In the Muslim world, it’s never too soon to teach children how to kill

ISIS little terrorists-in-training.

Religion of Peace


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  1. In England and the US A , it is a toss up what is worse . Kids in pre-school are told it is OK to be a homosexual . Why can’t kids be let to be kids ?

    Really …. There is one filthy looking academic/teacher on video in England , “You can not start early enough” .

    If I had kids there , I would turn into a ab – –dull and cut the bitches head off . If they go that way later in life , so be it . There have been many suicides of boys of fifteen years of age who were terrified that they were ‘gay’ . Triple ‘J’ did a program on it , thoroughly condemning the ‘gay’ properganda . It must be bad when such a leftie radio does that .

  2. Every child that is not poisoned by this Evil will be spared, By the Matriarchal family of Israel. All other will be killed. Men, Women, Children. It there anyone that argues against killing them all?

  3. they teach kids to kill and we go ballistic when a 9 year old girl accidently kills her instructor while leaning to shoot an UZI

  4. It is funny har har that the videos of the Kitcino brothers of the Ukraine knocking out many black US boxers was taken down , “because the violence in the videos was against YouTube policy” . Yet YET , you can have videos of scum moslims cutting the heads off live people on YouTube .

    YouTube policy can be very warped . I think the main reason why the boxing videos were banned was because two white guys were belting the darling black guys , stupid was too much to bear .

  5. God help me, I thought the vid was going to be kids re enacting what was going around them on play. They didn’t look like they understood that they were about to be executed. Poor darlings.

  6. Remember cowboys and Indians … And how last century we thought that all was?

    Sometimes I think we should make a few videos of eviscerating ISIS operatives or perhaps skinning a few alive or some combination of the two, to post on youtube to call the bluff of these martyr-ready psychopaths.

    Unfortunately, that would immediately result in an international warrant for our arrest and prosecution at The Hague ICC for war crimes.

    Even if we just faked the torture executions to undermine the bravado of ISIS warriors, we’d probably get accused of terrorism for frightening the delicate flowers.

    I’m not sure, at this point, that we should care though. What’s that old expression? All’s fair in love and in war, which this Surely is of global proportion.

    • Well, anyone else up for playing Cowboys and Arselifters?!….With live ammo and REAL expolsive devices!!…Booooom! So long muzturds! Say “Hey” to your old pals when you hit Hell, like Osama, Adolf, and Sodamn Insane!…..

    • We’re not allowed to play Cowboys and Indians anymore. The ‘Indians’ part is the new RACIST. Also, you can be arrested for making a mock gun with your fingers. Kids have been suspended from school for doing this.

      What a horrible world we have allowed to develop.

  7. Is this true? If so that shows how evil the cult of islum is. It looked like a fire at the end of the pistol. If it is not true but a depraved game it show how sick and evil the coran’s teachings are. It also reminds us not to be sympathetic when inbred muslum children are so brain destroyed by their islumic cult of evil that they are like rabid rats.

  8. Children learn by example. They watch and see what adults do and that is what they do. You can learn a lot of what kind of environment children live in by the games they play. Their play reflects what they are learning in the real world.