NYC: PRO-HAMAS supporters deface the Manhattan Bridge with Palestinian flag of hatred against Jews


In the latest breach of security on New York City bridges, a large banner in the colors of the Palestinian flag was hanging on the south edge of the East River span, reading ‘Boycott,’ ‘Divest,’ ‘Sanction.’ It reads ‘Gaza in our hearts’ in the center.

JP Updates (h/t Deborah M)  Pro Palestinian protesters marching in solidarity with Hamas tweeted the following photo of a massive pro-Gaza and pro-BDS banner hanging down the Manhattan Bridge in New York City. the huge banner read, “Gaza. Boycott Divestment Sanctions.”

Cops immediately removed the flag and were investigating to determine who displayed it. No arrests were reported.


Some hundred Muslim and Leftist Hamas sympathizers were marching across the Brooklyn Bridge chanting, “from Ferguson to Palestine occupations has got to go”, “”we are young, we are strong, we are marching all night long”, “Resistance is justified from Ferguson to Palestine” and “From the river to the sea Palestine will be free.”

The protesters also called mayor Bill de Blasio “our darling progressive mayor who hasn’t said a word about the massacre in Gaza,” according to NY Times reporter Vivian Yee. (DeBlasio is a strong supporter of Israel)


Councilman David Greenfield expressed his outrage at this act of hate. “It is certainly the constitutional right of a handful of New Yorkers to support Hamas terrorists at their march today. However, they have no right to fly an anti-Semitic flag from the bridge,” Greenfield told JP. “I am disappointed that the NYPD did not stop this hateful act.”

Reached for a comment, the NYPD said they are taking this “very seriously,” and have assigned investigators to find those responsible for the act. Police also said that while the idea of hanging the banner over the bridge might have been taken from the white flag incident on the Brooklyn bridge, the two are not related.