Many of Hollywood’s biggest stars have just called Islam an ideology of hatred and genocide

10_2014-08-24Nearly 200 entertainers (including Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and many others) have signed a statement condemning the seventh article of the charter of Hamas as an “‘deology of hatred and genocide.’ The problem is that the quotation in article seven was taken directly from Muhammad himself. Hence, all of these entertainers have condemned Muhammad, Islam, and the Quran.

For a complete list of signers, click here

Answering Muslims


Stallone, Schwarzenegger Lead Hollywood Assault on Hamas” 

“More Than 190 Hollywood Notables Sign Pro-Israel Statement Criticizing Hamas”



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  1. Hmmm funny, no matter what religion we are we should all have understanding and learn to get along, all colours and race have bad people in them, but can you jjudge a race, religion or country etc on the behaviour of some. Most Hollywood stars have a different agenda (illuminate, satan worship New World Order etc to gain power), you should all know by now, if we continue to follow them no religion or freedom will be allowed. The New World Order will be in place by 2020, the stars they have used to promote the evil in the world will no longer be needed as pawns, perhaps then they will wonder what they have helped to achieve, when they are no longer needed. Do people not realise, you cant expect to call up evil and expect it ot beahve. For the rest of us, hopefully we will see before then we are all being played and made to hate each other. Listen to what you hear in the new for once, look at the lies, don’t be made an idiot by the New World Order. Teach love peace ans understanding not hate and greed like we are being taught to please

    • Hmmmm funny no matter what religion we are shouldn’t allow the one that is litterally killing our people in the western civilization and all over the entire world in our Country . It’s funny how people try to defend it and put shame on others if they don’t accept killing on their people .

  2. Can i show you wath the Christians do to the Muslims in Bosnia , they kill over 15.000 people and nobody sayng nothig about that. Now can we call Christians TERRORIST, Adolf Hitler was Christian and he is kill Jewish people why did you not hate the Christians. Can wee judge all people just because one man do this , this JIHADI MUSLIMS are not Muslims, they are trash. This kind of Muslim not belong to Islam, and i hope that all of you people will understand me, real muslim just want PEACE in the world… SORRY FOR BAD ENGLISH!!

    • The first question you should ask is, what did those 15,000 muslims DO that got a generally peaceful people to attack and kill them? I’d bet that peacefully coexisting is NOT the right answer.
      Secondly, Hitler denounced Christianity in his teens. But he was so taken with islam that he modeled his political ideology after it. He didn’t murder the Jews in the name of Christ. More in the name of mohammed. It all comes back to islam. You have no argument.

    • Such awful lies . It’s bad enough Islam is killing human being globally and some people defend it . Now they try to change our history . I see it all of the tome on the Internet . I deleted my FB since our administration gave control to our internet to people who think just like this. Hitler was NOT a Christian that’s the most awful lie . He praised the Islamic Ideoligy he had many Muslim soldiers in regime . Many Islamic praise Hitler because they both have the same enemy till this day . Hitler was a murderer so is Jihad . Both used / use false ideology to commit murder and to justify it .

  3. What a pity to see such literate yet ignorant people posting here hating Islam. If you dig a bit deeper, then you would see the propaganda being used to tarnish Islam. ISIS or Al-Qaeda are not islamic in any way you can think of. They are being used to make people who are ignorant to believe that Islam is a real threat to the world. The truth is for you to research. Yes in the Quran there are lines that wage war. BUT YOU MUST READ THE LINE B4 AND THE LINE AFTER IT. It was revealed in a certain context.

    Just as in Matthew 10:34. But as a Muslim, I would NOT condemn that statement. In fact, I will read b4 and after that line to understand the context in which it was revealed.

    Dear people, Islam is a way of life plus a religion. It comes with the same message delivered to Jews/ Christians. Zionism/Capitalism will never be allowed to flourish in an Islamic state under Sharia laws coz simply Islam demands that every1 be treated equally and wealth be distributed equally in a society. A bit of research won’t affect you. But it depends on how you take the first step to research about the religion.

    Good luck to you and please do not generalise Islam. Coz as a Muslim, I strongly condemn whatever ISIS/Al Qaeda or any other so-called Islamic group are doing in killing INNOCENT people.

    • Try Telling That To The MILLIONS of muslimes that back Terrorist Groups…WHERE Are the “GOOD” muslims Who Are OUTRAGED by TERRORISTS KILLING IN THE NAME OF ALLAH?! Don’t try to B.S. US…go PREACH the koran and it’s “message” to those OF YOUR CULT who will KILL YOU TOO!

    • Your lies and insults do not work any longer . The western world is suffering due to Islam .It is a shame to see people still insulting our intelligence and sitting back while our people die . I though I hated this ideology before I now want it to back to the bowels of hell where it came from . In 2016 research how many killings and arrests / plans to kill were made in America -all in the name of Allah . That’s not even counting around the entire world . . It’s a sick , manipulating , lying , killing hateful ideology . It has no business in the eastern world .

  4. I will only be impressed when Hollywood stars sign a statement condemning Islamic sharia law and condemning the many verses in the Quran that command muslims to wage jihad, commit atrocities and barbarically mass murder non-muslims and take non-muslims for slaves.

  5. Chuck Norris is a Protestant fundamentalist Christian and is a passionate supporter of Israel. I am not at all surprised that he would denounce Islam and Hamas.

  6. honestly i am surprised to see some of those names on there especially sense you see so many entertainers jumping on the #bandwagon these days. it is refreshing.

  7. “From Paris With Love” is a great John Travolta movie. Lots of nasty terrorists go to their 72 crystal clear raisins in this one. Worth a look.

  8. As usual with shallow, leftist, know nothings; jumping on the nearest band-wagon. Why on earth do people even consider what those jerks do or say?

  9. The pro-Israel Hollywood movement needs YOUNGER people to join. When my generation-the Sylvester Stallone one- is gone, young pro-Israel minds will be needed. Start now!

  10. But… The #1 show on television, NCIS, continues to present the liberal garbage that Islam is just another religion; no worse than any other. All the while taking jabs at Christianity; and drawing blood with each one.

    NCIS has consistently apologized to Muslim’s. Islam’s customs and the garbage that Muslim’s are the “true” victims has been presented on several episodes.

    Yes, the main character, Gibbs is a Marine, who is an American, but he allows “Ducky” his friend to compromise autopsy, to bend to Islamic rules of dealing with dead Muslims. The 2 highest rated episodes were about terrorism, by an American, not a Muslim. It’s a disgruntled American who blows up the NCIS, not an Islamic terrorist.

    NCIS has just been declared the #1 watched show world wide ….

  11. Hollywood’s biggest stars shine brightly. They are right. Muslims trust in he that made angels fall. That is why they do the heneious acts that they do calling it good. They are divided against themselves. it is an illusion that there are moderates and extremists. Both have the same beliefs coming from their green covered book. Had there be Moderates the moderate would reject the book the extremists followed. That is not the case. Muslims in essence are yelling, I love a snake oil salesman knowing it calling him good.

  12. Looking at the list, I’d say a good 50% sound Jewish (who tend to have a clearer view of the threat imposed by Islam), and then there are the Republican’s as well. It’s a great start but I hope others join in.

  13. Well done to Lana Melman for all her efforts through her organisation & in informing Hollywood .Well done to Ellen deGeneres for backing Sodastream ( is’nt Google great ! ), as most people on BNI would know they employ many palestinians ,but have been vilified & boycotted for being located on “occupied” land.

  14. Wow I can rest easy now that HOllywood thinks Islam is dangerous. Shoot that’s a relief. Why does anyone give a sh*t what Hollyweird thinks. Many of them are uneducated baffoons. In fact Hollywood and all libtard traitors are the real enemy. The one silver lining, these Islamic wackos are defeating liberalism for us.

  15. Kelsey, Stallone and Schwarzy …. they look more Jewish …. as they age …. and gain wisdom ? Monedas 1929 Comedy Jihad Stars For David World Tour

  16. BNI, If they REALLY wanted to stop the Hate…They Never would Have Hired Mel Gibson for their last movie…Let them put their $ where Their Mouth IS!

    • They foster Propaganda, to the youth and they are powerful to the youth’s beliefs. Adults know better sometimes. Can you censor the movies? TV? the NET?

  17. It’s about time some of the so called stars showed a little bit of intelligence. It matches my own feelings, but I’m not impressed any more than when spoiled idiots like Streisand flap their mouths with nonsense.

  18. “The problem is that the quotation in article seven was taken directly from Muhammad himself. Hence, all of these entertainers have condemned Muhammad, Islam, and the Quran.”

    If I may, why is that a “problem” ? Perhaps I just misunderstood the context ?

  19. Stallone,Schwarzenegger,Rourke,Willis,Norris and several other Republican Hollywood stars like James Woods have been pro Israel in the past as well.Stallone took part in a charity program in LA for children affected in Sderot in 2008,also both Stallone and Norrris shot their films Rambo 3 and Delta Force extensively in Israel in the 1980’s.