FRANCE: Bardot in a bikini vs Baghead in a garbage sack at the beach


The French UMP (mainstream right) MP Nadine Morano posted this photo montage on her web page and described the scene she recently witnessed where the photo below was taken. “France is a secular state: It is to love, to respect its culture and women’s rights, and anyone who doesn’t like that should go live somewhere else!”

Nadine Morano  Le Figaro Magazine devotes its front page and a story to our national icon Brigitte Bardot. This image of a country proud of its freedom of women while France has suddenly struck me as a contrast with the scene that took place before my eyes, on a beach in France, there a few days ago, is striking and challenges.

Muslim women on the beach

I took this photo myself in a public place but where no one is identifiable. Under a hot sun, on a beach in France, crowded with holiday makers in swimsuits, a couple arrived. The man was wearing shorts and a short sleeve shirt along with a fully dressed Muslim woman, a long-sleeved tunic, trousers and face-covering veil. Within minutes, the man had stripped down to his swimsuit showing off a great body, while the woman sat fully dressed in a burqa-like garment, quietly on the sand.


He walked alone to the sea. Glad to enjoy a good swim, he spoke to his soft subject that seemed alone surrounded by body beachwear, signs of the hand.  He is therefore entitled to undress and swim in comfort. But not his female companion. She cannot be trusted nor can the men around her. If she dares show an inch of bare skin, all the men  will want to rape her. And we can’t have that, can we?

At the sight of this scene, one can not help but feel an attack on our culture  in terms of gender equality or in this case, inequality.


But these people chose to come come to France, rule of law, secular laws, and they must respect our culture and the freedom of women. When Frenchmen move to a Muslim country, they are rightly expected to respect and abide  by Muslim laws and customs. And so it should be when Muslims come to France. Yet, it isn’t.


In France, women have the right to vote, the freedom to work without the permission of their husbands, the freedom to open a bank account, drive a car, wear pants, abortion, contraception , etc … Even if the road is still long including equal pay, I measure the difficult struggle that remains to be done for other women in the world, oppressed and submissive. We must help them and report abuses of male domination and to be tough when she lives in France!


Muslims who live in France must live like the French and enjoy all the freedoms that we enjoy. France is not a religious state but you are free to practice your religion as you please…within limits.,,above all respecting our laws.

And if you don’t like our laws and our culture, then you should go and live somewhere else!