MUSLIM from London boasts of joining the ‘golden era of jihad’ with ISIS

London student, Hamzah Parvez, 21, claims he has been fighting for the Islamic terrorists for 5 months, and calls on other Muslims in Britain to “come to the land of jihad and shout Allah.”

Parvez comes from a stable home in west London. He is pictured here before he travelled to Iraq
Parvez comes from a ‘stable’ Muslim home in west London. He is pictured here before he travelled to Iraq

UK Mirror  His face hidden behind a black scarf which only shows his eyes, and speaking in a thick London accent, he tells the camera: “This is the golden era of jihad. “What are we doing sitting in the UK? Sitting in the land which kills Muslims everyday. What are we doing in their lands? It is not the lands for us.” In the clip – believed to be the first footage of a Briton fighting for the militants in Iraq rather than Syria – he urges others to give up their weekly Nandos take up arms and join the growing ranks of foreign fighters.

Parvez’s close friend, fellow Briton Mohammad Nasser, died fighting with IS jihadists – but despite this the young Londoner has vowed to continue fighting. It is estimated that more than 500 to 600 Muslims from the UK have travelled to the Middle East to fight for IS, which has slaughtered thousands of people in its bloody war to carve out an Islamic Caliphate. The clip comes amid growing calls for British extremists who go abroad to fight to be stripped of their citizenship and banned from returning home.