NIGERIA: Boko Haram terrorists slaughter 1000 Christians by shooting them, cooking them alive and chopping them up in pieces

fg-gwozahillsMuslims, all belonging to Boko Haram, entered the Christian village of Gwoza and butchered one thousand Christians. Why hasn’t this made the news? They were shot, burned alive, and slashed to death. They were slaughtered with bullets, cooked alive, and hacked to death. Nigerian relations expert Adeniyi Ojutiku received a report from a trusted colleague:

Shoebat  The terrorists seized a number of residents as hostages and killed nine hundred and ninety seven an eye witness whose mother among the women that are burying the … bodies confirmed… The insurgents took over the Emirs (mayor’s) Palace as well as a Government Lodge in Gwoza, and have appointed a replacement for the town’s fleeing Emir. They have hoisted their black flags with Arabic insignia all over Gwoza in a show of their total control of the territory.


Ojutiku received from Nigeria marked a phone call and was told that “an unprecedented emergency request for prayers for the inhabitants of the Christian village of Gwoza… The town has … been under siege of Boko Haram for the past nine days”. reported before that the Boko Haram Muslims in this same Christian village killed 100, but now a new report says 1000.

As one report described the slaughter:

Mbitsa, who supports Ojutiku’s grassroots Lift Up Now outreach to Nigeria, is a member of the Church of Christ in Nations on the lower coast of Gwoza, and was away in Maiduguri during the attack. Boko Haram killed Mbitsa’s pastor Musa Ishaya and at least nine members of the Church of the Brethren in the attack, Mbitsa said. He has not heard from many since, as communication towers were destroyed.


“Only my elder brother, I heard from him among my family members,” Mbitsa reported. “Some brethren who escaped to mountains and bush for ten days now; only God knows how they are surviving without food, water, etc. Most of the brethren we communicate and get this information from them, their batteries are down.”

As Boko Haram blocked exit roads from Gwoza and went door to door killing people, Ojutiku said, Nigerian military officials abandoned their weapons and fled, leaving Boko Haram unchallenged.


“Now these weapons have fallen into the hands of the Boko Haram,” Ojutiku said. “A few people were able to escape to the mountainside, just exactly like is happening in northern Iraq. A few people are holding out on the mountains, but most of the people in the village are being slaughtered. There is no communication between Gwoza and other parts of the country.”

“I was told many Nigerian soldiers refused to go and confront Boko Haram, because their wives protested. They felt they were just sending their husbands to an untimely death.”


New reports corroborated Ojutiku’s account. According to AFP, about 300 women and 500 children protested for two days at the gates of a military base in Maiduguri, demanding that their husbands and fathers not be sent to recapture Gwoza, as they did not have proper weapons.

“No weapons for our husbands, no trip to Gwoza or any volatile place,” AFP Aug. 12 quoted Thabita John, one of the protesting wives. “We are tired of burying our loved ones.”

Boko Haram, seeking to establish Sharia law, had killed 4,239 Christians, moderate Muslims, government officials and civilians in attacks targeting religious communities in Northern Nigeria, advocacy group Jubilee Campaign reported July 29. Hundreds of thousands have been driven from their homes.


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  1. Islam is an evil ideology propounded by Mo and Quran.It is a cult of intolerence,voilence, hatered,loot,cheat and lieing.Evil face of Mo and QURAN should be exposed to muslims as wel as to non-muslims.

      • I cannot speak for him, but I often write “Mo”, I do it because I consider it derogatory and I believe they do as well. Sometimes I use the Mahound, they don’t much care for that either.
        I use Moslem for the same reason, it translates as one who is ‘evil & unjust’. I use Mohammadans, which they consider insulting because it implies the worship of Mohammad. Sometimes I use, Baphometans, because that links them to the worship of Ba’al; Mo being Baphomet.

        I am old enough to have obtained most of my education before the deadly disease of political correctness set in. Many of the above terms were used in my textbooks. Once someone objected to my use of one of these terms and I wrote a little paragraph with a different pejorative term for each mention of the word. I haven’t been bothered since then.

    • Honest truth is is a mixture of lies for worldly gain and to make the religion unattractive…. But as they plan we also plan and we are the best of planners.

    • That’s pretty much what religion is and does. It happened in Europe for centuries. We eventually grew out of it, however.

      • “It happened in Europe for centuries”? No. And making a claim is pretty pointless unless you back it up with evidence. There was inter-religious “wars” by Luther, but NOTHING like this. In war you have different sides fighting, this is just slaughter of the innocent. It’s something very, very, different

        • Ginge,

          Buy a copy of ‘Fox’s Book Of Martyrs’ the Dark Christian History in Europe will horrify you. In fact as I read the cruel murder stories, 20 years ago, they brought tears to my eyes, and I am not a man that breaks down and cries. Christians savagely killing Christian, men, women, children & babies in the most extreme cruel way.

          This is the proof you are seeking for a start.

        • I agree Ginge. This conquering has been going on for CENTURIES and has been just as vulgar, disgusting, and gory. The Crusades were a result of this – Christians defending and taking back their land and people who were enslaved, tortured, murdered in horrendous ways. Too much REAL history has been re-written by the people who have NO clue what it means to ignore history and relive it…the only bad thing about that is they are then horrified that none of it was “stopped when it should have been stopped”…Perfectly ignorant liberals.

      • Christian, Catholics, Jews and probably many others WANT AND PROFESS PEACE. War always kills people and there have been JUST WARS. It is done after no other recourse and a means of DEFENSE against innocent as in the Christian crusades which was a response of 400-500 years of murdering Christians by Muslims and FORCING CONVERSION TO ISLAM. ISLAM is not peace seeking.

      • In the fox book of martyrs, it wasn’t Christians killing Christians but a Roman church created by Constantine which called itself Catholic was killing Christians who refused to join their sect. Just like Muslims are killing Christians who refuse to follow their sharia laws.

        • Joshua,

          The Roman Church is the Roman Christian Church now known as Catholicism. The Roman Christian Church, created the hand written Bible, Old & New Testament and made the decision as to which texts to accept or reject. Christian Protestants are a breakaway from the Roman Christian Church.

          The rise of the Christian Inquisition started by Christian Popes was in history, truly about at first, Christians killing Christians. As the Christian Inquisition spread into the New World centuries later, claimed heathens were targeted as well.

          You obviously have not read Fox’s Book of Martyrs.

        • Actually this comment is for Allan Ivarsson NSW Australia . So what are you saying? Because of something that happened 500 years ago by Catholics and was corrected by the Reformation that this behavior is acceptable? I don’t see any Christians and Jews anywhere doing this. Islam has been around since the 7th century and has not progressed one iota. They remain ignorant savages, brutal killers, rapists and women haters. They need to be put out of OUR misery. Stop making excuses for their behavior because of some bad apples in the Roman Catholic Church hundreds of years ago.

          • Sarina Gardiner,

            Please read my words carefully, they are simply a statement of historical fact that once happened. There is no excuse statements made. And my response was to comments made earlier by another person. Please read the paper trail of comments. The Christian Inquisition in the New World came to an end in 1834. The Christian Inquisition in Europe & North America phased its self out by the end of the 17th Century.

            As BNI knows, I am a member of the ‘Global Freedom Resistance’ against Islam. I am one of the few people that always posts my full name, state and country, indicating clearly I reject Islam. I have been speaking against Islam since 1984 when I read the insidious hate speech Koran.

            I fought a lot of street fights against hoodlums on the streets of Sydney in the 1970’s & 80’s, I have no fear of ‘Jihad Muslims’ … I will never stop opposing Islamization of the Western World.

        • actually people, the Church of Rome is not a christian following cult, To follow Jesus, one must show behaviours as written within the pages of the bible. To murder innocents or anyone for that matter is not right and therefore, not christian. There are many ‘acts’ people try to ‘lessen’ the severity of. One is either a follower of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob or one is not. We were taught to ‘judge them by their fruit’. Any ‘fruit’ not worthy of righteousness is not Godly, this includes every human being regardless of what faith they profess.

        • Constantine did not create the Christian Church nor the Roman Catholic Church as it was known at the time.
          All he did was allow it to exist without persecution. Constantine remained the high priest of the Roman Empire’s pagan pantheon.
          Constantine did facilitate the Council of Nicaea. He got tired of their bickering and invited them to a meeting to reach an agreement on their beliefs. Constantine did tell them that they would remain there until an agreement was reached.

        • NOW that you have your protestant preachers view – go back to REAL History…the problem STARTED with the King who wanted to divorce his wife – the Church, rightly following Jesus’ instructions, said NO…so he divorced her and started his OWN “cafeteria” religion…from THAT evolved all the others who wanted to pick and choose which laws of Christ they did and did NOT want to follow. And THAT has led to the problems we have today…there was only ONE perfect “man” and He was Jesus Christ…in spite of what many, many preachers claim.

      • Yes it is true. But that was Roman Catholism between 13th and 16th Centuries after satan, through Roman Empire, hijacked Christianity. Satan didn’t want Christianity to spread and therefore employed Roman Catholic popes of that era to unleash terrific horror and havoc on early Christians. Surely, they thought by such cruel decapitations, burning at stake, feeding monstrous lions and beasts with live Christian believers, the gospel would be silenced; but they were deluded. The gates of hell shall never ever prevail against the Eternal Kingdom of God (Mat 16:18). Alas, almost that episode is now repeating itself in Northern Nigeria, Iraq, Somalia, Libya, Afghanistan, and other places ISIS are holding sway. Nevertheless, God Almighty is watching and witnessing all these and will Act when it pleases Him. We Christians will continue to hold tenaciously unto Christ who shed His blood for us on the Cross of Calvary, till He will avenge the blood of His people.

  2. I’m sorry but we need a new president one who isn’t hel bent on opposing drugs or gay marriages but who wants to fight terrorism step over mr Obama you have had your time

  3. It should be noted that, whatever the hearts of its citizens urge them to cry out, the governments of the filthy rich & powerful nations, such as the US & the UK, will not care one bit what happens to the defenseless poor of any nation (such as Nigeria), wherever there does not exist an adequate quantity of a valuable resource to be exploited. And it will never matter which political party is calling the shots.

    • Rob, you are ignorant. Nigeria is a major oil producer but like most if not all of Africa the cash goes to the dictators’ offshore bank accounts.

    • Rob, If we don’t care like YOU claim – WHY do US TAXPAYERS GIVE Nigeria, an oil rich country in itself, $594 MILLION per year in AID??? WE give them aid and they don’t have the desire, will, guts to stand up to their government and DEMAND it be used for the reasons it is given – for the PEOPLE…but THEY, their people want US to “make” them share the wealth of their own country…SO…they are DEMANDING that our MEN, Women and boys go in and get killed to make THEIR government do what THEY – the Nigerian PEOPLE won’t do??? HOW does that make US “not care one bit what happens to the “defenseless” poor”…You Rob have inhaled too much of the liberal smoke screen…if people refuse to help themselves, why do MY children have to get killed doing what they should do for themselves…

  4. Ok. So most Christians say they should stop radical Muslims by killing them because the mass killings they have done in the recent events… Making them mass killers as well. Ultimately who is going to kill the mas killers killers? You see my point? Maybe that’s what mr. Obama is refering to when he decided to acted in a peacefull way. I understand the anger, sadness, impotence people who’s relatives or fellow religious feel when they deal with this kind of situations… I’ve been there. Oye for an eye… The world goes blind.

      • I’m sorry but… Who is praising Mr. Obama? Saying that I could understand an positition that he PROBABLY took isn’t praising. I “praise” no one.

        • WAR is NOT THE ANSWER – – go live in a country that is Pre-revolution…go live in Hitler’s Germany, go live in 1940s Japan…go live in Hitler’s Poland…then tell the people who died in the concentration camps that War is NOT the answer…THEN stop inhaling the stupid smoke of liberalism and look at REALITY!!!

    • Actually what most people want is not to “kill all Muslims” but to simply ban all Muslim immigration and foreign funding of Islam. If Muslims want to kill someone they should be in a place where they can only kill other Muslims. They shouldn’t be allowed into the US and Europe to rape, murder, steal, and then lie to everyone about how oppressed they are. Muslim countries should be physically and economically isolated so they can’t fund building Wahhabi terrorist mosques all over the world.

      I would gladly pay more for gasoline if I could be sure no money was going to Muslim countries to fund terrorism or spreading islam (which is the same as spreading terrorism).

      The rest of the non-Muslim world can certainly have peace by isolating the Muslim world. People in the Muslim world can then just kill each other, have sex with goats, or whatever without bothering anyone else. And if they want any commerce with the rest of the world then they can renounce Islam and convert their populations to something else before anyone agrees to trade with them. But since they’re SO superior and civilized they ought to be able to develop all kinds of science and technology on their own even while totally isolated, so no need to worry about any of that.

      • I think you don’t know what praise means… but whatever. It’s sad you can take a reasonable comment without getting defensive. I thought in USA you were able to express your ideas freely as long as you respected other people’s freedom and the Harm Principle.
        If you find an opinion that you dislike you are in your right to difer from it, but censor it? Isn’t that what some people criticize about goverment?
        I don’t even like Mr. Obama. That doesn’t mean I should trash him.

        Commenting on one of mr. Nimrod’s points.
        Say they renounce Islam and ask to be converted to any other? Then what? What I can understand from that point of view is something like “This is a boys-only club”. Don’t you think that is a childish way to deal with a situation like this? Now… I do undestand is not the same scenario due to the fact that radical muslims have massacred tons of christians for the reason they may have. So have chrisitans along the ir’s history. And for the same or even dumber reasons if you ask me (I know you wouldn’t)
        The thing here is that, while I do believe in self defense (I’ve taken proper self defence training) I don’t believe dealing with absolutes. “Either you are with me or against me”, “Either you good or you are bad”, “Either you play by my rules or don’t play at all”.

        All I say is MY opinion. I don’t pretend anything more than being read without censored.

        “I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.” -Voltaire

        • War is not the Answer,

          Yes that is philosophically true, now all you have to do is sell that idea to Muslims. The Koran clearly says ‘War is the Answer’ in its Jihad Texts.

          You say… “I do believe in self-defence” then you contradict yourself by saying… “I don’t believe in dealing with absolutes”

          Self-defence is dealing with absolutes.

          And yes I am absolute, if you threaten me, abuse me and attack me, I will fight.

          The World is now divided in two because of ‘Anti-Freedom Apartheid Jihad Islam’.

          We are at war with Islam, because Islam is at war with us as instructed in the Qur’an.

          This fact is an absolute…which you deceitfully said you don’t believe in.

          But you admitted you do believe absolutely in self-defence.

          Your logic sounds like the insane logic of a ‘Jihad Muslim’ using ‘Taqiyya.’

          ‘Freedom of Speech’ is a human right, which should not be censored, but that does not mean people should be friends with their enemies. And enemies must be expelled from any organisation, any society, any family, any club and any fighting brigade that is focused on preserving unity and harmony within its team.

          Every person must choose a side that is a fact of life; and bully Anti-Freedom Islam is demanding that we submit to their evil ‘Totalitarian’ Dictatorship…that fact is an absolute.

          Defending to the death a person’s ‘Free Speech’ right to say something does not mean submitting to their ideas. And certainly the ‘Free Speech’ of the insidious Koran and its ‘Jihad Absolutes’ must be rejected in total.

      • I’m guessing you banned my previous cooment. I’m to sorry to find out you’re an short minded ‘murican that bitches out when put on question. And you people wonder why most of the planet dispice the common american red neck.

        • IDK – when Buddhists say they are ashamed that they allowed themeselves to be slaughtered and take up arms, I have my doubts about your absolute. What justified the slaughter of people from a true religion of peace? The quran. And if arms had not been taken up against the nazis, more people would have likely died than did due to the war as nazis only need imagine entire races and cultures were unacceptable to justify killing them. Sadly, war is sometimes the answer.

      • War: have you really not heard of social contract theory? To have things like rights and freedoms everyone has to agree to the same implied contract. In other words, everyone must reciprocate everyone else’s rights and freedoms.

        Islam does not reciprocate. Islam is an absolutist supremacist ideology completely against the sort of social contract we have in the civilized world. According to Islam, everyone must agree to the contract of Sharia law which means you only have a small number of rights if you’re Muslim and male. If you’re female then being Muslim doesn’t do much good (you’re still a “domestic animal unto [the men]”) and if your non-Muslim then you have no rights at all.

        If you’re Muslim in a non-Muslim country then you’re explicitly expected to not reciprocate the rights of others in that society. Instead, you are obligated to wage jihad in some manner until sharia law replaces the existing social contract. And if that means breaking “man made” law then that’s OK because Muslims believe they are “above the law of the land” as Allah says the only valid law is sharia.

        Islam is always at war according to their own authorities. The only way to avoid war with Muslims is to make sure they stay in Muslim countries. They are apartheid ideology and the only way to deal with that, sadly enough, is to isolate them.

        • Nimrod…once again, you speak words of truth and wisdom! Having lived in the Middle East I saw for myself just how these people actually live and act and this was back in the 1970’s. They have not changed their mentality one ounce and have in fact, became even more populace, aggressive and widespread in nothing but terrorism throughout the world. They definitely have to be isolated because no one in the free world is even remotely like these people who say that death is the most important thing and speak about 72 virgins as they slaughter innocent babies, children, women and men in the name of their radical and horribly perverted and beastial ideology! Oh yes, and their only Muslim brother, Barack Hussein Obama, never deserved the so-called Nobel Peace Prize because that man not only instigated wars but endorsed islamist terrorism during his entire time in power. Only 5 Muslims (till 1999) have earned the Nobel Prize for specifically literature (1), Peace (2), Chemistry (1) and Physics (1). Obama did nothing whatsoever to get any prize for peace (that’s a bad joke indeed), except he could apply for the prize of being the first Muslim radical Islamic, anti-American, anti-semitic, anti-Constitutional president in United States history!

      • Nimrod,

        Well said.

        That’s the ticket! Create a ‘vermin’ creature reserve. Cut off supply of everything including weapons. During a thousand years the Muslim creatures would by evolution, implode and explode amongst themselves.

        Science would die, eventually their creed would self-destruct, meanwhile the rest of the World lives free of Islamic Insanity.

      • Nimrod, wholeheartedly I agree with what you said and as it looks currently, it’s going to take uprisings by the free world against the barbaric Islamic people to stop this onslaught of Muslims pouring in from the Islamic world. They have lots of room to do their own thing. There are what, 57-60 Muslim countries that they can live in and it so bothers everyone as to WHY the Muslim world (Obama’s world as a child too) will not take their own people in?! They do not get along with those of modern cultures that do not adhere to their Dark Ages mentality and especially those that are trained in radical Islam. It’s already everywhere proven that these immigrants, migrants, asylum seekers or whatever you call them, cannot get along with those of the free world, have not advanced themselves in the areas pertaining to humanities advances in medicine, technology, creative arts etc. coming from places such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Somalia and other war torn nations that have mainly impoverished religious fanatics. All of the Islamic countries are to be watched for terrorism. America unfortunately has a rogue Muslim extremist for it’s ruler (definitely not a decent or even normal “president” in the least), and he is responsible for the deaths of many hundreds of thousands of lives in the Middle East and the massacres that also have occurred on American soil. This man, Obama, needs to put on trial for CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY because he was instrumental in starting ISIL or ISIS, even gave them their leader Abu Bakr al Bagdhadi as he released this hardcore criminal Islamist from GITMO (as he again done just recently released more mass murderers of his (Obama’s- faith). He and his “wife” Michelle were all up in arms when 200 female girls were kidnapped by Boko Haram and vowed to find their kidnappers. They never did a thing to help find these girls and have never done anything to stop the spread of butchery by ISIS! Obama is far more than inept, he is a traitor to America and one of the most dangerous people in high power in the entire world at this time in history! Yes, do take the majority of young male Syrian possible terrorists off the streets of the newly made Muslim American cities and ship them back to a Muslim country before we are overtaken totally by nothing but Islamic terrorism as Britain, Germany, France, Spain, the Scandinavian countries and others nations have already learned. Obama has time and again REFUSED TO STATE THAT MUSLIM RADICAL ISLAMIST KILLERS are exactly that…especially when they scream out, “Allahu Ahkbar” before doing their massacres! He has denied American military soldiers who were gunned down by a radical Islamist, any benefits or purple hearts and has allowed the wearing of burqas in Illinois! Obama has flooded this nation with dangerous people who propagate very quickly, to infiltrate this country and destroy it too, like it has done to most all it’s own countries-made them into slums. Why hasn’t this radical president been arrested yet and put into jail for his treasonous actions?! He really thinks he’s a god in this world and he acts as if he’s an UNTOUCHABLE!

        • Yes, why hasn’t anyone in our government brought charges against him for any reason of his questionable behaviors. Is it only up to the D.O.J.? Surely not. What is or who is delaying or denying to bring this president up on charges? I am 61 yr old female and thought I’d seen alot, but this man is scary and evil.

        • Agree…latest US Airstrikes on Syrian military positions…so he also intends to ensure that no non muslims survive in Syria. This man is using his country’s power to ‘screw’ the whole world and advance the final ‘anti’ crusade. He has unleashed the BLM on his own country whose avowed purpose is to destroy their first line of defense…law enforcement…and resettling ‘refugee’ able bodied military aged muslim males in strategic locations throughout the USA….and Madam Clinton is going to bring in MORE…if elected!!!

    • Ok i agree war is not the answer….then tell me exactly what is your answer????….Any Idiot like you who is living in a peaceful country or a safe place can write anything……BUT I AM VICTIM OF MUSLIM ATTACK!!!!……and myself and my wife with our baby are living in this world miles away from our hometown as if we are criminals……..while the people who wants us dead are living there because they have the support of islamic fanatics and because they are rich……YOU DONT KNOW HOW IT FEELS WHEN YOU ARE HELPLESS…..

      I am 100% sure you will not say “war is not the answer” when you are attacked!!! or if one of your relatives are hurt……

      • Peter, I am very sad to hear of your situation. I wish I could personally help you out by sending you a weapon or something to help you defend yourself, but all I can really do is try to educate the cloistered intellectuals about the fact that when someone is trying to kill you nobody is thinking of some wishful-thinking intellectual crap like “but everyone is supposed to reciprocate human rights!” The victims can only think of survival at that point because the fact is that their right to live is no longer being respected.

        The sense of helplessness I feel at being unable to help you directly is intolerable. All I can say is please take courage in the fact that there are people who know your situation and are on your side. We will try to do what we can wherever we are.

    • War, I’m not following your logic. Im a son of Holocaust survivors . My dad fought the Nazis while they murmured his entire family — EVERYONE. So by your logic he should not have done that, and perhaps prohibiting them fro murdering others? A very interesting logic.

    • I’ve been there too and you are dead wrong . it is all these pigs understand. You want to let this continue? What if you have loved ones there? Would your opinion change? What will it take to wake you peacenicks the hell up? When your own kin are slain in front of you? Shut the fuck up if this is all you have to say.

    • You appear to be terribly confused. “Attacking” someone and “defending” yourself are completely different and OPPOSITE actions. Christians are not seeking out muslims to destroy them, burn their mosques and slaughter their families. We have a huge problem today with this sort of muddled thinking! Why didn’t we just let Hitler or Stalin run the world, since (according to this logic), everyone is just as bad as everyone else whether we attack or we defend? PLEASE – a bit of logical thinking is needed.


  5. There are a number of training camps here in the U.S. as well.Our president is a closet Muslim sympathizer and both he and those with left leaning ideology pander to,and allow for the rise of Islam through fear of being stigmatized as an Islamophobe.”We” the people will take matters into our own hands and give them absolution.Wait for it.

    • Hi there sure looks as if this country’s American patriots are leaning in this direction. Obama has set out military companies, though, in strategic locations to quell any uprisings (Jade Helm 15) which only proves the fact that this man is a tyrannical despotic totalitarian dictator of the “Islamic persuasion”. He must be neutralized before he totally wrecks America from within through his unsafe opening of all border to allow in millions of Third World migrants into this country. Millions upon millions are already here and unaccounted for and will continue to flood in as long as this tyrant is in office! He goes well beyond being just a Muslim sympathizer, he has already been exposed in Egypt by well known terrorists there, of being part of the Muslim Brotherhood. John Kerry’s wife, Teresa Heinz actually supports Islamic terrorist organizations and their daughter is married to an Iranian (both live in Iran too). The Clintons are also tied to Muslim radical organizations and receive millions from rogue nations like Saudi Arabia as did Carter all these years and probably still is receiving money from them (this is all documented and has been verified years ago). The DHS has devout Muslims running this department and all of Obama’s CZARS were hand picked for their pro-Muslim sympathies or for being radical Islamists themselves. Others that surround Obama have criminal records and have been accused of terrorism or, as in the case of George Soros, have blood on their hands for turning in innocent Jews in Poland to the Nazi’s. These are Obama’s “people”. These, and Islamic sympathizers like Pelosi, Reid and so many other progressive, leftist, liberal Democrats which have helped tear the USA down both economically, in stature and left it vulnerable in “defense”.

      • Yeah! Most are good people and I know a few.It’s the same as Christians who worship but don’t practice the more heavy teachings.The Muslims I know are that way and would never do what the others do.I know this for a fact.It’s the radical dangerous people that “We” the people will defend ourselves against if it happens here.

  6. In World War II a British general was sent to put down a Muslim uprising. He killed thousands and put them in a mass grave with several hundred pigs. No further trouble. In World War II the Gerka warriors were feared by the Muslim fighters. They were famous for a special knife they carried and a piece of pork they carried on their hip. The Muslim fighters knew if they were killed by a Gerka they would face Allah with a hunk of pork stuffed into their throat. When you are dealing with a tribal and superstitious mentality it seems like a good strategy to start employing such tactics.

    • Good idea, I wish they do that in my country of origin. Our stupid bald president is only trying to make peace with these bastards while they kill us in the most humilating manner. E.g. beheading then stuff his severed penis in the mouth. My symphaties to the 44 men slain in the south.

  7. its the peak of inhumanness. may god rip there soul and may we all come together to stop this violence irrespective of nation, cast , and politics

  8. I m neither a Christian nor a Muslim.But I think the reason for such type of barbaric acts by Muslim organisations is u #Christians only.Ur countries exhausted their natural resources and left them in poverty ,debt.Same is the case in Iraq,Afganistan.
    I n a hindu from India .

    • Vaibhav.kabdwal

      Your comments don’t make sense. Many Hindus & Sikhs in India have often spoken against Islam for the same reason we all reject Islam & all of its violent behaviour as per Jihad instructions in the Koran.

      I am beginning to wonder if you are a Muslim pretending to not be a Muslim?

      Your put the blame on Christians suggests to me that you are either a Muslim or an absolute idiot full of crap.

      • He must be a sickular from India. I’m a Hindu and I know many such pseudoseculars are thriving in India in the name of secularism.

      • Abhishek: He is probably a Marxist because the stuff he’s saying is exactly what the Marxist international studies professors teach people at universities, that is, everything is the “colonial” white man’s fault somehow.

        They say this stuff out of narcissism. If everything is the white man’s fault then that keeps the white man at the center of the universe where all things happen because of the white man. It’s a sick sort of philosophy where they decide that it’s not ok to claim that they’re superior anymore but they have to keep themselves at the center of the world so they come up with another way even if it’s negative. (Most white people don’t believe this crap, it’s mostly the snobs at universities who have this mental illness.)

        In the mean time, the rest of the world outside the ivory tower is uniting against Islam and its barbaric jihadi pedophile psychopathic beliefs.

        • Nimrod,

          You tabled a valid concern. Universities supposed to be educated, are drifting backward into an uneducated inferior thinking mentality. This is a major issue for these people are most likely to become future leaders.

          I think you are right Marxism has infiltrated Universities and converted many academics to the level of imbecile. The most dangerous form of knowledge is false knowledge sold as academic educated thinking.

        • Have to admit, Nimrod….you hit the nail squarely on the head here! Do you remember the book that Obama, for instance , wrote, which was, “Dreams of My Father”. In it, he clearly speaks harshly of White Colonialism. One must also remember that Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein (Islamic given middle name) Obama, was mentored by Frank Marshall for 10 years when he left Islamic Indonesia to stay with his grandparents in Hawaii. He is infiltrating both his learning of Communism type Socialism along with his learning of the Quranic teachings, into the school systems of the United States at this time and many parents are opposed to this but Obama doesn’t care; he is actually forcing states to bring in his Syrian Muslims using a Constitution that he doesn’t agree with or follow but is useful when he wants his way. As for what you wrote, there is a trend going on that has been input into schools that show dramatic followings of the kinds of ways of thinking that Obama has managed to brainwash this country with. It has nothing to do with the color of his skin but if one looks back into this man’s dark and sultry past, they will find what he was force-fed in the way of learning , drug addiction, perversion and definite ties to terrorist organizations and bigots. He is everything that the psychiatrists have said he was years ago….a narcissistic borderline personality – psychopath.

    • There is no reasons or excuses for killing any human being on this earth. If you think that there is any reason for killing and harming people in such criminal and pure evil way, than I guess you don’t mind that your sister or your mother get raped or slaughtered. Killing one soul is like killing the entire humanity. You are giving reasons for mercenaries to kill. Please do the humanity a favor and don’t think next time.

    • Think for a moment. Don’t you have man poor people in India? Yes. And do they slaughter, and burn alive, and cook alive, and slash them with knives? No, they do not. This barbarism is not due to poverty, but due to evil, the evil that is written in their Koran and taught by their imams in the mosques. There are many poor people in the world, Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists and more, and they do not do what Muslims do. Don’t be so quick to excuse evil people. Fight them, expose them, and wake up the world about what you’re seeing. Never give them an alibi.

      • Indeed not.. Have you read the Quran that you claim is behind those un human barbaric acts of these terrorists? I did and guess what? It doesn’t have this license to kill as you are thinking. It’s totally forbidden for Muslim to kill any other soul regardless of religion, race or skin color. All the Gihad verses in the Quran was talking about the old ages when Muslims were caught against and these verses where just about fighting them back and that was for a short time period in the past. Please don’t let them succeed in fooling you that they are only doing what their religion is telling them to do, there is no religious justification to these kind of acts at all . They are criminals and terrorists.

        • Alyaa, save your lies and Islamocrap for the leftist dhimmis. Unlike you, we have read the quran and can quote chapter and verse in more than 100 places where it tells muslims to kill the unbelievers.

        • Alyaa N,

          You are a liar and an idiot. I read the Qur’an in 1984 & the sick hate speech violent verses immediately turned me against Islam. Any person that believes in the Koran cannot be trusted.

    • You are a hindu from india, AND a complete idiot. If you don’t know what you are talking about, and can’t spell or write a sentence, then STFU.

      • Why is it that you dumbass ragheads still don’t smell the shit you are shoveling? Get out of my country. I’m going to start homeland militia to deal with people like you. Then well post our own videos. Anyone else who is interested in this message, please reply.

    • Anyone who chops kids heads off are nothing more than sick stone aged fooking freaks of nature than require putting to sleep for life !

    • Do you mean an eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth is justified,its not the religion that will save us.its god not the religion

    • The moslems have been killing for a long long long time because their quran tells them too. When someone kills someone, it’s their fault,, no one elses. You’ve got rocks in your head.

    • I am from India too. And your assertion is totally wrong. They kill all the non Muslims because their Allah said so in Quran. Read some verses from Quran you will know that their Quran wants to convert the world into Muslims. So if you don’t convert they will cut your head.

    • Tell me Vaibhav, was it because the white man ehuasted Saudi Arabia’s resources that made Osama Bin Laden become a terrorist?

    • Don’t take this guy seriously. I am an Indian and I know for sure he is off target. A lot of Indians protect Islam for vote bank politics. They have been brainwashed by Nehruvism, which robbed India of it’s deserving place in UNSC, loss of land in eastern and western corridors etc. He even may be a half hindu-half muslim, or even possibly a muslim posting under a Hindu name. The argument he is giving is typical of a Pakistani.


        • Andy Patriot,

          Now you are thinking with the shoe on your head as you correctly remarked to some other fool that called Islam a religion of peace.

          If you are a true Patriot you will support BNI 100%.

          BNI does a very difficult time consuming job, working hard to share with the world hard reality insight about Islam and what they are doing.

          In order to defeat Islam we the ‘Global Freedom Resistance’ need to know our enemy and although we know the insidious doctrine in the Koran and Hadiths we also need to know what is happening. The ‘Resistance’ constantly communicates with each other around the globe, in fight back behind the scenes activities.

          Thousands of activists are standing against Islam and left traitors in every Western Nation. This constant battle shall continue for decades, there is no easy victory when we are being constantly betrayed by traitors in bed with Islam.

          As for cap locks, BNI is absolutely correct. It is not a petty control, it is an essential control. All professional readers do not like cap locks, it is too difficult to read and is a turn off.

          And contrary to what someone else said using caps does not hold peoples attention…it does the opposite, it switches them off.

          I read thousands of comments to learn how people feel and I also gain excellent ideas and knowledge from people around the world. But I don’t waste my time trying to read caps lock.

      • ok man. barenakedislam. gosh. this country, our language we were taught to print in all caps and just because someone wants to change it after all these years.. dosent make it so. lighten up. there good reasons to print in all caps. besides that what many professions require and have.. its also easier to read when the eye sight goes..

    • Pope Francis embraces these imaginings and speaks about them often. Many agree with him. He wants to remove barriers of division from among all faiths. This new dream for unity would allow believers, regardless of faith and tradition and nation, to join as soul mates vowing to build one global community sharing one faith.

      These are inspiring words from the Pope, and an increasing number of believers feel the tug to unite in singleness of one faith and one fellowship. It would feel so right and so now, a desirable change from the way things are today. As proof of the tug, evangelicals are hearing the call to come home. Last December Kenneth Copeland and other evangelicals (who share the Pope’s vision) were so moved by the Pope’s appeal they promised to join him in “prayer and spirit” to unite as brothers in Christ (Source).

      Advocates of Chrislam agree the call to join in one faith is venerable and even principled, but also essential if all are to walk the same path to rid the world of strife caused by clashing beliefs. Opponents of Chrislam argue a path to oneness in faith is unattainable, citing Amos 3:3 as the reason. Perhaps the opponents fail to recall the Bible says it will happen (Revelation 17:1-18). Chrislam is possible because Revelation says it will happen; and, by the looks of things presently under construction. But, how is such a pathway built to bring so many into one body of faith?

      It begins with compromise, which is not always a bad thing. But, what a person chooses to give up or accept could be and herein the need for close examination (Acts 17:11). The Bible warns about compromise and especially when it means giving up the redemptive message of Jesus Christ. The apostle Paul writes, “Beware lest anyone deceive you through philosophy and empty deceit, according to the tradition of men, according to the basic principles of the world, and not according to Christ” (Colossians 2:8).

      Chrislam is all about compromise. One high profile leader invested in this movement is Rick Warren.

      • This pope is a communist and an idiot who likely will be murdered by his precious muslims. And he’ll deserve it for all his pandering and treason to the Catholic Church. I am not Catholic and don’t rate an opinion on this but that’s how I see it. Chrislam will be the death of Christianity and the rise of Islam.

        Rick Warren needs to get together with ISIS.

      • Bobby Cabonce, I didn’t read all of your post because my gag reflex was getting the best of me. You said the poop’s words were inspiring. BS. One world religopn , Promise Keepers, etc. are of the devil. They are designed to cause Christians, which the catholic cult is not a Christian religion, to forget what God’s Word tells us, to separate from non-believers. 2 Corinthians 6:17 KJV “Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you.”

        Joining other religions is a sure way to be in trouble with God.

      • John 3:16 “For God so loved the world He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” Revelations 17 is talking about spiritual adultery. Rev. 17:5 “And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.” Chrislam is an excellent example of this. Bobby. You seem to argue against yourself with scripture. Acts 17:11 is warning against such things as Chrislam. It is philosophy. It is according to the tradition of men. And it is not according to Christ. Please read the Holy Bible -for you and others that think like this are crossing a dangerous line straight into the lake of fire.
        BNI sorry for caps but that is how it is written in the Holy Bible.

    • If you give Democrats your guns, your dead., Next , these RACE CARD throwing people live in USA, they kill daily..Thankyou for showing the world what , Muslims really do, They are not peacefull..


    • Who are you commenting on, “doing amazing work”, Boko Haram? God, I hope not. It would mean you are as sick, depraved and immoral- just like them. Boko Haram, Isis, isul, Taliban. All are Cowards and Bullies who think ” Its my way or Die”. One
      can only pray you get Yours when the time comes…

  10. The question is NOT “Why do you blame some moslems for what a few moslems do?” The question is “WHY do YOU follow a religion that tells you to do this?”

  11. The problem begins with Christians that stay hours in FB posting their vacations, food they have cooked, restaurants they have been to, likes about products and pixs of their kids and grandkids. Praying is not a two minute deal asking God to have pity on those slaughtered. Get out and reach these muslims with the gospel. There is one family in Milan Italy that is doing that and Muslims are being converted. In my small village of about 35,000 inhabitants there are over 8,000 Muslims. They have outnumbered the Christians by far. But……when God’s people went into battle first they fasted and prayed and waited for God’s timing and means. David slaughered a giant with a stone and sling. Once, God’s people went into battle but didn’t kill any enemies because the enemies killed each other. We can’t hate people but the sin and lies that Satan puts in people’s head to confuse them.Just look how popular Satanic groups, witches, and Satanic holidays like Halloween, and PC games that teach kids to kill have become so popular.

    • Yes. The battle needs to be fought with the sword of the Spirit: the Word of God. Light overcomes darkness but not when it is “under s bushel”. Share the gospel in your hometown. This is being done in many places but not nearly enough.

      • Sword of the spirit my arse unless this spiritual sword can extinguish them en mass by a week from this Thursday. We need to fight Islam with heavy artillery, nuclear weapons and poisoned wells. A scorched earth policy and mass extinction for muslims now, then burn any book that has any mention of this fetid, noxious religion so it fades completely from memory within a few generations.

    • PC games dont teach kids to kill and Halloween is just a fun time of the year for kids to enjoy themselves for treats and scare pretend monsters and if Christians want to spend hours of FB posting their vacations, let them, it doesnt hurt no one and muslims will never change their evil ways, you can go out and try to teach the gospel to them and in return they will kill you, their Quran is evil and its teaches evil, i have one, they are all satans followers and need to be destroyed

    • hey joann. this isn’t italy. its the usa.. and there are millions of christians witnessing and serving God here. go to italy if you feel so strongly about it.

    • If you read the article a few paragraphs down it states the following: reported before that the Boko Haram Muslims in this same Christian village killed 100, but now a new report says 1000.

  12. One Day the lord will come back for his people and when he does those people who have done this to those inocent people and children will pay the biggest price yet it’s sad to say we have to live in a world with violence and know that we can’t do nothing about it. I can’t wait to those people have to pay for what they did. What sick minded people would do such a thing. Our world anymore has become of nothing but about money and power and if we don’t fix it we will all be in trouble. When the lord comes
    Will you be ready? That’s the question I ask my self everyday. Those people need Jesus and better find him before its to late.

    • You are a wicked fool to insult our senses, Nigeria is being terrorized by Islamic fundamentalist and all what you can say is to insult her name and people?

    • Its about world hitler (they were with him) they believe when tne whole world is unstable their mahdi (equvalent of Jesus) will come and rule the planet with muslims only…go peace rights for women etc

  13. To the Group who slaughtered this Village,
    your soul is reserved for the demons who ate souls which are starving for such souls like yours, they don’t make any sound or and presence but they are always, always looking at you and you wont either go to heaven or hell.

    Peace is not the answer..
    and money doesn’t talk..
    its all about educating oneself..
    the being who are ignorant are the one who is doing this..
    They fight for their principles but they really don’t know what is right.
    They fight for their principles cause they actually thinks that their principle are RIGHT. But they didn’t realize that they were wrong in the first place.

    let the souls of the people of the village rest in peace with father almighty.
    And God please guide those people who disobeyed your given 10 commandments.

  14. If you, Muslim, truly believe that all these evil deeds are NOT committed in the name of Allah; that this is NOT what Islam is about; that Islam is hijacked by a few extremists to justify their actions……then, for (your) God’s sake, stand up, and take back your religion!!! All you do is watch, shake your head and bemoan the fact that your religion is besmirched — f&%king get up and DO SOMETHING to stop them! They are among you, they claim to be you, they hide among you, they pretend to be you. Seek them out & kill them! Is that not a justified reason for a real Jihad??? Who’s worse — the infidel (non-believer), or the believer who pretends to act in the name of your God, but defiles the name of your God??? Allahuakbhar, indeed! How great is your God, if he can’t cleanse the false prophets ad war mongers from amongst you….??

    • They can’t really admit it….but these guys are playing from the actual “bible” of their same religion….the quran. Unfortunately, these guys are actually good muslims, as judged by the quran, whereas “moderate” muslims are no better than a sinning christian.

    • You could not have said it better….It seems so simple and in fact it is if only they thought with sense (so to speak). I think that is a perfect way to put it and though I (we all) know it wont make a difference to them, if they were to understand and actually hear the advise being told to them, your words are the words that should be said.

  15. the horrible thing here is the muslim world says they are against the slaughter of other muslims and they need to be united… the way this is heading the muslim faith is shown to be violent and uncaring and every day more of those sitting on the edge are joining the violence as a means to world domination.. Turn the deserts to glass and be done with them all .

      • No!!! If you thinks that Islam is peaceful..then you are the idiot!! There is no hope for you.. you will go to eternal hell fire!! Wake up!
        Repent.. give your life to Jesus Christ!!

      • Wayne, Fuck you for being an ignorant, weak-minded, sack of shit. Moral equivalence games are nothing but left-wing talking points used by cowardly leftists who have no real understanding of the concept, let alone valid arguments to support their positions.

      • Dude Stand up tall and say it to the guys who are killing people in the name of ?@#$% Alla . Who does not have power to stop these guys, and compation towards Human. Why do you defend such a dirty religion . No civility , no Humanity , No Human rights to women ,

      • @ iou . Islam is invented by a man whose youngest wife was 13 years when he slept with her, shame, had 5 or 6 wife , slept with his first wifes daughter . You guys follow that guys invention and Kill people ? Shame . Go Find a better religion. This is all bogus. Not a religion

      • As said by Dr. Zakir Naik,Islam is a religion of peace ONLY if you too convert to islam,SO GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT YOU BASTARD,YOU ALL ARE KILLERS!!

      • THANKS BareNakedIslam,I am a daily visitor of your website as it is the most regularly updated website regarding all foul muslim activities.
        Thanks for this,Im from India and recommending your website to all my known who want to know about islam extremism.
        Keep up the good work guys!

      • That’s a great statistic,traffic is because there are 1.2 billion people here,all determined that they don’t let these fuckers enter india.There are a lot of muslims living in india,but hardly any muslim practices sharia law or jihad,I hope this peace prevails as long as it could.

      • Stephen, no one learnt from anyone, this has been going on since the beginning of time, but unlike other religions, with Muslims, they have a book that tells them what to do, their prophet raided villages raping, torturing and slaughtering, so his followers will do the same.. people follow their prophets.. unfortunately those being attacked can also end up being reduced to the same lowest common denominator. Non of us would know how we would act if we saw our own being hacked to death like this.. All though out the world Muslims seem to not be able to get on with anyone..

      • You don’t see very many black people who are serial killers or molest children either. What has that go to do with this? Nothing, much like your statement. And white people do act violently in different ways which is not any better. This is about an idea of killing people different from what you believe in. Try to stay focus please.

    • It is not an issue of black and white. It is an issue of Islamic terrorism and that we have a government that is complacent about the evil that people do to each other. Islamic Jihad is not are peaceful religion and our American government is protecting them by not openly opposing them. Our government is in bed with them by allowing them in out government and our government is complicit when we send money to these countries that support and sponsor these terrorists.

  16. Nigerian military officials abandoned their weapons and fled? They should be shot every one of them that didn’t fight and do their job.. Also Iraqi soldiers, great cowards with our weapons, allowed ISIS to thrive.

    • Stranger still some of the old regime now trained by the west have become taliban.fighters. one such goon that was trained by and with
      australian troops emptied an m16 at the same aussie troops that trained him. now he is was not executed. his reason was because “us soldiers” burned the kora n that angeted him so he shot australians. betcha he would not have had the balls to do that to Us troops. even burning a bible does not warrant lives lost.

      • God’s not here to serve us….we’re here to serve Him; and, looks like we are not doing too well! We have the capabilities to go in to any of these places and end it right there and then! But, America chooses to give them aid, let them enter our country and be politically correct. Hallocaust happening all over the world and “we do nothing”! 2 Chron. 7:14 is all we have to do and yet, we kick him out. This is what we get for our sins.

  17. Why is this news. not given prime time in aus??
    We hear so many muslims in need of charity buy bubkis when
    comes to slaughtered christians.

  18. How about a war against the gold stealers. The federal reserve. Possibly even the Annunahki? The bigger bubble of the 2 that we live in. A war on this matrix we live in. A war to regain our true freedom as humans. Not religious people. Earth is far too small in the spectrum of the universe for everything here to be of the most importance. Instead of just having the love experience we’re granted.

  19. Why people make a note that the killing act in the name of religion? It was logical fallacy. Can it be specify?

    • The official name is جماعة أهل السنة للدعوة والجهاد Jamā‘atu Ahli is-Sunnah lid-Da‘wati wal-Jihād, meaning “People Committed to the Prophet’s Teachings for Propagation and Jihad.” If you have no idea how this name relate to a particular”religion”, then I am sure you are stupidly hopeless.

  20. bab.10 Quran in verse 94 states that “anyone who has doubts in the quran, go get the bible or meet someone who has read the Bible” ….

    but why Muslims are still obsessed with heresy, murder and so on go to heaven … !!!

  21. Wow that is some sick stuff.

    Well, it’s February 2015 and I suppose more and more evidence has presented itself about this horrid psychotic death cult called Islam.

    I wonder if this will be the year when some of our so-called “leaders” wake TF up and stop allowing the growth and expansion of this horror show in beautiful Western countries. All they need to do is visit the 25 countries with 95% + Islam dominance. That should in theory be a wake up call.

    All the information is at their fingertips. All the statistics, all the evidence, YET we’re still being led by fools. It is time to get these people OUT of positions of power.

    It is time to EMBRACE leaders who actually see the truth and the facts and stop denying them. When you see a psycho, you lock your doors and windows, you don’t let him into the house.

    • bab.10 Quran in verse 94 states that “if anyone has doubts in the quran, go get the bible or meet with someone who has read the Bible” ….

      but why do Muslims still obsessed with deviant teachings such as murder and so on to go to heaven … !!!

    • Islam is not the problem. Ii is the people that believe they are Islamic and intrpret the word of Alah wrong. they are not considered Islam in a sense because through their acts they are not following the religion and the Quran in the way it was ment. By doing what they are doing right now they are disrespecting Alah and what he stands for.

      You can not condemn the entire Islamic religion over the actions of a few foolish people that had turned from it in a dark way.

        • Charles Darwin lived 150 yoears ago (aprox), and Stewen Hawking have told us: All religions are man made.

      • take this into consideration…

        “When you meet the unbelievers in the battlefield strike off their heads and, when you have laid them low, bind your captives firmly. Then grant them their freedom or take ransom from them, until War shall lay down her armour.

        Thus shall you do. Had Allah willed, He could Himself have punished them; but He has ordained it thus that He might test you, the one by the other.

        As for those who are slain in the cause of Allah, He will not allow their works to perish. He will vouchsafe them guidance and ennoble their state; He will admit them to the Paradise He has made known to them.

        Believers, if you help Allah, Allah will help you and make you strong. But the unbelievers (#) shall be consigned to perdition. He will bring their deeds to nothing. Because they have opposed His revelations, He will frustrate their works.

        Have they never journeyed through the land and seen what was the end of those who have gone before them? Allah destroyed them utterly. A similar fate awaits the unbelievers, because Allah is the protector of the faithful: because the unbelievers have no protector.

        Allah will admit those who embrace the true faith and do good works to gardens watered by running streams. The unbelievers take their fill of pleasure and eat as the beasts eat: but Hell shall be their home.

        How many cities were mightier than your own city, which has cast Mohammed out! We destroyed them all, and there was none to help them.” (*)

        Chapter/Surah 47:4-13
        THE KORAN (Qur’an)

        Fact: all Muslims are duty bound to obey Koran. (*) During last 1400 years this passage has happened countless times. Wherever Islam exists- violence and hatred follows. This quote authorizes execution of all unbelievers.

        (#) Unbelievers include every person in the Universe who is not a Muslim. As instructed by the Koran all unbelievers must be converted to Islam or killed- no exceptions.

        It should be noted that although I used the word ‘conversion’ true to Western meaning in reality, Islam does not call it ‘conversion.’ Islam calls it ‘Reversion.’ For Islam claims that every person on the planet is born Muslim and that our evil parents raised us as ‘Non-Muslim’ in the ‘Belief System’ we have been taught. Therefore by Islamic backward logic when a Non-Muslim becomes a ‘Muslim’ they are not converting to Islam they are reverting back to Islam from the date they were born as a Muslim.

        ‘Those that make war against Allah and His apostle and spread disorders in the land shall be put to death or crucified or have their hands and feet cut off on alternate sides, or be banished from the country. They shall be held to shame in this world and sternly punished in the next: except those that repent before you reduce them. For you must know that Allah is forgiving and merciful.’

        Koran ‘The Table’/‘Al-Ma’idah’ 5:33

        ‘Fight for the sake of Allah those that fight against you, but do not attack them first. Allah does not love the aggressors. Kill them wherever you find them. Drive them out of the places from which they drove you. Idolatry is worse than carnage. But do not fight them within the precincts of the Holy Mosque unless they attack you there; if they attack you put them to the sword. Thus shall the unbelievers be rewarded: but if they mend their ways, know that Allah is forgiving and merciful. Fight against them until idolatry is no more and Allah’s religion reigns supreme. But if they mend their ways, fight none except the evil-doers.’

        Koran ‘The Cow’/‘Al-Baqarah’ 2: 190-193

        Fact: This instruction authorizes murder of kafir/infidels (non-believers).

        ‘Believers do not seek the friendship of the infidels and those who were given the Book before you, who have made of your religion a jest and a pastime. Have fear of Allah, if you are true believers. When you call them to pray, they treat their prayers as a jest and a pastime. They do this because they are devoid of understanding.’ (In other words do not assimilate)

        Koran 5:57

        Remember when a Muslim says, “I believe in the Koran.” It means I believe in every verse in the Koran. And it also means that all Muslims who believe in the Koran shall not honestly take infidels for friends. The Koran instruction is so absolute that any Muslim who believes in the Koran and claims to be friends with infidels is in fact a ‘two-faced liar’ and cannot ever be trusted. When Muslims hold majority power they will turn against all infidels including those they have falsely claimed to be friends.

        In 627 A.D. the Jewish tribe of Qurayza was attacked by Mohammed the prophet of Islam. True to his Koran instructions all non-believers have a choice- convert or die. Of the some 800 male Jews captured only one chose to convert to Islam to save his life. Mohammed executed all the rest of the Jews by beheading them. All the women and children were sold as slaves. Islam condones slavery. The Koran encourages slavery of women and children true to the traditions of Allah’s authority given unto all Muslims. All Muslims believe they are superior to all infidels (unbelievers).

      • Oh who ever you are, you do not really believe that do you. Either you are blind, stupid of using Taqiyya on us..
        With non stop world wide muslim violence and you can say that.. for goodness sake if you do not know your own holy books then go read them and not the first part of the quran as that is pretty mild, after mohammods numbers grew to become a force his anger against the Christians and Jews was so great because they would not accept him as a Prophet (because he showed non of the signs of a prophet) that he took his converts against them, he went from raiding caravans to get the booty to raiding villages and then on.
        Just read what mohommad did and said to do and how the verses change after his numbers grew to become a force.. and if you are genuine and have not read all the horrors that he did and find that what we say on here is correct and you still stay a Muslim then you are no better… how could anyone follow an animal like that, it is just a sex, war cult.
        So you mean to tell me that there has been over 26825 terrorist attacks since Sep 11th done by Muslims, with horrors world wide done like this above and you try to tell us that it was only done by just a few foolish people.
        It take more than a few terrorists to slaughter thousands of Muslims and non Muslims every month as is going on in muslim countries and else where, and it is not non muslims doing it but muslims themselves…, gee that makes me mad.
        NO the muslims who do this above are NOT disrespecting Allah at all, they are doing what allah/mohammad said to do until all is for allah, that he will have no rivals and until all the world is for allah.. and as you do not put your name or a name so I suspect that you already know all this..
        All that is in the news is only a drop in the bucket of what muslims do world wide, no one else, just muslims, and when muslims countries asked for help from America, I cannot understand why they helped, and I do not believe that they should have gone across there in the first place if muslims want to kill each other just let them.. please read the last three quarters of your own holy books and you will wonder why we non muslims have not come against you in force like we did to stop the Muslims march, killing and raping across the world last time..

  22. These so-called killings in the name of Islam is nothing but an excuse to commit MURDER. I have read the Bible & some of the Koran & many other books on religions & have yet to find where it states it’s OK to kill in the name of God, Allah or what ever the Lord is called. There is only one God. The difference is what the religions call it. To tell people to change their beliefs or be killed is nothing more than forcing someone to believe in Islam against their will. Blaming President Obama for not doing anything to stop isis or al-queda is unfair. The government of the affected countries should be doing something to protect their people first & foremost. If more help is needed then they can ask the international community. When a religion is based on fear then it can’t honestly have a real religion. Islam is the only religion who are out to force people to convert against their will. This is nothing more than a Power trip who trains their people to kill because other religions don’t agree with so-called ideals. If everyone in the world killed because others don’t agree with them people would wipe out humanity. One of the Sharia law is it’s not allowed to be educated by Western countries. How could this be a law of Islam when the Koran was written over 2,000 years ago when there was no western democracy. these people are saying what can & can’t be allowed which it can’t possibly be in the Koran because some of these so-called laws weren’t around.

    • And when the sacred months have passed, then kill the polytheists wherever you find them and capture them and besiege them and sit in wait for them at every place of ambush. But if they should repent, establish prayer, and give zakah, let them [go] on their way. Indeed, Allah is Forgiving and Merciful. (Q 9:5)

      • Allah Iverson or whatever you dub your idiotic self, people like you need to be used as an example .We need to publicly announce what you are. If you are of Islam you are the enemy. Period. You also seem to be a whining little douchebag. Believe Ve the world will be a better place for your being wiped out .

        • Jeff,

          Your unintelligent highly emotional comment does not make sense. I am not a Muslim as my many comments on this line, clearly indicate.

          Further more I notice your comments against everyone is downright constantly nasty.

          Are you on drugs?

      • I don’t care what your book of lies says. You are the enemy. Not worth your shitbag salt. Kill yourself ,just don’t take any real peoples souls with you.That’s right. You aren’t people. You are garbage. Gutterfill ,that’s what your blood will be if you express your bullshit allah nonsense here. You are all less than human . Actually I am thinking that you are less valuable to our world than rats roaches or termites.

    • And God allows all this why? He either he has no control, or is evil, or doesn’t exist and all of this is created by men. The last possibility is most likely.

      • MJ, I believe God never takes away our “free will.” Along with that, those that will do evil also have “free will.” Just as is said on one of the shirts in the barenakedislam T-shirt shop “If a religion requires enforcement, it’s not a religion, it’s tyranny.” Same goes for Christianity- no enforcement, freedom. Islam and Sharia law is tyranny. I personally know a refugee orphaned child who has come from Nigeria. The FIRST thing the child wanted to do was go to CHURCH. Something Christians can’t do there for fear of getting machine-gunned down or locked in and burned alive inside while worshipping. It really made me think of how I took going to church for granted for so many years. Another thing I have started doing is studying and educating myself on the Koran, Islam, etc. I want to know what the hell I’m talking about when I need to defend my position.

        • dontpeeonmylegandtellmeitsraining,

          Well said, absolutely right… every person must study the Koran & Hadiths and gain a thorough knowledge of ‘Anti-Freedom Totalitarian Apartheid Islam’. The ancient adage is correct… “We must know our enemy”.

          And yes, God gave us ‘Free Will’ it is up to us to use it wisely, which includes rejecting Islam in total “No Compromise”.

          Best Wishes,

          Allan Ivarsson 2015
          NSW Australia

          Blue Light Freedom Watch © 2013
          Working to Protect Freedom of Life.

    • ros lever, the quran began being written about 609 AD…
      The notion of “Western” thought and culture began with Classical Greece. Officially, it was kicked off in 1500 BC, but western culture was interrupted during the Greek Dark Ages (about 1100-900 BC). It then truly began to soar during the Classical period beginning around 900 BC, when Greece would enter its most glorious era, laying the foundation for dominant nations and empires in the centuries and millennia ahead.

      Western thought and culture traces its roots to Classical Greece philosophy, which is based upon reason and inquiry pertaining to a variety of disciplines, including science, technology, literature, law, politics, economics, psychology, ethics, art, etc.

      Socrates revolutionized several areas of western thought, etc,

    • If you did not find the parts of the Koran that call for killing in the name of Allah, then you did not read far enough. They are there. Over 100 verses in Koran call for violence and killing of the unbeliever. Not a single one defines Allah’s love for all of mankind.

      Conversely, not a single verse in the New Testament calls for violence against unbelievers, and ALL instances of divinely ordained violence in the Old Testament are limited to a specific instance or case. There are NO open ended calls for violence and death in either the New or Old Testament. And the ENTIRE New Testament is a treatise on God’s love for his children…. ALL of them. Jews and Gentiles alike.

      John 3:16 vs Koran 9:5, 9:29-39, etc etc etc.

  23. I’m not Christian & I totally agree that Islam is PURE EVIL TO THE CORE!!! No matter what ur religion is NO ONE deserves to die because of what they believe. We must stand up & completely DESTROY ALL EVIL!!!!

    • I am a christian and i do not believe Islam is evil. It is not said anywhere in Islam to kill others or killing is right. Just because lot of idiots kill in the name of Islam doesn’t mean the religion is in the wrong. Please do not generalize.

      • where ever muslim are there, there is no peace for the people even for themselves. look at countries like pakistan, iraq, palenstilene, egpy. they have failed to give the gud part of their religion, and they offered themselves to devilsh acts.they are shame for the whole world.Let God forgive them.let God change their heart

      • Bare what Quran did you read cause I’m sure as heck it doesn’t say it in ours! Islam is a peaceful religion it’s these people that make it look bad

      • Let me guess: Alfie’s entire knowledge of Islam is limited to the edited-for-television version of Quran 5:32 and 5:33 (which in reality gives instructions for killing people).

      • Another ignorant liberal tool who does not know what he is talking about.

        Read the Medina verses TURKEY. Execution in the name of Islam done on a regular basis in countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran. A large percentage of Muslims believe in Sharia and it punishment system, which includes killing people for adultery and attacking Islam.

        If you ask this idiot what sharia is he would probably ponder and then say: IS THAT A ICE CREAM?

        See this is the trouble with the west it is full of ignorant , dull and apathetic fools, who only source of info is CNN like outlets.

        Of course this idiot WOULD regard Medina as a form of cabbage. The MTV generation, really?!

      • My dear brother, am sorry to tell you here that you ‘ve got it all wrong, Islam calls for the killing of unbelievers in the name of alah, dont be deceived by any one.

    • A very simple solution. Arm opponents Boko Haram and let them go hunting for them. Here we seem to terrorize minorities majority.

    • you see i realy don,t see any peace with this religion islam is indeed a religion of peaces because they cut people in half they are good in killing people to tell the truth in my life i have never hated any religion but this one i am sorry to say but i hate moslems more than anything that exist on this planet these people need to be sprayed by cermical wepon they deserve to die these are not human beings kill them all. when ever i see a moslem my heart bleeds

    • Thats wrong, its nothing religious. this is nothing but rage. African countries are risk free region for u.s and Israel and some European countries to test their bio-weopons. this must be some thing like a rage drug test. and what could be better than a side advantage of covering it by the use of current propaganda against Islam? Arn’t they supporting ISIS? arnt they founding it? they are also Killers. non of it has anything remotely related to Islam lessions. they dont even practice anything Islamic among them selves. some bending and standing and praying does not make u a muslim.
      u can be a killer regardless of your religion!

      why no one mentions the genocide against Muslims in Chechnia? by the Bhuddists!!!

      and remember…the objective genocide is actually and officially happening in Palestine. All these Boko Haram, ISIS and similar wilderness are created to cover for Israel. because they need it to keep their Appartide going. to distract people of the world from hearing the sound of “help us’ from Gaza strip.

      God save us all.

      • Dear Mohd,
        Buddism is a truly peaceful religion. They do not believe in convert or kill. Any killing of Islamics has been done in RELALIATION for Muhammad worshiper’s murdering hundreds of thousands of Buddists over the centuries in the name of Muhammad and his death cult. That goes for any culture who finally gets fed up with the slaughter and colonization of their lands by Muslims wanting to steal it all and forcibly convert people. Muslims have always been the aggressors and then you all cry foul when people push back. All of Islam should crawl back to the armpit of the world where you came from and implode.
        That’s silly Islamic propaganda saying that Eur and the U.S. are using chem weapons in Africa on anyone. Muslims have been enslaving and committing genocide in Africa for centuries and they are not slowing down. They still run the slave trade there. When I was in S.A. in 1979, there was active, open, legal slave trade of Nigerians in the city. It wasn’t even against the law!!!! And you wonder why every other culture in the world want to end you?
        Sure there are some good lessons in the qu’ran, Muhammad had them thrown in to make himself sound legitimate while also commanding all to venerate himself and murder in his name. Muhammad did so many wicked things in his lifetime. For people from other cultures that did not grow up brainwashed in your death cult, who can think objectively, we all look at ALL that is written in the qu’ran to fully understand how sick Muhammad was and how sick his cult is. If you want to seek the Creator, look anywhere but to Islam and your heart, mind and soul will be lighter and happier and balanced.

    • That is an absolutely vile, wicked, and horrendously terrible comment!

      What would you say if it was your Mom, Dad, Sons, Daughters, Brothers, Sisters – folk that were murdered in such terrible ways.

      I am a CHRISTian – a follower of “the Lord Jesus Christ” – and my Brothers and Sisters have skins of all colors, speak many languages, and live all over the world – and I often sincerely and earnestly pray for “the Lord God Almighty” to help and protect them – and I weep for each and every one of my family when they are slaughtered so viscously!

      • If you cant handle the truth you shouldn’t be here. The Africans have been slaughtering each other for centuries. Women and children mostly because they cant run as fast as the men. The Muslims do the same thing. The white race also just not to the same brutal extent. Why the indignation for the blacks who are the most guilty?

        • Enough of the “race war”, guys, ok? Let’s concentrate on our disdain for islam and their evil empire in the making.
          And to set the record straight – whites are just as brutal. No, they may not use knives or machetes to chop n hack their victims to pieces but where is the difference when whites, who have the capabilities, merely push a button or drop a bomb and kill thousands at once without batting an eyelash or even breaking a sweat. Nazis ring a bell? How about carpet bombing Dresden,Viet-Nam, Hiroshima, Nagasaki? THOSE were wars – THIS is a genocide in the name of islam – a cult of EVIL that means to kill EVERYONE in their way.
          STOP, already. Stay on-topic PLEASE.

      • @ nobaddog – Are you saying to me that I – a Biblical CHRISTian – am not welcome to express my indignation over the racism expressed in such “an absolutely vile, wicked, and horrendously terrible comment!” about what is happening to MY CHRISTian BROTHERS – AND – SISTERS?

        Do you also justify racial hatred and murder of all other ethnic groups – Moslem -vs- Moslem / Irish Protestants -vs- Irish Catholics, etc…. – because they have been doing it to each other for centuries?

        AGAIN = What would you say if it was your Mom, Dad, Sons, Daughters, Brothers, Sisters, or friends that were murdered in such terrible ways.

        As a follower of “the Lord Jesus Christ” – A CHRISTian – I care not what the color of the skin, the country, the previous beliefs, etc… – for ALL MANKIND are sinners in the eyes of “the LORD GOD”, and He inspired to be written:

        “The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.”
        (2 Peter 3:9 – KJV)

        Bro. Nick – a great sinner – born again only by the Continuous Wondrous Mercy and Grace of “the Lord God Almighty”.

    • One bunch of God worshippers brutalising another group of God worshippers in the name of God and to spread the word of God, allowing no other God worshippers to believe anything other than the words they barely understand.
      When I die, assuming I go to heaven, the Jewish/Christian/Muslim God is going to have some f*ckin’ explaining to do for the misery he caused the last 1,000 generations of man. God is a dick – so ‘strike me down oh mighty smiter….’

      …still here, so I assume God will just keep hiding his sorry/embarrassed ass in heaven.

      So to continue since (the Jewish/Christian/Muslim) God seems to have insufficient power to stop me – if you are a committed Christian – maybe you should take some time out of your busy day and rad the Koran (I’m told that reading Arabic takes huge concentration verging on the mind-bending) since it is the only book that is claimed to supersede the NT and if you’re a Muslim, perhaps you should take time to read the NT since it undeniably influenced you. If you’re Jewish, I guess you should read both – good luck with that.

      • Dear Naw,
        The qu’ran never did “supersede” the NT. I am Christian, know the Bible and know the qu’ran. Jesus never spoke hate speech. He rarely even got angry-once, throwing money-changers out of the temple. He didn’t call for anyone to be murdered in His name. He taught us to love one another and to do what we can for each other including protecting innocents. Muhammad, although he threw in some “good lessons” commanded that people venerate himself and if they don’t, then kill them, rape them, steal from them, lie to them, oppress and overtax them, etc. Muslims have enslaved and murdered tens of millions since the founding of their death cult and they do not show any signs of slowing down. Islamic apologists keep trying to paint Islam as a peaceful religion, but they are either 1. outright lying to keep trying to convert more. 2. don’t know their own literature-ignorant and trying desperately to interject their personal peacefulness into, unbeknownst to them, a twisted and sick cult. or 3. Repeating what they are told to say in fear of themselves getting retaliated against. It is up to the sane and non-brainwashed to put an end to this death cult infestation of the world by bringing to light what it really is about.
        Educating each other on what perpetrators of Islamization are doing to innocent people all over the world is every sane person’s responsibility, because they will eventually come for you if they are encouraged to keep going. You will eventually regret apologizing for them when they are on your personal doorstep even though you may not give a crap about all the others. If you apologize for them, then you lack compassion and intelligence.

    • The extremely inhuman/ungodly deeds by any member of a sect are those whose prophet are not of God (or allah) Whom they misguidedly
      claim to be, but of satan, the known universal villain or the prime advocate of evil.

  24. Are we totally sure that these people doing the killing are book haram? Because I know that the Nigerian military has been organising Christian militias to exact revenge on the islumic insurgents.
    I believe they turn up at remote villages,usually days after the attack after all book haram have left. Then they round up young men of fighting age and without questioning or trial and beat them slit their throats and load them onto trucks usually not to be seen again.
    In no way am I disputing this blog’ I visit daily and support 100%. Just curious on this one.
    Is there not Nigerian military in the picture.
    There was a programme on British TV which showed this video along with others and it was the Christian militia and army killing muzzies who they accused of beinng book haram. Which I agree with. Haha. Just wonder in.

  25. It’s simplistic and childish of you to believe that getting rid of all Muslims would end the approach and persecution of the cross.

    Can’t you see that Islam is just another head of the hydra? That there is no true separation except between the children of God and the children of satan? So, as long as satan exists. As long as he works and influences the world. There will be his children. No matter what they call themselves. Whether Muslims, or Communists or though they come to you in garments of brightest light proclaiming themselves sincere Christians. Yes, they come in guise; even as Christians. Yet, they are betrayed one and all by the fruit of their deeds. And the lusts of their father they will do. So, you cannot slay this beast yet. Though you hew from it’s body head after head. But, there comes a time when it will be destroyed.

    That is why it is childish and simplistic to believe that you must kill all muslims so that they will never again rise to kill, steal and destroy as they are now. I show you the truth, that though you kill every Muslim; yet will others called by a myraid of names, rise to take their place. And they(the sons of satan) who go by many names and wear many cloaks. They will kill and steal and destroy. For they serve their father and they do his works.

    So defensive action is acceptable. Genocide, even against Muslims? Fruitless and useless.

    • Jonathan,

      Thank you for your enlightenment…

      I look forward to you showing us the way of least resistance, the ‘Art of Doing Nothing’ by submission.

      You show us how by living example… go before the ‘Jihad Muslims’ and put your head on the ‘Halal’ chopping block.

      Now that simplistic childish action will by your demonstration teach us what not to do.

    • Jonathan, finally someone who knows their doctrine from an actual book and not wikipedia. Thank you for that.
      Marie x

    • @ Jonathan – Thank you for your comments. I am a CHRISTian, and bring up another factor/consideration –

      Satan revels and desires the sacrificial offering of human blood be made to him – and it matters not what the ‘ethnicity’ of those sacrificed is!

      – specifically in the last 4-5 weeks, there has been an exponential increase in the absolute barbarism, viscousness and evil that has occurred – in the Mid-East, which includes North Africa (Somalia Western Sahara)

      – these are Satanic Ritual Blood Sacrifices being knowingly made by the following groups – Hamas / IS / Boko Haram / Al-Qaeda / others? – that are all ‘extremly fundamental followers’ of the false moon-god ‘Allah’ and his lying Satanic prophet Mohammed!

      Satan hates all mankind – but uses whomever he can ‘snare’ with his “wiles”
      (Eph 6:11 | 1 Peter 5:8 – KJV) – is he cleverly and with great and deliberate evil desirous of retribution against not only – the very ‘extremly fundamental followers’ of the false moon-god ‘Allah’ and his lying Satanic prophet Mohammed
      – BUT ALL of the followers of Mohammed?

      “And as it was in the days of Noe, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of man. They did eat, they drank, they married wives, they were given in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark, and the flood came, and destroyed them all.

      Likewise also as it was in the days of Lot; they did eat, they drank, they bought, they sold, they planted, they builded; But the same day that Lot went out of Sodom it rained fire and brimstone from heaven, and destroyed them all.”
      (Luke 17:26-29 – KJV)


      Me thinks that the whole world is becoming ever more and more rapidly ‘as it was in the days of Noah and of Lot’
      – TODAY – RIGHT NOW!

      CHRISTians need to be telling the few lost that will listen – that in this increasingly wicked and evil world that there is hope only in the “free gift” of Biblical Salvation through “the Lord Jesus Christ”!

      “And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.”
      (Luke 21:28 – KJV)

    • So, are you suggesting letting them take over the world while they slaughter or oppress everyone in their way? Just give up and give in to them? Isn’t it the nature of the good to push back against the bad? It isn’t genocide when you push back against the one’s trying to commit genocide. It’s called defense.

  26. You don’t need to be religious to see that killing in the name of a faith is wrong. It’s an excuse for bloodthirsty zealots to get their kicks. Personally I do not believe any god or higher being could see so much suffering and do nothing so it’s all about human kicks and greed/power. If each who shot a bullet also faced a bullet there would be a lot less fired.

  27. I have read these comments here, some have a very good point and some not so good. I am an atheist, there is no way I would believe in an entity that’s called by the name of God, or Jesus. I really don’t care to believe in any of that twaddle anymore, but what I do believe in is justice, these scum that do all these monstrosities to another human being is beyond belief. I have seen videos of these so called warriors of Allah beheading Christians and placing their heads on poles, I have seen the aftermath of women and children being raped. I have seen the bloodshed, I have seen these scum protesting in England calling our guys scum and murderers, calling the police names that does not even need repeating, I have seen these scum attacking people because they are of a different religion. You are all saying one thing that is the same, WHEN ARE WE GOING TO DO SOMETHING!! I know the time is coming when we WILL be doing something, I hate every single damn Muslim I see every day, whether they are man, woman or child. I want to do to them what they have done to so many others, but I won’t lower myself to their level.
    When Lee Rigby was walking along a street in broad daylight, minding his own business and two of these scum ran him down in their car and proceeded to hack him to death in front of a kiddies school, then display his body like a trophy in the middle of the road, it didn’t take long for the media here to find a couple of Muslims to say the usual crap that the Muslim faith is all about peace and harmony, yeah right, I say that is a load of B/S they all read the same bloody book so they are all the same as far as I am concerned. This world should be wiped clean of all Muslim scum.
    I now suffer badly with post traumatic stress, but give me a gun and a couple of grenades and I will stand shoulder to shoulder with any Christian or any other person to defend the honor of any person that take up arms against this cancer that is spreading world wide

    • it is you rick who walks a vain unknown walk into a meaningless abyss. these poor souls are misguided and will pay a faith far greater than they are able to understand, but you rick, the light just goes out and a pain of not of your control sets in. you have time to search for the why, now while you live, but you thrown it away will all wisdom as you hunt in vain for meaning. they pay for what they did, you pay for what you didn’t do, which is a much greater payment. it is better for those of solomon and mornay than you, because the truth was in reach, you fail to even try. you carry the greater dealt…

      • Shove it up your sanctimonious ass sideways Chippy boy! The only people who are allowed to be dissed on this forum are muslims and their leftist enablers. I don’t care if they are Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh, Christian, Jew, Animist, Baha’i, Atheist, Agnostic, or whatever, if they are united in their opposition to Islamic domination and oppression, then they are MY PEEPS! GOT THAT?

    • I respect your right to believe we somehow are a product of time plus matter plus chance londonrick, but if you’re a thinker, which I can see you are, from where do you think our sense of justice comes? I suggest that as an atheist you owe it to yourself and to science to find an honest answer to that question.

      • OzzieMick,

        The history of mankind around the globe over the last ten thousand years in every civilization including primitive tribes evolved their sense of justice with faults, through the constant human question and response in their language, with ideas like… “Is that right?” “Why is that?” “No that’s not right?” “This is what we should do.”

        It is the fundamental essence of human intelligence to question, challenge and seek answers.

        Whether this process of questions evolved through religion, cults or atheism is not the key concern.

        The question and chosen answers is the key focus. Are the selected answers right or wrong? Wise or foolish? True or False? Just or unjust?

        A person does not need to believe in religion to find the right answers and to identify the difference between right and wrong. Einstein and many others throughout history have proven that fact.

        There has always existed caring people for tens of thousands of years that searched for higher understanding and solutions to questions and problems. It is human nature to seek enlightenment.

        Many other animals, not human, have an instinct for caring it is a characteristic in a large percentage of mammals, not all, including many dolphins and whales.

        There is nothing mysterious about this natural instinctive process…it exists and we humans that care naturally use its essence.

        Many atheists like theists and deists do care and do value justice and do treasure humane behaviour and ethical values.

        It is in many persons, human nature, where our instinctive sense of justice comes from.

        Sadly, not all mammals, including many humans possess this caring instinctive quality ‘sense of justice.’

      • Blindingly simple- “Treat others as you want to be treated”

        No religion, no holy book, no science, just plain common humanity- is that too hard for you to understand?

    • you and the islamic jihadist are cousines from satan. read and understand the Holly bible and the Holly quran and see the light so as to reframe from evil thinking. we are witness to how missiles fired at innocent civilians by so called sane powerful nations where millions are killed or maimed. what do you called that . jihadist, murderers or terrorists… Be wary of the power of media to influence public opinion. these guys are bunch of killers organized and funded by the so called powerful nations who have decided to continue their murderous and terrorist acts in disguise.

  28. This is the fulfillment of the prophecy. Real Anti-Christ is the Muslim who fights to destroy God’s people. Western Christian states need to prepare for the war/crusade t save the mankind from the evil.

  29. The stage is being set for WW III. Not a war about land, money or assets but a Religious war.A created war to reduce global population by the UN and the Puppet Masters. The media fails to report such events as they are controlled and funded by these evil doings. Although these killings are appalling they are distanced and obstructed by glossy candy coated events offered by our current media. Once this type of genocide hits England, which it will and they will parish in the Millions only then will the media react. But will it be in the correct way? The World need to wake up and react to Islam. Thou shalt not kill is an open sentence. Defend thy Brother, sister,mother, father, child and neighbor form evil or Deliver us from evil means eliminate the evil by all means including death. A belief that instills death to all non
    believers forbidden. Unacceptable.
    The stage is forming. An unknown person is in control of America. A devout Muslim indeed as the awake, un-blinded have witnessed. The Wrath of God has arrived it is Islam.World peace will only exist when All Muslims and their supporters have been eliminated. Mankind’s reward. Acceptance and love of their bothers. We have fought the battle of evil and won.This will only be done by those who are strong enough to earn. No welfare accept for the elder and and disabled. We were given life to learn, build, grow, and live in harmony. Not everyone can have a house of gold. You have to build it, earn it yourself. If your house turns out to be just mud, and straw, brick, or wood you have done your best and it’s acceptable just remember to appreciate what you have done. You have earned, If possible share your knowledge so those less fortunate can also prosper. Knowledge is greater than a hand out.
    Today the hand out has made many people blind and susceptible to whats really happening. You are being prepared for slaughter and don’t even realize it. Islam is a hand out with a sword. Satan. If you have accepted your gift from Satan be warned you will be consumed by the Great Earth. If we have a soul yours will cease to exist. I am ready and prepared to fight this battle against Evil (Islam).
    Are you?

    • Nah, drones cost money and no Muslim of any persuasion is worth it.
      Lots of old, paid for tactical nukes in the 5 -50kt range available, though.

  30. It is time for GODS People to stand and fight, physically and spiritually. If these bastards from hell accept their ultimate evils, lets send them where they belong, hell!
    If our federal government doesn’t stand with us to put down this evil, then we need a new government. We the people, are the boss. Lets get it together folks.

  31. Silent Arab Spring …. most under reported tragedies …. since Rachel Carson unleashed the mosquitoes ! Monedas 1929 Comedy Jihad Beaucoup Harem World Tour

    • Stop at the Arab Wahhabi ideology ! Stop Uncle Sam with your complicity of america for a few dollars more ! West stop with your appalling silence the horror ! Stop religions and religious !

    • Totally
      I too am astonished that they would leave this out of the reporting. Are they too Timid?

      I say the People of the world need to know and understand that this is not a nice game played by rule of squash. This is life under the mohommedists. It must be brought to the surface so People will understand that From the time of the Crusade, that is about to unfold, All men, women and Children of the mohommedist must and will be destroyed.

      By the way they are eating parts and organs of the slain. Make no mistake. They are, without a doubt, CANNIBALS.
      Bonni this is a point that needs more AIR.

      • I understand the desire for a crusade. A righteous holy war against the murderous cannibalistic hypocrites of Islam. But, don’t be so hasty to call for a crusade. Already you call for the death of over a billion people. Many of them are not with these murderers. Although, all too many of them are. However, who will lead this crusade? The Pope? He’s a heretic!

        You could even have a war against the actual guilty parties. Not a blanket war against all Muslims. A military action defending and helping Christians being slaughtered by the Muslims actually doing these evil things.

        But, look, the luciferian plans from way back have called for a war between Christians and Islam. Then, after countless and untold atrocities; the world will be so disgusted with all religions; they will gladly embrace Atheism. Then Atheism will be shown to be a very bad thing to the people of the world. As the depravities and lawlessness of atheism are unleashed; people will see how bad it really is. That is all part of their plan. When people are good and sick of atheism; they will finally reveal what they have been promoting all along. A new world order. The unabashed, open worship of Lucifer. They will say Christianity was bad, Islam was bad, atheism was bad. Accept Luciferanism. A world culturally bankrupt, devoid of all sense of morality. In fact, a world without any moral compass; because they have been atheist and have cast off all restraints and common decency; will quickly embrace the openly evil worship of Lucifer. They will want to behead anyone who does not serve and worship the new world order. They will say it is for the good of everyone. That if you do not worship Lucifer you are a trouble maker. That the world must unite as one, for there to be peace.

        I am not saying that is what WILL happen. This is just what the Luciferians have been talking about doing for a long time. So, I get immediate warning flags when people start calling for a crusade against Islam. You can even tell me why I am wrong here. Perhaps you know of this Luciferian agenda already?

        • ANYONE who believes in allah and holds firm to the Qur’an is EVIL. Whether they hold a sword or a wallet, they’re both of the same cloth – the mantel of Satan. You can’t have it both ways.

      • Had
        He walks the peaceful walk that is promised but not yet achieved. Time is backward for these people.
        Johnathan, You did not understand what I wrote. A Crusade is coming it is not yet here. However, to blindly exclude certain members of the mohommedist regime it means that you want to repeat this same scenario again and again. All mohommodists read and believe in the Quran. There are two types of mohommedists, Radical mohommedists, and Lazy radial mohommedists. No others. If you have read past blogs that I have posted you will realize these people we cursed by GOD. They pray to Satan. If EVIL has not touched the Children of the mohommedists, The Matriarchs of Israel will judge if they are innocent. Therefore not to be harmed.

      • Jonathan, I don’t know about you, but I could put up with the stench of over a billion rotting muslim corpses. They’ll eventually reach the desiccation stage in a few months time and stop stinking.

        Yea, I know, I’m a cold-hearted sonofabitch, huh?

        • The answer there, Randy, is heavy equipment and lots of lime…. Perhaps shipping their carcasses off to the plains, and using them as fertilizer, may omit the necessity of chemical fertilizers in the future….CYA Monsanto!!!…….lol

  32. My Question is…

    Why are not all of the Western Christian Church leaders both Catholic & Protestant uniting as one ‘Global March Protest Force’ against the mass murder of ‘Eastern Christians’ wherever Islam exists?

    I am gaining the impression that ‘Western Christianity’ as a majority is not too concerned about their brother & sister fellow Christians in the East.

    ‘Silence is Approval.’ ‘Inaction is Approval.’

    The Churches have the money and the power and the congregation support to launch a ‘Christian Freedom Resistance Global March’ to protest and wake up all ‘Western Politicians.’

    As it stands around the world only about 3% of Christians in different independent cell groups are openly and actively opposing ‘Islamization of the West’ head-on.

    I am losing confidence in Christianity as a group, they have given no indication by action that they are willing to fight for fellow Christians around the Globe.

    The below Aussie story indicates how Catholics with ‘feel sorry syndrome’ are fighting for release of ‘Illegal Muslim Children in Detention.’ Never mind that these ‘Illegal Muslim Children’ will grow up hating the Christians that fought to allow them to stay in Australia.

    Never mind that the Catholic Children are being brainwashed- encouraged to protest by Catholic leaders and their foolish parents.

    Never mind what the Koran teaches as an absolute instruction to all Muslims and their children.

    How can Christianity be so dumb?

    Yet these same Christians in the story below, are not doing anything in protest against the cruel mass murder of Christians in Africa, including the Middle East.

    Read this…

    And please Christians in response- no Bible texts… I served 27 years as a Christian before I walked away from Christianity- with good reasons. I know the Bible.

    • WHY? Why haven’t these so-called “Christian Churches taken a united stand against this evil? Simple – THEY’RE CORRUPT. Their only concern is their own enrichment and they couldn’t care less about the injustices that are being perpetrated across the globe. They are hypocrites and apostates of Scripture. Calling themselves “christians” is an insult to Christ.

      Just look at the idols in their fancy buildings. Look at their dogma and try to find where they’re following the Laws of G-d or the teachings of Christ Himself. They live like kings and look down on the poor with pity rather than trying to lift them up.

      I challenge anyone to go to a “priest” and ask him for food. He’ll no doubt send you elsewhere instead of going to his quarters and getting some bread. Test them and you’ll see how apathetic they really are. Go into a church, all dirty and smelling like a yak, extend your filthy hand and watch as they withdraw theirs in fear of contracting “dirt”. They sicken me to no end!

      I attack all recognized so-called “christian” denominations in the same manor. Show me ONE that follows the word STRICTLY, and I mean “word for word”, and I’ll eat my shorts. In my experience, it is ONLY Judaism that does this. While it’s Old Testament bound, the Orthodox still adhere, fervently.

      Religion, today, is but a legal claim to free shit from people that can’t afford shit

      • Hadenoughalready,

        Thank you for your excellent reply. It will be interesting to read what other Christians have to say- we shall stay tuned in.

        Best Wishes,


        • Thanks Allen. I’m sure I’ll get flak for this but I don’t give a damn. It’s true, like it or not. Time has long passed when folks should have questioned their faiths, their churches, their leaders and, most of all, themselves.

          Christ, Himself, said “Keep an open mind”. Luke 8:15 But as for that [seed] in the good ground, it means those who, having listened to the Message with open minds and in a right spirit, hold it fast, and patiently yield a return.

          Regarding Evil:

          Romans 12:9 Let love be without deceit. Be haters of what is evil; keep your minds fixed on what is good. [don’t “deal” with evil – destroy it]
          Regarding Idolatry:

          Exodus 23:13 Take note of all these things which I have said to you, and let not the names of other gods [or Mothers or Saints] come into your minds or from your lips.

          Sorry, Bonni. I needed to clarify and/or substantiate my previous comments with quotes.

          • Hadenoughalready,

            A good response and the wisdom quotes you tabled are valid even for non-Christians.

            I don’t reject wisdom quotes, I only reject emotional lack of logic waffle that is loaded in with quotes.

          • Hadenoughalready,

            Agreed. I enjoy learning from others with pragmatic intelligence.

      • They would probably tell you that God helps those that help themselves or some other Krud like that. Anything to make you feel less human than they think they are. As long as they may keep their 501(C)3 tax status they will do the bare minimum. Disgusting.

      • @Hadenoughalready, are you by chance an atheist , because the ignorance and hatred you are spewing about Christians is something an atheist or muslim would say. Christians are very much involved in helping the community and charity

      • @Hadenoughalready
        Oh dear what a way to turn this into a Christian bashing, and by using the atrocious, cruel evil tactics of the Islamists ON Christians to do it. First of all, we get involved in anything, and we’re told to butt out, am I correct? Atheism has tried silencing us for how long now, telling us our opinions mean nothing and we’re to take our God and shove it. But when Islam goes about on their way, maiming, dismembering, murdering, raping, etc, it’s our fault, because we don’t do anything. Well, not only is that statement false but if you want to find a Christian who follows the word of God, and FOR word as you say then you have to understand, that we are taught that we do not wrestle with flesh, but with the evil spirits that roam about seeking to devour. So what we must do as Christians, is pray, as well as offer financial support ( some of us are not well off like the Vatican, so you know ) but we give what we can, and do what we can, and we also know to pray for the enemy. Please don’t underestimate the power of prayer from the true believer of Christ. We are to reach out to those who are lost, such as these killing machines, because if we can reach them with the love of Christ then Satan loses that soul, and they will be free. Easy? No. Not for us anyway, But for God, nothing is impossible. But our prayers move him to action. You can’t expect us to take up swords, when that is going against what Christ taught but we’re also not taught to be pacifists either. We can and will defend people, should the need arise. We have had protests world wide and we are screaming to our leaders to do something about this. But with the kind of leaders ruling the nations today, it would be similar to appealing to the demons for help. They are part of the problem, not the cure. This is prophecy coming to pass, and we can’t stop it, but we can pray. I’ve contacted my country’s leader, twice on these matters. I’m not the only one, but if they do nothing, then what can we do. You shouldn’t be putting this on us, just because a few so called Christians don’t actually trust in the Lord, but money, and other worldly goods. Followers of Islam are doing this and they, and only they should be held accountable for their actions.

        • Please re-read my comment.
          It’s not the people who mislead the churches but the churches that mislead the people.
          These churches, their leaders and elders, that do nothing but ask that the people pray for G-d to intervene. Yet the sit, counting their coins, drinking the wine of false piety as those “brethren” are being slaughtered by the hundreds. Where is the Vatican? Why haven’t they sent aircraft to help with the evacuations? They have the money – we gave it to them. where are they??? What good is the church when it does no good in a crisis?????????

      • @Allen;
        It amazes me that so many, “Christians”, overlook where Christ, Himself, told Paul (I think) to sell his “purse/robe/what-have-you”, and buy a sword. Now, what could He have meant by that, I wonder… Was it to slice bread with? I think not! It was intended to mean DEFEND YOURSELVES!

        People, in general, like to overlook Christ as being vindictive or vengeful against evil. HaShem ordered that of the Canaanites be slaughtered – man, woman and child. Why was that? Because He hated EVIL.

        I despise fools! Religion, to me, is dogma and has no comparison or relation to “faith”, whatsoever.

        Sorry, Bonni. I had to vent my frustrations on those idiots that liken themselves to something misconstrued. IDIOTS and COWARDS~!

        • Hadenoughalready,

          I usually avoid quoting ‘Bible Texts’ on BNI as I don’t think it is appropriate, however the verses you are referring to is Luke 22: 35-38 The verses leave an open-ended interpretation of what Jesus was thinking. I don’t believe that the verse was written accurately enough to make a reliable judgement of what Jesus thought.

          Luke 22:47-51 tends to negate the earlier verse (35-38) which may or may not imply that Jesus approved of using the sword. But I think Mathew ‘Sermon on the Mount’ negates the idea that Jesus approved of using the sword.

          Frankly, I don’t believe that the ‘Philosophy’ which means ‘Love of Wisdom’ of Jesus was recorded clearly in the New Testament. The scribes that recorded their experiences with Jesus and those that like Timothy that learned about Jesus through Paul recorded what they learned.

          The early Christian Church created the recorded Bible based upon the best information they had about the teachings of Jesus which is no doubt incomplete in accurate understanding.

          Given that the ‘Old Testament’ texts valued by Christians as God’s word does approve of physical fighting against evil, there is no excuse for any Christian that is a true believer not to fight Islam head-on.

          I personally do not believe we need religion to have faith in God and in spiritual values. But everyone has the right to choose what they believe provided they respect other peoples right to disagree.

          Conversion by dictatorship force the way of ‘Anti-Freedom Totalitarian Apartheid Islam’ is not acceptable, not now, not ever.

          The violent Jihad Bully System of Islam as instructed in the insidious Koran must be banned by whatever degree of force is necessary… Starting as a 1st step, with the abolition of ‘Blasphemy Law’ followed by the permanent expulsion of all Muslim Clerics from the Western World. Until that happens Islam shall continue to expand as an evil danger to ‘Liberty.’

          There shall be no peace whilst Islam exists- the Koran bans the existence of peace.

          Scientific evidence exists which proves that the Koran is a very fallible book and is not perfect in any which way.

          I agree with you that fixed dogma religion has no comparison or relationship with spiritual faith.

          We clearly do not need organised religion to simply believe in God and good values.

          And we do by natural right have the survival right to fight against those persons that are hell-bent on destroying our right to live free.

          It is clear beyond a shadow of a doubt that God gave us the right to ‘Freedom of Choice.’ How we use that right for good or evil is what defines us.

          I have nothing but contempt for any Dhimmi that meekly submits to Islam.

          It is better to die free, than to live under the yoke of tyranny.

          • It’s been a long time since I was “versed” in Scripture so I’ll accept your quotes over my mistakes without objection.
            That said, the current book, we call the Bible, was “edited” by Constantine so, you’re quite correct in implying its’ inaccuracy or, rather, incompletion. What’s missing, we’ll never know. We’ll just have to take what we have, like the generations before us, and live with it.
            Seems like we’re on the same page with the rest of your remarks. People, in general, are fools if they think, for one second, that they have to stand there and take this slaughter without so much as raising a finger in self-defense. Morons do this. Not even an animal would do this; sans a loyal dog. Even then you’d get bit and it would run.
            Only fools would throw themselves at the mercy of these satanic reptiles and still call themselves “Christians”. Christ, Himself, would rebuke them as cowards and fools.
            As for other “religions”…I don’t give a damn if you want to worship sea-foam. Good for you. Just keep it to yourself and leave me the hell alone.
            Any “religion” that requires en-“forcement” is a cult. “Faith”, on the other hand, is tangible ONLY to the believer and that’s the way is should be kept.

    • There is no excuse as for one send out these bulletins to a large number of Bishops here in the UK. Their silence is deafening.

    • Allan, Had
      Both are correct. The Christians have fallen for the easy route. “I believe so I am saved”, “I am born again, I am Saved” “Rapture is coming, I will not be here when the Evil spreads and destroys mankind.”, “Turn the other cheek” These platitudes are what get the Christians in trouble. They really believe in them Why? They sound Easy. They are lulled to sleep and think that sitting and waiting for Prophecy that they will not have to commit and violence to protect anything.
      You wonder why the Churches are under siege? They have brought this on themselves. Starting with Lindon Banes Johnson, while he was a A sitting Senator. He brought got a bill passed that forbid Churches the right to endorse a political party or person. They chose to close their mouths and surrender their freedom of speech. It has been down hill ever since.
      If you examine all the above platitudes you will see each has it’s merits in being nice, however; nice is not the game. Obeying GOD is. Destroying Evil is. Wake up and get off the fence. .He will spew you out of his mouth. He dislikes TEPID. Remember your verses. Also GOD told Israel to place their spears by the door at the ready. He did not say burn them.
      To me this says Kill the Enemy. No Quantifying, no hand wringing, no mercy. He will handle all that when he judges them.

    • The leftists in the west will not respond because they dont want Muslims to take offense. Can you imagine if in the 1930s and 40s, the western powers were afraid to stand up to Hitler, out of fear that Nazis might take offense?

    • You walked away from Christ, and now taking swipes at Christians for not “doing anything” because that’s what you believe? I pity you for denying the Lord, especially with prophecy unfolding before our eyes, so clearly you don’t the know Bible, nor Islam for that matter, Because if you did, you would know that Islam is the problem here, not the Christians. Atheists, and I assume you are one now? are always looking for that extra excuse to insult and attack the Christians. Why? Because we won’t cut your head off? Many Christians around the world are doing all they can to get these sleeping leaders to wake up. The devil is at work now, and our prayers are needed more than ever. But you turned on Christ, who is coming back soon and for what? Maybe you could do more to help instead of accusing us of not caring for those going through this horrible time. I’m not for the release of those illegals, I am dead against it. I don’t even want Islam anywhere near this country, or the world for that matter. But we Christians are the baddies, yes I know I know. Never anyone else hey. I pray you turn back to Christ and I pray you stop judging others.

      • Jo Bless,

        Your emotional response indicates to me overreaction. You have not answered my questions nor identified why so many Christians are refusing to join the ‘Freedom Resistance’ in their Nation.

        Yes there are a small percentage of Christians in the ‘Freedom Resistance’ in every Nation but not many. The majority are not getting involved.

        Praying is a good process for guidance but it will not stop the expansion of Islam.

        As for approaching leaders there is only one way to win- and that is as a united ‘Freedom Resistance’ organisation.

        No… I am not Atheist, Deist or Theist.

        No… where in my remarks does it suggest that I turned against Jesus- that idea was invented by your emotional overreaction to my comments.

        I walked away from Christianity- not from Jesus.

        I am not insulting Christians in my previous remarks- they were questions that need answers. And I got them from you absolutely emotional and negative.

        The link I tabled is a very serious concern- Islam does not give a damn about Christian kindness. If you are not for those illegals then it implies you reject what the Catholics are doing encouraging children to accept Muslim Children illegals into Australia.

        I am a member of two ‘Freedom Resistance Groups in Australia’ and as BNI knows I am actively involved in helping the global fight to stop Islam even at my age of near 66 years. And many BNI readers are linked also in direct communication with me.

        Are you a member of the ‘Freedom Resistance?’ If so which group in what Nation?

        If the only way to stop Islam is by putting the boot into all Dhimmis to wake them up, then I will do it. And I don’t care who I offend.

        I will condemn apathy & cowardice if that is the only way to wake people up.

        There is a time to pray & a time to fight.

        Millions of Christians & Jews & Hindus & Bahai Faith and others have been murdered by Islam over the last 1400 years Christ did not come back to save them. If Christ does come back it won’t be to stop Islam.

        God gave us ‘Freedom of Choice’ and expects us to stop Islam- if we refuse to by majority, stand against Islam; we will get what we deserve and Islam shall win.

        The Freedom Resistance movement ‘Britain First’ supports Christianity and they are out on the streets not worrying about who they offend- they are fighting for ‘Freedom.’

        And so is the ‘Australian Party for Freedom.’

        What are you doing?

      • “My Question is… Why are not all of the Western Christian Church leaders both Catholic & Protestant uniting as one ”

        Can you not read or are you simply reacting without thought? Allen said, basically, the same thing I did yet you’ve conveniently obfuscated the context. We both said “LEADERS”. Got that now? Shall we draw pictures?

        Sorry Al, this Jo pissed me off.

      • Allan
        A point that you have missed in your message. I agree Christ is not coming back to destroy Islam. One Islam is already dead. Two Satan has place a veil over Christian eyes and it is now being lifted. Three mohommedism is only one of the reasons Christ is to return. Evil has been given a fertile field to grow .Mankind has lost their way.
        Mankind made it very apparent to GOD that they did not want HIM in their everyday doings. Now HE is no going to let EVIL triumph whether it is mohommedism, [Satan’s minions] or Satan himself, with a additional verity of other reasons why he must return and destroy the EVIL.
        GOD never does anything on a singular basis. Multiply reasoning is necessary to keep from losing your sanity.
        So when the Messiah does return there will be all kinds of death. You are correct you me and many others in the world will stand against all the Evil, not just mohommedists. All of it. mohommedism is a symptom, not the complete disease.

    • As a Christian I don’t want to go outside the Father’s leading. Has He called me to stand up against all these atrocities? No, but it grieves my spirit and it makes me long for His kingdom to come even more. He will come and He will bring an end to it. And it may not be the way in which people think. He will come into His church before He comes for his church. Don’t you know you are the temple of the living God? It is not in us to battle (in our own strength), but when He fills us with His Spirit, then we can do mighty things by his leading. So we wait…even greater works we will do than what Jesus did, that’s what He said.

      • Mrs M,

        I am sure that most of the Christians that were cruelly raped, beheaded and buried alive in the Middle East over the centuries including those viciously murdered during the last few months all naively believed what you believe.

        I wonder how you will feel when you have to face such a horrible death?

        Islam is rapidly expanding across the West- what is happening in the Middle East is coming our way; your submission position suggests it’s okay with you if your children and grandchildren all suffer the fate of cruel deaths at the hands of ‘Jihad Muslims.’

        The words you table is typical of the kind of naïve Christian beliefs that I have been hearing for decades.

        I don’t trust weak minded submissive people. I don’t trust cowards.

        If you are not strong standing true as a warrior against Islam you are not worth a damn.

        As I said above in other comments… God is not coming to stop Islam. God gave us ‘Freedom of Choice’ and expects us to stop Islam.

        Look at the bible texts tabled by ‘Hadenoughalready’ and rethink.

        Every Christian that refuses to stand united with the ‘Global Freedom Resistance’ against Islam is a Dhimmi and not worth a damn to the ‘Resistance’ or to Islam.

        No one wants Dhimmis! Not even God wants Dhimmis. God expects every person to reject evil head-on. No Christian will be accepted by God if they submit to the evil of Islam by doing nothing.

        “No resistance is submitting to evil.”

        The World is now divided in two – “For Islam or Against Islam.”

        There is no neutral position- no one can sit on the fence.

        Mrs M…you said…

        “As a Christian I don’t want to go outside the Father’s leading. Has He called me to stand up against all these atrocities? No…

        “…when He fills us with His Spirit, then we can do mighty things by his leading. So we wait…”


        That explains why Christianity is in a state of decline and is gradually being wiped out…waiting, doing nothing, dreaming of doing mighty things, waiting but still doing nothing.

        I will stand strong with every Christian that is an active member of the ‘Global Freedom Resistance’ but if you are not willing to fight- then as far as I am concerned Islam can have you.

        Cowards are not worth a damn and all deserve the ‘White Feather.’

      • your words are of one who has been truly enlightened by Yeshua.
        we are nothing, and if we die in our faith He will gives us what he promised.
        I too am weary in spirit with all that’s happening on this earth but when you have given yourself to him you have nothing to fear , not even death .

        greetings from Cd. Juarez, Mexico!

  33. If civil authority breaks down here in the US, are we going to have to form armed groups to go out and hack up muslims and their leftist cronies’ body parts?Particularly media types and regime officials! Is that what it is going to take? A bloody, reactionary, right wing reign of terror?

    Tit for tat? God I hope not, but……………..

  34. These Christians are martyrs. The Islamists are murderers whom god will judge. These things are a fulfillment of end times prophecy. We are very close to some big events. I hope we are all ready.

    • Indeed, the African Christians suffering at the hands of Boko Haram are martyrs in every sense of the word. The Islamic definition of martyrdom is a perversion of the vilest kind. The muslim ‘martyr’ gains his martyrdom by dying whilst committing the vilest of inhumanities against his fellow man, often against women and children as we currently see in Nigeria and Iraq.

      The Christian and Jewish martyrs by contrast died for not renouncing their faith during times of extreme persecution by Roman authorities. many Buddhist monks protested against oppression by self-immolation. (Thank God they’re burning mosques instead of themselves in Burma.) The Sikh martyr often met his/her fate defending the downtrodden from subjugation from the forces of evil, even when the people they were defending were of a different faith than Sikhism, i.e. protecting Hindus from Islamic subjugation, or by fighting and dying by the thousands in the trenches of the Western Front for King and Country in World War I, and the Sikh RAF pilots who helped defeat Hitler’s Luftwaffe at the Battle of Britain in World War II. Many of these heroic martyrs were volunteers that came out of Punjab rather than conscripts because they knew Hitler had to be defeated. The remarkable thing is that this was during the era of the Indian independence movement.

      Muslims think martyrdom is only a muslim thing and they have perverted the concept and indeed the reality of real martyrdom into an orgy of death for non-muslim others simply out of quran-ordained bloodlust. Then to beat all, they call it a defensive act against those who (in their twisted view) are out to ‘attack’ islam. If you think it is bad now, wait until the offensive stage begins with the establishment of the caliphate and it’s acceptance by most muslims (ISIS?)

  35. Calm down everyone. Don’t worry, the UNHRC will be right with you – just as soon as they’re done investigating Israel for defending itself. (sarc off)

    I shake my head in disgust at the foot-and-knuckle-dragging the UN is doing to confront this evil. This should take away any doubt as to the UN’s stance on islamic jihad, and it’s minions, perpetrating the most heinous acts of barbarity since the Nazis in their death camps.
    The assholes, flying the planes in 9/11, struck the wrong building/s. They should have struck the UN Complex – the REAL EVIL.

  36. Western leaders and media are responsible before God for telling the truth about Islam. That barbarism and satanic atrocities of infidels is taught in the Quran and mosques.

    Western leaders have a responsibility to heavily arm Christians and Yazidis who are under constant attack by muslim savages obeying the Quran.

    Western leaders are guilty of constantly financing arming and training muslim terrorists when instead they should be financing arming and training the hundreds of thousands of Islam’s victims. GOD HELP THE WORLD’S INFIDEL INNOCENTS!

      • Don’t worry WildChild – we are, and He will !!! And when He does, a thousand years of peace will begin, for our God is the God of armies and a mighty fortress !!! At the name of Jesus, EVERY knee will bow and EVERY tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father !!! Meantime, we try to love our enemies (as hard as that is), and do good to those who hate us, and bless those who curse us, and pray for those who ill-treat and spitefully use us. If you love those who love you, what credit is that to you ? Even ‘sinners’ do that. Then we will be sons and daughters of the Most High, because He is kind to the ungrateful and wicked. To the others on this blog – do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven. Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye ?

        • Andrew,

          Clearly you are naïve… your response leaves me with this thought…

          “Another believer willing to put his head on the ‘Halal’ chopping block, without resistance.”

          No wonder Christianity is experiencing a gradual global decline.

          Only a valiant few true Christians are supporting the ‘Freedom Resistance’ against ‘Islamization of the World.’

          You need to rethink.

  37. the circle start with the Christians and is go to close with the Christians. i think that is a sign of the end times

  38. We must take the head off of boko haram now. The Christians in Nigeria will have to go vigilante and form their own brigades if the Nigerian army is a bunch of cowards. Go down fighting rather than to surrender to sure execution.

  39. Oh, I am so sad over this. These poor Christians. I am so sorry, my heart is breaking over this. Obama will not step in,being a Muslim himself. Some President. I have never called him President Obama.

  40. What’s going on here ? Does no one in the news say anything because this is Africa ? or is it because the victims are Christians ? Is it because all the killers and victims are black ? is that why there is no account of this on our “usually honest” news ?

    Is Obama ignoring this because the killers are fellow muslims ?

    Where is the “Oh So Concerned” U.N. ? Why are they silent ? Is it because the dead are Christians and the members of all their important posts are muslims ?

    Anybody have an answer ? ANYBODY ? ? ?

      • Reporting on the evils perpetrated by islamic terrorist might be seen as racist , the far left has insinuated itself in the western world and the only proper things to condemn now are wicked acts committed by white people , and any form of nationalism .

  41. OMG this needs to get spread around more. I posted it to my blog if thats ok. I agree where is Obama while so many Christians are being slaughtered. Its just another example of how Obama feels about Christians. He doesn’t want to go against his Muslim beliefs that all non believers must either convert or die.