Pope Francis reported to be in the crosshairs of the Islamic State (ISIS)

So much for all that Muslim outreach by this Pope.

Italian News - March 22, 2013

CBS  A new report claims that the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is targeting Pope Francis — a report that the Vatican says is simply not true.

According to Il Tempo, Israeli sources reportedly told the Italian newspaper that the pope is “in the crosshairs of ISIS.” The report stated that Francis is being targeted because he is “the greatest exponent of the Christian religions” and the “bearer of false truth.”


The Vatican, though, denounced the report. “There is nothing serious to this,” Father Federico Lombardi S.J., a Vatican spokesman, told Catholic News Agency. “There is no particular concern in the Vatican. This news has no foundation.”

The Catholic News Agency reports that Italy has issued a nationwide terror alert, despite no imminent threats or specifics about a potential attack on the country.