Very young boys pledge allegiance to the Islamic State (ISIS)

Grooming young children for jihad.

Al-Arabiya  As soon as the boy finishes the pledge, a voice heard from behind the camera asks the boy how he feels about joining ISIS. The video ends as the camera holder tells the boy: “Are you now ready to die in the way of Allah?” The boy replies: “Yes, God willing.”

But the boy above is far from the youngest of the ISIS recruits. Here’s a four-year-old learning to shoot a machine gun to “slaughter infidels.”

UK Mirror  Wearing a balaclava, firing off machine gun rounds and pledging to ‘slaughter infidels’ – this young terrorist bears all the hallmarks of an al-Qaeda recruit. The only difference being he is no more than four-years-old. This shocking footage from war-torn Syria claims to reveal the youngest member of  the ISIS a jihadist group based in Iraq and Syria.

The young boy tells the cameraman his name is Abu Bakr, originally from Uzbekistan. He urges other Muslims to join the fight and warns infidels they are going to be ‘slaughtered’. He also pledges allegiance to his namesake, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi – the powerful new leader of ISIS and one of the most wanted men in the world.