ISLAMIC STATE (ISIS) vows to wipe United States off the map

The Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist group has vowed to erase the United States “off the map” as it denies it had “lost power” following American air strikes.


ITV  In a statement, the group said the US will be “erased soon by the caliphate knights”.

The Roman dog only pushed his air force in a new mess,and entered an alliance with the Kurds to commit the stupidity he has yet to awake from!

Apparently this idiot forgot the Iraq swamp where tens of thousands of crusaders were exterminated and tens of thousands injured years ago.

Not to mention the economic losses and financial crisis that nearly erased the United States off the map; and it will be erased soon by the caliphate knights.

Gateway Pundit  A photo posted to Twitter on Saturday by a supporter of the terrorist group the Islamic State (aka ISIS or ISIL) shows a cellphone screen with a large image of the black flag of jihad being held up so the White House is seen in the background. The Twitter account @mhajr93 posted the image.


ISLAMIC STATE also claimed responsibility for a Kurdish helicopter crash which killed the pilot and injured a US journalist and an Iraqi member of parliament. Reporters near Mosul Dam say “fierce fighting” is ongoing in the area, as Kurdish forces – backed by US air strikes – continue with their offensive to retake the strategic facility.

Earlier this week The Gateway Pundit reported on ISIS’ vow to one day “raise the flag of Muhammad in the White House.”

Rep. Frank Wolf (R-Va.) told Newsmax TV on Friday he is concerned Americans fighting with ISIS overseas could bring their jihad back to the United States:

““There are over 115 Americans, American citizens with passports, who are part of ISIS, and there are several thousand Europeans from France, from England, from Germany, from Scandinavian countries, who are fighting with ISIS,” Wolf said on “America’s Forum.” “In fact one of them who went over to fight was from Florida, came back, went back, said hateful things on the Internet, and was killed in a suicide bombing. So this has potential to come to the homeland.””

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