Well, duh…”Was my wife attacked at an Indiana Walmart because she was wearing black garbage bag?”

UnknownAs a husband, he wants to know why. Why would someone walk up behind his Muslim wife in a burqa in a crowded public space in a safe community and hit her with a blow that, although violent, left the couple with more questions than actual pain. Was it because of the traditional Muslim clothing she wore that day?

Indy Star  “What was he thinking?” the husband, Abdelhakim Ejjair, said as we talked recently. “Does he hate Muslims? I just want know what was in his head. What was the reason?” (YES, he hates Muslims)

Bouchra Bahda
Bouchra Bahda

As Ejjair sat in his Far-Westside apartment Tuesday, his wife, Bouchra Bahda, on the couch nearby, he recalled details of the incident that took place a few weeks ago. The couple had just left the Walmart store when they realized they had forgotten to buy something on their shopping list. Bahda returned to the store while her husband loaded the car and watched over their children, ages 5 and 6. That’s when it happened. Near the entrance, on a day when many customers were entering and exiting the store, a young man zeroed in on Bahda and, from behind, struck her with a hard down swipe on the shoulder.

“She got mad — really, really mad,” Ejjair said, translating for his wife, 42, who speaks Arabic and French but only limited English. “This has never happened to her in her life.” (Better go back to Morocco)


Ejjair and his wife are natives of Morocco and have permanent resident status in the United States. He moved here in 1998, hoping to get a college degree in engineering, but has worked in food service at a Downtown hotel since arriving, often holding other jobs on the side to pay the bills. Bahda joined him after they married in 2007. Their experience here has been positive, they say.

With the exception of that recent afternoon. Ejjair saw the assault and raced from the family’s car, confronting the young man, who immediately asked if the older man wanted to fight. A slight of frame 48-year-old, Ejjair said he almost took the assailant up on the offer. (But he didn’t have the usual gang of Muslim thugs with him, so he decided not to)

Instead, he pulled out his mobile phone and called police. The man fled, stopping to talk with a group in a red pickup truck before leaving the parking lot. A Wal-Mart surveillance video, police say, corroborates the story, but the suspect has not been located.


For the Far-Westside couple, the incident left deep concerns. As we talked, Bahda left the room and reemerged dressed just as she was that Wednesday afternoon. She was observing Ramadan at the time and walked into Wal-Mart wearing a long black garbage bag, called an abaya, and a head scarf, a hijab. Why, she asked, would that make anyone mad? (Because it represents Islamic supremacism and everything that disgusts Americans about Islam)

At the Plainfield-based Islamic Society of North America, communications director Edgar Hopida said the incident was an aberration in a region that traditionally has been open to a growing Muslim population that has settled most heavily on the Westside of Indianapolis. (Get used to it. As the Muslim population continues to explode so will the backlash against them)

“I’m shocked this would happen in a town like Avon, a place with very low crime,” he said. “It’s a very peaceful community.” (That’s before Muslims started their invasion of America, aided and abetted by Barack Hussein Obama)