HAMASchmuck leader cries “uncle”…begs Obama to stop Israeli “holocaust” on Gaza

Hey, you don’t need Obama, all you need to do is stop building terror tunnels and launching missiles into Israel, and you always could have had anything you wanted. Hopefully, now, that ship has sailed.

Yahoo News  The political leader of Hamas, Khaled Meshaal  (living in luxury in Qatar) is calling for the White House to step in and end “the holocaust” he alleges Israeli forces have carried out against Palestinians.


“You as the leader of the most powerful state in the world, I ask you to call (on) Israel to stop its aggression on Gaza — and to lift the siege and open the cross borders and to rebuild Gaza,” Khaled Meshaal told Yahoo! News in exclusive comments, directed at President Obama, published Monday. “This is our demand.” (Rebuild it yourself with all the money we’ve sent you)

“What is the difference between what (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin) Netanyahu, (Israeli Defense Minister Moshe) Yaalon and (Israel Defense Forces chief of staff Benny) Gantz are doing — killing thousands of civilians, children, women, entire neighborhoods, targeting mosques, destroying hospitals and schools,” Meshaal added, in some of his most brazen remarks made yet. “What’s the difference between that and what the Nazis did in the 1930s and ’40s? And what Hitler did. This is the real holocaust.”

Meshaal’s comments came after the latest cease-fire between Israel and Hamas definitively broke down over the weekend. In the interview, in which he answered all other questions in Arabic, Meshaal was at times defiant, comparing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at one point to Adolf Hitler.