United Arab Emirates (UAE) blames Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan for creation of Islamic State (ISIS)

The newspaper al-Halixh published in UAE, claimed that terrorist groups, mainly ISIS, who have put in targeting Syria and Iraq, are oriented by the Turkish National Intelligence Service.


Mediaelire via Friends of Syria  The newspaper al-Halixh, in writing editorial entitled “Pandora’s Box Turkish” , said that terrorist groups are used to gather Turkish lands, to realize arming and enabling the transition in Syria and that the process observed by Turkish National Intelligence Service.

The newspaper al-Halixhe which blames Turkey with playing a destructive role in order disposing of the Arab states, claiming that Turkey interferes in neighboring states by groups linked to al-Qaeda, which supports groups while trying to non- neighboring countries establish sovereignty by the Muslim Brotherhood using Islamic slogans.


The newspaper, which states that because of government policies that follow, the Turkish lands have taken the form of a land that terrorist organizations use to move to other states, invites Arab and Western countries to throw important steps towards this tw last.

At the end of the article where the quote from the number 2170 decision of the United Nations (UN) issued to attempt to ISIS it and similar organizations, said that the Justice and Development Party of Turkey has become a ‘Trojan Horse’ for terrorists and the Pandora’s box which in Greek mythology is filled with evil.