENDED UP VOTING THIS TRUE ANTI- AMERICIAN INTO OFFICE TOO. THAT EVERY SINGLE ( abled person over voting age) BLOODY DESERVES TO BE HELD TO ACCOUNT FOR THIS HAPPENING NOW…


    And ya should change that old saying of ” God bless America ” cause it sure isn’t the case in today’s modern times,is it ?


    • Although I doubt he legitimately “won” the election – after all it’s not the votes that count, but who counts the votes – I am disgusted by the fact that he REMAINS occupying that office. Even a legitimate president should have been impeached by now, and tried for treason, after only one of his scurrilous acts.

  35. Buried with honor among his brave peers. That is an honor that the the misssing in action low class white house poser will never have. You can not turn a pig’s ear into a silk purse and likewise there is no hope for odumbo to ever have class either.