IDAHO: ‘Muslim Cemetery Jihad’ hits the heartland of America

Muslim Cemetery, Denton, TXResident of Kuna, Idaho, are opposing a proposal for a Muslim cemetery because of concerns for the environment, stemming from the unsanitary conditions that result from the Muslim custom of burying the dead in just a shroud, without any kind of casket. 

Not to worry, Eric Holder and the Department of Jihadi Justice are ready to hit the town with a ‘discrimination’  lawsuit if the proposed cemetery does not get approval. Because in Obama-land, sharia law may override American law. Wouldn’t want to offend any muslims, now would we?


Idaho Press  The Islamic Community of Bosniaks in Boise submitted a proposal for a license to use land outside Kuna as a cemetery. The proposal was appealed, and a public meeting will be held to comments about the appeal and the proposed cemetery. The ICBB applied to build a 10-acre cemetery and a chapel at 15000 Cloverdale Road.

Due to Islamic burial practices, a Kuna resident sent a letter issuing concerns about to the sanitation and appearance of the cemetery. According to the Islamic beliefs, bodies are not embalmed and not buried in coffins. The body is sheathed in white cotton or linen cloth, and according the ICBB, buried at least half the height of the deceased.


The letter from the concerned Kuna resident presented three concerns with the cemetery. The resident’s letter said burying the dead in only a cloth would leave the bodies susceptible to animals digging up a corpse, which could spread diseases. Bodies being dug up would cost the city community money, the letter said. Finally, the resident said the cemetery would hurt the esthetic value of Kuna.

The public meeting will be held at 6 p.m. Sept. 10 in the Commissioners Main Hearing Room 1235 at 200 West Front street in Boise.