EGYPTIAN feminists defecate in the nude on Islamic State (ISIS) flag (WARNING: Graphic)

Apparently, Arab media have banned the photo’s publication because because the words ‘There is no God but Allah’ are printed on the ISIS banner.


Liveleak  Aliaa Magda Elmahdy , a well known Egyptian social activist and blogger posted a photo to Facebook Saturday of herself and another unidentified women defecating and menstruating on an Islamic State flag while in the nude, in what appears to be a protest against the Islamist terror group’s recent advances in northern Iraq and Syria. Elmahdy did not specify why she posted the photo, though past controversies suggest that she was opposing the Islamic State terror group’s brutally restrictive and misogynistic ideology.

In the image, the 23-year-old feminist is seen facing the camera, while the other woman, dressed in a black hijab, has her back towards the viewer. Two presumably plastic machine guns are in the background, and the veiled woman is holding up her middle finger. The letters IS are inscribed on Elmahdy’s stomach and on the second woman’s bottom.



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  1. Here is an idea. isis flag toilet paper would sell very well exspecially if it is bound like a certain green book.

  2. this is islam religion
    this things that we are seeing killing and beheading and whatever the crime is this shows the pure and real Islamic religion its not new its from the past we used to read and see what Islamist do in the past and in Saudi Arabia also its the same nothing have been changed so don’t be surprised too much
    when Muhammad concurred Spain he do the same the lakes water was red because of the blood
    i have one thing to say : for all Muslims if u as a reader wont this to happen don’t say this is not Islam or what they are doing is out of Islam but say i don’t wont to be Islam because whatever they are doing (isis) is written down somewhere in the quran go and make research

  3. Islam is viewed from the wrong angles. This is what is happening here. Come out of here and challenge Hizbut Tahrir. They are very transparant. You csn just go freely to their offices.

  4. Why is it dat only one religion has spread havoc around d world! Are the prophet’s words do difficul to interpret dat they hsve all been twisted

  5. I love the girl on the right is holding up her middle finger. As if the blood and crap isn’t enough. LOL.

  6. This is absolutely fantastic! Some companies should come forward to make sanitary napkins and bum wipes with that mumbo jumbo printed on that shitty flag.

  7. Very good move! I congratulate you and say KEEP IT UP from ROMANIA! FUCK ISLAM AND ISIS! It’s a perverted sick and murderous shit religion! I’d say islam=SATAN’S RELIGION! no “NORMAL GOD” would encourage its believers to do the shit muslims do!

  8. I’m not convinced this is an effective form of protest, but seeing as Aliaa has put her private parts on public display I’m happy for her that she, unlike many of Egyptian sisters, escaped the FGM knife!

  9. We Hindus gave u place to live . place to practice . and what u gave us is violence and started converting peace loving Hindus to ill logical Islam . do u understand that your mecca and Medina were Hindu temples dedicated to God Shiva before they were destroyed by so call prophet and his bunch of yo yos . I can provide facts so don’t dare to deny this

    • You are quite correct, the Jews also had a large enclave at Medina and they sheltered and fed muhomoed, then he murdered them all. Thats what his followers are doing today, exactly what he told them to do. The lefty’s are just way too stupid to see it.

      • Leftists understand perfectly well what’s going on. They’re consciously allied with Muslims against a common enemy that is the Western tradition, the nexus of which is Judaism.

  10. Have to admitt that she truly does not fear reprisal from ISIS. Very gutsy woman. Makes me wonder if these radicalists aren’t working hard to find them and us for their orange jumpsuits…….HMmmmmm?.

    • I would blow my brains first instead of ending up on ISIS disgusting retarded muslim hands!But I am ready to say she will be just fine in the future! The world is against ISIS and this will be even more obvious as time goes by!

  11. We in a civilized country of the USA with the most stupid leader known still supported by the chronically stupid can not fathom the courage of both these women and the one without a mask we should pray that she makes her next birthday as she is now at the top of the list of the religious Islamics’ targets. Sad truth is that woman who risks everything has been put in the position of doing what one we elected President should do but won’t even though he risks nothing and would be speaking the truth. Hey, Obama, you claim to believe in women’s rights even though you support those who are the most rabidly misogynist radicals known on this planet while you create discord for Christians in the USA talking about their “War on Women! Churchill spoke of the relationship of rabies to the Islamics and that rabid misogyny is a hallmark of their behavior which is similar to rabid dogs!
    I believe as an absolute truth that civilized countries have an obligation to protect their societies from those who like a cancer seek to kill their democratic systems! The religious Muslims with their Sharia ideology are like terminal cancer! We need to send these people back to where they can live under systems of their own creation and have an obligation to grant these women and the Christians, etc who the Sharia Islamics want to kill amnesty! Why don’t Obama and these Dhimmi leaders of the West seek amnesty for Sharia Islam’s potential victims over there instead of making excuses for the human cells of the cancer over here who want to make our societies like those over there?

  12. Almahdy is a very gutsy women. I love her style even if it is a bit shocking. She is in grave danger and I pray for her safety.

  13. By this type of your act, no effect on any muslim or ISLAM which is great religion who knows and who understand ISLAM, as find examples in your own peoples who accepted ISLAM and become a MUSLIM and save ownself in this world as well as after this world, Although i was not interest to comment but all you need to see good way. still I pray, May Allah give to you power of right thinking. Ameen….. I proud to be Muslim and Pakistani. Alhamdulillah. ISLAM Zindabad, Pakistan Zindabad.

    • And I pray that a thousand pigs walk with dirty feet on your and all muzzratz graves ~ Daesh! Islam is not a religion, but a filthy cult ~ your “Allah” was a pedophile that married Aisha at only 6 and had sex with her when she was only 9! What other religion in this world have rules on what to do with animals and infants that you have sexually abused?? Filthy muzzratz all of you!

      • Get your facts correct if you want your comments to be valid, accepted and respected. It was NOT Allah that did that. It was Mohammed. A human. A person.. Mohammed was the prophet in which they say came from their god. Allah is that god/spirity.. Not a man. You may not care but if you want anything you say to be valid and listened to then don’t be so ignorant. And by ignorant i mean it in it’s correct definition meaning uninformed or unknowing. Nothing you say will be considered anything more than one of the other many million of idiots flaming on the internet like anyone else if you can’t get the most important and yet very basic common known simple facts correct. In Islam no one considers Mohammed a god or even the son of their god. He was believe to be just a human man who was a prophet of their god. I am not a Muslim and have no respect for the violent actions of Islam radicalist but if you want ANYONE to listen to you, then you have to get the most simple basics correct.

        • you want me to stay silent as you ridicule my religion ? i am Muslim and i am against daich or ISIS these guys see Islam in a very twisted and wrong way ,do you relise that the prophet you are making fun of said that a time will come when fitna ( people who say they are muslims yet hey are not and they kill people in the name of islam) will come ? did you know he said that before the day of judgement this will befall the earth ? if our religion was really that bad , why would many non Arabic people became muslims if they think this is a terrorising one ???

          • nou, you are wasting your time here. And because you insist on annoying us with your islamic drivel, I am banning you. I see you are in France. Will be looking forward to your next attack there.

    • I Pray to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, that you sick people dont Rot in Hell with your so called religion, that was made up 1400 years ago, by a sick murderous man you call a Profit. I pray for you because you know no better. You People are living proof of the Devil hard at work!

    • OK, give me one good thing in Islam supported by surah from the Koran. Now, I warn you that I have studied the Koran in its original language Arabic. and experienced the horrible Islam personally.
      Please, in order to have an intellectual discussion, do not use the Islamic taakkya (lies and deception).

    • You live because of a evolving planet not a single man and your luck is your own not determined by a mythical man who lives in the sky. Doe you not realise the only reason we belive in gods is because we used to belive tha sun was god use your mind your living in the past

  14. A few extremists around the world are most likely not happy. Rather than the flag I would have hoped ISIS leaders were underneath them.

  15. Please God take Islam, extreme Muslims like ISIS, or extremist to a place where they change their minds about people of the world. God Bless the USA and God Bless and watch over every person on earth that respects other’s religion’s. Love conquers everthing, that is what My Lord Jesus Christ has taught me.

  16. The british people want jihad also … Against islam , we can quite happily send you to your virgins .
    Fuckin islam muppets
    Fuck you and fuck your silly beliefs
    The uk hates you
    Nuf said

  17. Hi there, I hate Islam and I hope that it falls. It talks about this in revelation which I am reading right now. Basically the anti-Christ rises from the easy and moves west. isn’t This what is happening right now? Is this not the anti Christ ? with the rape and slaughter of children, the Famine and Rations that are happening in these (countries)? I think this threat is real my fellow Christians and I think it needs to be exterminated/eradicated completely. Your Dear Friend Charlie Sheen

      • The acceleration of events over the last fortnight are certainly an indicator that this is not just one rogue group but a carefully orchestrated campaign to establish Islamic dominance and overthrow western governments. it might now not be a matter of dealing with the terrorists, but in more extreme measures against muslims in general. I can see, unless action is taken by governments, vigilante groups in western cities taking the law into their own hands.

        • Then you see correctly, ariel. Western governments will do little to nothing to stem this tide. In fact, I see them as actively assisting them in a determination to bring this world under sharia law. The NWO, once “thought” a conspiracy, is now a REALITY in the making.

    • Mr. Sheen, I don’t know which “version” of the Bible you are reading the “Book of Revelations” from, but you are basically correct. This is, obviously, part of the prophecies which are in the book. It is the “ethnic cleansing”, to use a politically correct term, of the Christians and Jews that is the “direct” correlation to Revelations. And yes, THIS THREAT IS VERY REAL. People in America need to wake up to this because Isis militants are already in the U.S.! But your not going far enough with what “Revelations” is referring to. The famine and “ethnic cleansing” of Christians and Jews is to happen AROUND THE WORLD, not just the middle east. I agree with you that Isis and Hamas need to be STOPPED! But the current morons in D.C. are NOT going to do it! Nor will any other country. If you are brave and honest and can keep your “emotions” under control, you CAN still find the REAL TRUTH pertaining to WHY the D.C. morons are not STOPPING THESE satanic barbarians. Don’t believe they are “SATANIC”? Here is one quote from an ISIS murderer: “We are going to BREED OUT the BLOND HAIR AND BLUE EYES of the Christians” that inhabit Syria, Iran, Iraq, and AFGHANISTAN!! And I sure, EVERY WHERE ELSE they find those GENETICS!! WHY? Do your own research!! You may not like the answer, BUT, at least you will know TRUTH! I implore you, Mr. Sheen, FIND OUT THE WHOLE TRUTH! Your getting “warmer” but, as “they” say, you need to go down the rabbit hole or take the “red pill” and discover the TRUE “matrix”. Keep YOUR “emotions” in check! That is one of “their” BEST TOOLS! I believe it is the essence of the “blue pill” GOOD LUCK!

      • And do your words sound familiar ? Hitler wanted to erraticate Jews from the very beginning . He and his “THUGS” Portrayed coming in the guise of Peace, to gain the trust of the German people/ he wanted to make the whole world believe as he and his followers believed / Islam comes in the guise of peace and love. However it’s teaching and laws are far from peace. /

    • Welcome aboard sheen, Charlie to the mooslim Cluser Fxxx, Since the media doesn’t say much anymore we assume you only know a small amount of what up. So to help you get through the learning curve, Caliphate in Iraq underway, Africa
      Caliphate to me is obvious to help ISIS get to Europe/UK. They made an Army, funded, stolen weapons and heat seeking rockets, U.S> has many Vista students hiding, 300 Somali in U.S., stolen Jumbo jets 27 of them, And a Muslim USURPER President with mixed Loyalies in our government implementing Marxism/communist/social concepts against us, with the enemy Muslim brotherhood in White House. Whew lots of crap. So we want House of Reps to Prosecute or impeach to get ball rolling, so if will or can put name on this form, copy/paste to House or rep websit we want 5 million sent to get dumb asses into action.

      Thanks pass it around

      Speaker of the House Of Representatives

      Mr. Speaker John Boehner or Congressman John Boehner of OHIO

      America Under Attack

      After much work to understand Obama’s change of America, it is not a pretty sight. Obama has illegally stolen his way in government by the help of many over the birth certificate issue where found is British Citizen and not a U.S. citizen and has violated the Law (Rico Act) to get a clean birth certificate illegally altered where
      Hawaii Government officials violated law implementing this for him to make the Presidential eligible, which its a crime. This alone is prosecutable.

      He has allowed our enemy the Muslim brotherhood, to infiltrate our government Homeland security and to erase Much of our capitalistic rules and culture by replacing it with Muslimism where the FBI rules and training has been scrubbed and many other not yet discovered. He is replacing our Countries Culture and Heritage.

      He has concepts of doctrines being implemented underpinned to Muslimism, in Marxism where the EPA is now without due process of law. He has invoked executive creation of orders contrary to Constitution as in a Monarch or Ruler king.

      He has creatively made concepts of an Illegal border & immigration to change the American culture through changing nationalities of our culture. The implementation of the Green left and Marxist ideology to Marginalize white Caucasian, changing voting patterns to replace capitalism with socialism, massive wealth redistribution, and social regimentation and population replacement.

      The introduction of a re-education campaign called “Checking Your Privilege and students in the tainted colleges are brain trained. The concepts and components with Muslimism and the History implies they are not going to waste their time to win any hearts or minds but will by force of population increase or rapid breeding the Americans out of existence.

      This is Culture and Country genocide along with our religion. This is why black racial riot issues will be a common occurrence as they are configured into this Marxism concept also, which many of the black population are of Marxism.

      So our current status in Government is the FBI is tainted and un-trustworthy. The D.O.J is tainted and un-trustworthy. The senate is tainted or supporting the President even when Non-American ideologies are implemented thus must be of the Marxist support.

      The lower House of Representatives is said they do not want to impeach, instead they may suite. Pick one, you are out of time.

      Currently the President by Executive order has implement new rules into banks that are as Anti-American where business are forced to close without any reason except rules underpinned to Non-American doctrines and concepts, referred to here as Choke Point.

      So, Mr. Speaker what say you, We the people want you to lead & prosecute, or impeach now while you can. In any case Media will soon eat you up for this….. as you are now out of time…. and so are we.

      The sleeping Giant, Americans are awake now, we demand action, as this will hit the media waves by droves!

      cc: All fox media, cnn, radio channels, new papers
      support doc: Sheriff Joe, 5 governors, Tea Party, more

      Signed a Citizen of the United States of America

    • If he rises from the Easy.. then it logically follows that he moves a little Westy.
      A moderate Muslim can only prove he or she is a moderate by beheading a member of Isis.

    • I love what this girl did and I don’t find it shocking at all. Menstruation is bloody, so what ? Otherwise – the whole world should shit on IS and the murderers should be digged in the desert alive next to their victims with their heads directed to them and the sun to brun out theri bloody brains !
      We have to understand that with IS “Fighters” unrooted cowards from all over the world have found their way to make their “gameboy childhood” a reality and they have fun and exitement to shoot real people now. These perverts have to be shitted and eliminated and brave Aliaa Magda Elmahdi should be rewarded. This is real meaningful political social media art of 21st century.
      Concerning islam it is pitty that it is so divided and there is no real spokesperson to condem the crimes of IS against humanity and all religions.
      THERE IS ONLY ONE GOD, the IS-Flag says and I want to continue there:…but mankind gave him(her,it) many names.
      GOD does not want fighting and killing amongst his creations !
      GOD may protect Aliaa Magda Elmahdi !

      best regards to all of You ! Gregoire

  18. Poor girl is going to end up dead when the shtf. She best move to the U.S. I suggest Walton, WV. Perhaps we could meet up. Hope she has some life skills, a job, going to college, or something. She’s going to need it.

  19. That is indeed a confronting image. Whilst I can see exactly what point the ladies are trying to make, I fear I am a bit too old-fashioned to find it helpful. In the west women are objectified and I cannot help but feel they are objectifying themselves. I know many on this site will disagree with me, but I do fear that such a shocking image could actually backfire. However, I am sure we can all agree that what they are trying to achieve is both admirable and brave.

    • The defiant Egyptiennes are objectifying themselves in order to shock and awe their Islamist zealot oppressors – the effects on us, their unintended Western audience, are inconsequential. In the classic tactics of Sun Tzu and Alinsky, they are using their own vulnerability – female sexuality – to psychologically brutalize the hyper-sensitive brutes who are hijacking their native region and faith. It’s a doubtlessly a Sisyphean task and probably a fool’s errand, but the ladies have plenty of pluck, I’ll give ’em that much.

    • Yes I too find this weird and disturbing. I prefer a more classy statement. Perhaps, cutting that flag up and using it to cover my lawn furniture. I would take a few pictures after the birds poop on flag. Or maybe using flag as a door mat to wipe my muddy shoes.

      • So, as a “Christian” do you mean to tell me that the brutal eradication , rape and torture of an ethnic group is on par with a graphic protest image?
        I think you need to recalibrate your moral compass

      • KAK…(is that not a slang term for SHIT?)

        How in the name of CHRIST can you even SLIGHTLY entertain the idea that this act by these girls can EVER compare to the SHIT ISIS is doing?

        Do you know how absolutely STUPID that remark is?

        If I was James Foley, I would rather be smothered in shit than have my head hacked off…!!!

        You are a fool of the first water to suggest such a ludicrous thing.

        It’s as bad as those idiots who say “all religions are the same and they all have done bad things”.

        Comparing ANY religion to islam and claiming THAT religion is on the same scale as islam is totally crazy.

        Give your head a shake!!

      • I am a christian as well, and while I admit no clothes may not be proper, they are attacking Isis the only way they know how and what they are doing is dishonoring Isis the best way they know how. Give them credit for trying to stand up to a very real problem. And as a christian we are not in a position to judge them.

      • As Christians you support slavery and forced abortion by slicing knives through pregnant womens stomachs. Oh yeah and Jesus the racist, sexist homophobe. Or do you not read your own bible?

        Btw, I am not islamic, I just don’t see sense in fighting one bag of crazy with another bag of crazy.

  20. ISIS are terrorists but this does’t mean that all muslims are terrorists. I am a muslim and I am against ISIS but Aliaa and her friend should’t do this as a respect for the words written on the flag not the flag it self. This is exetreemely against the freedom and respecting other perspectives that Aliaa calls for? How should I accept or respect you Aliaa while you show no respect for the most holly word in my religion. You are free to do what ever you want, you are free to become an athiest or to believe in any other relegion rather than Islam, you are free to post nude pictures of your own body. You are free unless you reach others freedom. Always remember this.

      • BNI….your reply is not only disrespectful but childish as well…..instead of allowing Muslims to clear misconceptions about Islaam you showing your immaturity by only allowing people on who agree with your viewpoint…lol shame scared ppl might realise you nothing but a hateful propogandist?

        • @Umi MTH;

          We, here, frequenters and visitors alike, at BNI, have either read or understand what is contained in your Qur’an and ABHOR IT as the writings of an evil jinn.

          Rather than live in peace, as most “humans” only want, you, and your chosen “demonic” cult, would choose war and desolation.

          When, pray tell, was the last time you looked across the horizon and said, “what a wonderful world the Creator has made for us all”??? THINK about this…please!

    • The key lies in proportion to the offense, dear z.arafa. When Aliaa expresses opprobrium, some are offended, but no one dies as a direct result. When your unhinged Muslim brothers take offense, severed heads sprout from picket fences. Proportion, z.arafa. Proportion.

    • You are RACIST. I wouldn’t wonder of a better reply. Thanks, you made my mission more easier. Don’t never ever call for freedom of opinions or equality as you don’t want to me here only because I have a different relegion than yours. I promise you that you will never see me here again. Anyways I hate talking with racists.

    • So why don’t you and the other so-called peacefull muslims stand up and let these groups know that their own people are against them ? I have never seen muslims protesting other muslims in the U.S. I have ,however seen the liberal press buy into this lie as they almost always include the word peace loving muslims somewhere in their diatribes. What I am sure of is that this peace loving majority is where these criminals get their funding. Hiding in your room under an assumed name is not a stand or a condemnation . you are the same peace lover we saw cheering in the streets after 911. So until all you peace lovin liars show us your claims in action we will continue to believe you are full of shit.

    • Such freedoms as you boast of mean nothing when set against the hadiths of your so-called holy book. I suggest you read it again

    • z, do you attend a mosque? If you you do, do you contribute to it financially? If so, you are directly funding terrorism. You bloody secret is out. The so-called “radical muslims” commit the unspeakable acts of terror and the so-called “moderate muslims” buy all the guns and bombs for them.
      Go to hell you filthy swine. You are unable to do anything but lie.
      We all know that you lot murder people for leaving that rape & murder cult that you call a religion.

  21. If they had been eating a pulled pork sandwhich while drawing a cartoon of prophet muhammed and wiping with the Quran it would have been perfect!

  22. the only website ive seen online w the guts to post her pics, which she had guts for doing in the first place… amazing

  23. You are a true hero and artist Aliaa!! You are helping not only woman but all who are repressed in the world. Keep up the great work!

  24. Ewwww…Enough to quell my sex appetite for the week!
    So, are they going to Fedex that piece of flag for Bagdadi to wipe his face on?

      • Hell o “Hadenoughalready”.. You listen carefully..there is always fall after rise and visa versa, SO THINK!!!! You came on to the earth not because of ur Belief or religion .. you ARE HERE for your KARMA. I am gonna find you if you misbehave or promote ur religion. THE BIGGEST RELIGION on EARTH is HUMANITY!!!! how come you SHIT heads do not GET THAT!!!!

  25. How about tossing one into a pig sty, tweetering and youtubeing the hell out of the scene as pigs trample all over it, eating, pissing and deficating; and, maybe engaging in some piggy sex. Throw in a koran or two to kick up the entertainment value it would “incite”, i.e, the raging indignation and claim by cair, et al., that it is a hate crime and an attack on the human rights of the ummah. Ha ha ha, I mean, oink oink oink oink oink.

  26. brave brave women. I did not look at picture closely, but I applaud their courage.

    We should have adult diapers with ISIS printed (let grandpa piss on ISIS), isis potties for babies, isis toilet papers.

  27. This would be a great cover for Time Magazine. It doesnt look like she’s deficating, it looks like she’s on her period- One thing Muslims fear and despise are vaginas on adult women .

  28. Good going ladies! Now, to get as many other folks to do this kind of thing as well. Constant barrage of disrespect and utter disdain and disgust for Islam should be the status quo- 24/7.

    Remember the “cartoon outrage controversy” where one young woman cartoonist- said that since every other religion or faith has been the subject of comic strip and political cartoon themes over the years… lets have “everyone draw Mohammed.”

    She ended up having her identity changed and placed in a Witness Protection style program.

    The thing though… she was right on with her suggestion.

    The fact that Western civilization “blinked” in this stare down over the cartoonist issue was very disappointing. We have been paying for it ever since. If there would have been “Mohammed cartoon drawings” all over… instead of the “roll out the red carpet and overly compensate with ‘respect’ for islam crap… things wouldn’t have gotten so bad- at least in one small segment of the Non-Muslim world.

    When the elderly Danish cartoonist tried to move away to a safer, undisclosed location after a muslim tried to shoot him point blank in his doorway… you had leftist Danish “media’ trying to follow him and announce on air (to Muslims) where the old man was resettling.

    We blinked… and the media think they have the moral high ground to basically “put a hit’ out on an old man who draws cartoons.

    Now back to the topic at hand. Yea, everyone should be as disrespectful and hold utter contempt for anything muslim… KorHAMs, burqas, Palestine or ISIS flags… when one is in an all out war… respect for the enemy is not a priority.

    I have a lot of WWII memorabilia… and let me tell you; there is plenty of stuff that totally disses Hitler, Tojo and Musso-LOSER.

    Anyway… I’ll end with this, great to see these ladies treating muzz-sewage the way it needs to be treated.

  29. Send in the Army Rangers, get them outta there! Bring em’ over to the good ol USA. Make em citizens immediatly!

  30. now there is a real feminist send this girl over to code pink , show them huffs what a real muff is all about , she is a keeper !

  31. Hey all you artsy fartsy Westerners! Now is your chance to show how diverse you can be! Hang this photo next to that painting you were so in love with, that showed poop on The Blessed Mother. Come on! I double dog dare you!!!

  32. Hey isis shitheads, this gal is “spot” on. 99.9% of the civilized world thinks this about you. If ever there was something to describe these pieces of pig shit, this gal did it. Kudos honey, and the real God will bless you for sure for your courage.

  33. Now I know where all the feminists have gone !!! They will need support and safeguarding very brave and provocative thing to do.
    Like women in uk when they chained themselves to railings and were force fed in prison for women’s vote. EU libbers take note as you’ve been silent for too long regarding the the oppression of women in minority groups.

  34. They certainly made their point known. While I’m going to have to forego ketchup on my home fries, this morning, this scene clearly drives their message home.
    Missing, however, are a Qur’an and a pic of Al Baghdadi, the self-ordained “califake”

    Good on them~!

  35. ISIS is contributing something highly important. By showing the world and Muslims what the true Islam is and demands, they generate revulsion and contempt (and embarrassment to folks like Obama) which may lead to a lot of sensible Muslims to leave their sick religion while waking up politically correct Europeans and Americans to reality.

  36. I didn’t even know women pooped …. I never thought about it much …. I guess I put them on a pedestal ? Monedas 1929 Comedy Jihad I Still Have Know Idea Where They Pee From World Tour

    • Linc…

      You are a comical, funny dude! LOL
      I have a friend who positively will not believe women have bodily functions…the very thought of such a thing makes him grimace…

  37. Kudos to her!!! BTW, she’s an Egyptian ex-Muslim atheist living in Norway with her Norwegian White boyfriend.

  38. Brutally restrictive and misogynistic ideology…
    I see, the genocide and torture is acceptable until it affects women.
    Let’s see her shit on a Hamas flag.

  39. Well done, ladies, and ignore unnecessary comment from those with queasy stomachs. They’re nobody and they’re usually men. You did BRILLIANTLY!

  40. I remember back during the 444 days that toilet paper printed with images of khomeini and the iranian flag were on sale as novelties.

  41. Even though its not real crap and blood but the point they are making is brave and pretty much tells us their real thoughts on what they think of ISIS. Good for them! Keep up the good work girls 🙂

  42. Good Lord , that is a bit rough . ab— dull….. will have to get a pooper cooper .

    That should make the islamic ‘scholars’ a little bit cranky . hahaha

  43. What a great protest from a woman who obviously has more balls than any of these inbred fools.Now we need to make sure she is protected.

  44. Atta Gals ! ! ! this ought to sincerely wee-wee off (Obama’s wimpy words) some of the spittle coated beards of the most holy baby raping, goat gaffing, sheep shagging, donkey diddling religious (hah) leaders of the barbaric murderers.
    Go to it ! !

  45. The isis logo should be embedded on weewee pads so puppies all over America will be conducting their business on allah and his special followers.

    I think that is fake blood and fake poop, but the message is meaningful.

  46. Yeah that is good.
    Only thing better is if it were torn up into squares for use in a socially acceptable use as toilet paper!


  47. I have always had faith in the REAL Women born under the Satanic Death Cult of Islam, that despise Islam, that will ultimately see the Cult decimated! Aliaa Magda Elmahdy is a warrior (and beautiful with it!!). Jihadi’s you will never prevail – there is One G-d, and He is the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the G-d of The Jews!! Thankfully we Christian Zionists are Grafted into His Vine. One with Israel, His People, His Chosen, ALWAYS! Shalom!!

    • Amen, The Awesome God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is Wonderful and Precious beyond words to express! May God’s Glorious Great Name be praised throughout all eternity!

    • Ignorant… “the Talmud stipulates that a woman’s period of uncleanness is to lasts during the menses and for an additional week after menstruation has ended. Niddah is the word used to denote the menstruating woman and her period of uncleanness. The niddah defiles everyone and everything she touches. She may not have sexual intercourse with her husband. If she does, he is subject to arrest and perhaps the death penalty.”…

      • The Talmud is a book based on rabbis explanation only and has NOTHING to do with killiing anyone, let alone women. One this is the laws when Israel was borning in the ancient times and another thing is Israel as a modern state. Do not mix things up, Judaism has nothing to do with Islam.