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  1. I guess it is good that they slaughter each other like beasts. But this culture which they ALL appear to enjoy is the same whether a so-called ‘army’ of a so-called ‘state’ or the ISIS barbarians.

    None of them should see any support from the West. They should ALL be simply bombed back to the 7th century where they belong along with their inhuman, evil culture!

  2. Wow , these isis bodies can be used in medical tests alive ………… anyway i feel happy now :=) thanks ….

  3. You should use those shitbags in medical tests (alive). It could help humankind to search new cure to any deseases. Those are not animals or humans, so they could be tested in any way… no human rights for them. Happy hunting to You!

    Russia has started all this pain in Afganistan 1979, so don’t forgot them!

  4. Well, the Iraqi army looks like it still has some fight. Maybe the Shia militias are giving them a boost. But if Iraq can beat back ISIS than it will be better for the stability of the Middle East. Now if only the Syrian army can get a boost and beat back ISIS and Al Nusra.

  5. iraki Guy’s are very funny, i hop they fuck more DAESHI’S MOTHER AND SISTER’S DAESH OF DAESH until Islam is totally FUCKED there . Amen

  6. Now I Know I Have TRULY lost it…I watched the video and Laughed! Why, Because the Title Line WARNS …Graphic LANGUAGE! I guess the tossing of a severed head is secondary?

  7. Trouble is that they behave in the same manner as their enemies. Sure, waste the lot of ’em and well done for that – but don’t descend to their abhorrent level of behaviour.

      • Brutal? Abhorrent? No, they (the Iraqi’s) know that the only way to treat the vermin of ISIS is to mete out the same treatment as they give. Brutality and cruelty is the only language they understand. As far as I’m concerned, they can carry on beheading any member of ISIs they capture. A great pity the faggots of Western politicians could not learn a lesson from them

    • I think it was Nietzsche who said “he who fights with monsters should look to it that he doesn’t himself become one” or something along those lines …. But so what? I understand (a little) the hatred they must be feeling toward IS – I feel it myself. Force – or greater force – is the only thing these filth understand.

  8. This is a start. I look forward to more good news of islumic isil muslum terrorists being destroyed. Hopefully we will see muslums from America, the UK and so on, getting executed so that we do not have to fear them returning to terrorize America and the western democratic countries they abandoned.

    • Agreed, and the minute western muzzies go overseas to fight, their whole families should be immediately deported and sent to the front lines of ISIS to be slaughtered.. Think of all the money saved in welfare payments, seeing none of them work , as they spend their days plotting against their host countries.and the rest of the time breeding little jihadists..

  9. It’s nice and all whatever you wish, but IS has around 100 thousand militants now, not counting millions of potential recruits, and it grows exponentially. You can’t kill it with just airstrikes. It might sound fucked up and unfair after a couple of thousands of dead American soldiers and huge expendentures for the war, but you really need to put American infantry back onto the battlefield if you want to crush it. Airstrikes can’t even stop the hellhole of IS from expanding or even contain it within currents borders, let alone destroy it.

    Wanna help? Invade Iraq again with troops, and as for Syria, begin to help Assad to take out them with airstrikes. Unlike the unsucessful Iraqi army, the Syrian is a very capable one, they don’t even need ground troops of the USA, just air support with ground-attack jets is enough. You DO FUCKING realize that democracy doesn’t work with islam? You do realize that it’s always the dictatorship, either secular or an islamic one? Weak democratic leaders too care about crap like human rights, that’s why rats like MB, AQ, IS get away and never get prosecuted, tortured in prisons, etc. Secular dictators at least don’t care about humanist bullshit.

    Remember Afghani Hafizulla Amin? During his rule, the secret service agents would bury or burn the family of a man alive if a man became a mujahid and went into the mountains for jihad (or even just mentioned dissatisfaction and the wish to implement sharia in private talks, whistleblowers would expose him).

      • Russian Bear, The Saudis have verbally denounced ISIS as Radical Islamists, now let them put their $ behind those words.
        UAE can rally forces from Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Iraq and the neighboring muslime countries. THEY can call on their Allies, Israel has already said she will help Jordan.

    • marcia. I’m not impressed. Saudi and Qatar governments may be scared as shit about IS, but rich oil oligarchs (sheikhs), private rich sponsors with their donation force it to grow. For God’s sake, if it’s not American soldiers, deploy the whole fleets, a couple of aircraft carrier groups with a hundred or so aircraft conducting daily strikes (a few dozens per day). The extent of airstrikes must far exceed that of Lybia (2011).

      • RussianBear, I don’t care if they R scared, no more shedding American blood for muslimes that won’t fight 4 themselves First! They seem to be awfully good when it comes to “Honor Killings”, let them hone their skills on their TRUE ENEMY!

    • DURAK! russians causes all shit in the World. Soviet union started middle east crisis invading to Afganistan 1979. World would be better without you. Russians are invaders and slaving others without proper reason. You attacked in Europe in 1939, 1956, 1968. You are problem of the World.

      Russians. you to have confess your warcrimes and other crimes in soviet era. Look at Germany, They had to encouter their nasty things and now they are pretty good in democracy and other nations respect them. You are still so ….
      You think you are winners. You are not! You even killed best russians in 1918-1953. I don’t hate regular russians. I would to like to see Russians without hate and any tend to slave other nations. You COULD be a respected nation in the world…
      War is shit, And if you start WWIII, I hope all russians will be decapitated.. Then the world would be much better place to human kind.

  10. Good. Now, leave their corpses on site for the dogs to eat them. Take off their clothes and open up the chest area.

    • Susan, that is actually happening in Africa where relatives dying from Ebola R placing dead bodies in the street rather than have their homes quarantined. The dogs do not get ill from ingesting the decaying bodies, but can Ebola is communicable through a bite.