PAKISTANI Muslim men don’t think there is anything wrong with raping young boys, VERY young boys


Ijaz, a bus conductor in his early twenties, spends his days travelling through the bustling streets of Peshawar in northern Pakistan, working hard to scrape a living. Instead of going home come nightfall, he, and many others, spend their time with street children, paying them as little as 75p for sex and when they have no money, brutally abusing them.

UK Daily Mail  But the children falling prey to these men aren’t the ones you might expect. With girls kept at home by their parents, the majority of victims are boys – some as young as six years old. ‘Once, there was a boy on the bus and everyone had sex with him,’ confesses Ijaz who admits to raping 12 different children during his career as a bus conductor. ‘I did it too but what else could I do? They invited me. And he was that kind of boy anyway.’


Sexual abuse in Pakistan is rife. An estimated four million children in the country are forced into work from an early age due to poverty and of those, more than a million live on the streets where they are easy prey for men like Ijaz. A recent survey of 1,800 men found that a third believe that not only is raping little boys not a crime, it’s not even a bad thing to do. 

As a result, an estimated 90 per cent of street children have been victims of sexual abuse at some point in their lives. One such boy is Naeem, 13, who has been on the streets, off and on, since running away from his violent brother who repeatedly beat him following their parents’ death. He was eight at the time. ‘I was lying here sleeping and four people grabbed me and threw me into a car,’ he sobs. ‘One was a bus driver, the others were heroin addicts. All four of them raped me.’


Many of Pakistan’s abusers are bus drivers. One man who knows this all too well is Hassan Deen, an entrepreneur who rents beds – and sometimes boys – to drivers at Peshawar’s largest bus depot. ‘A bus driver rents a bed from me and he says he’ll pay an extra 50 (50p) or 100 rupees (£1) if I can get him a boy,’ explains Mr Deen. ‘There’s often a kid wandering the streets alone. We tell these boys we’ll provide food and shelter if they come with us. That’s how we lure them in.’

And Naeen isn’t alone. Another street child, nine-year-old Akeeb has also been approached by men on the street but has so far managed to escape. ‘I don’t get scared if I have a friend with me,’ he says. ‘I get bothered a lot by the bus driver, the van driver. They tell me to climb on the roof of the bus and do bad things with them. Sometimes they offer me a soft drink in return.’


Unsurprisingly, the impact of this abuse on the children is severe. Along with psychological problems, a Save the Children report showed that as many as one in 10 are murdered by the men who abuse them.

Others go on to become abusers themselves, among them 13-year-old Naeem. ‘There was a boy, about 10 or 11,’ he confesses, shame-faced.  ‘I took him to the cinema and spent money on him and he was OK with it. But when we left the cinema, he said he didn’t want to do it anymore so then I grabbed his hand and forced him.’

Although there are laws in place to protect children, police rarely bother themselves with the plight of the street children, with many saying that the ever-present threat of Taliban bombs trumps saving small boys.

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    • As a true Muslim and believer in condemning this… our religion is flexible enough but no space for such rubbish… there is a detailed chapters in our religion book THE NOBLE QUR’AN in which you will find the story of ” People of LOT” who were involve in the same sin “The Homosexuality”, they all were destroyed b’coz of homosexuality…. Anatomy of anus is not fit for sexual act…. biology. Anus is endodermal in origin so its wound never heals. So, it becomes quite unnatural to get into anus. People find it disgusting to insert and move about the male executive organ into the anus, which serves to discharge the faeces.

      Homosexuality is an insult to women. Men and women get sexual and emotional satisfaction from each other. Without them the human race is not going to survive. This is the main reason why Islam is against homosexuality. It is nothing to do with equality. Muslim community, Imams and Muslim schools must teach that homosexuality is a sin and against the teaching of Islam.

      Why are we constantly hearing about an issue that effects less than 2% of the world’s population?!!! What about issues that effect everyone such as wealth inequality and dangerous banking?

      Obviously there’s nothing more important to society today than gay rights. Gay marriage is a subject being spoken about in America and France as well as here.( maybe in other countries as well) Now, This is not an important thing at the moment with everything else that is happening. I don’t see what difference it makes if you call it marriage or a civil partnership. It doesn’t mean that the relationship is going to last any longer or be a happier one.Why in this age should rights be bestowed because of birth? Where is the equality in this? Although, why “other grounds”, why not just “sexuality”? It’s not a swear word.Equal rights to marry a Catholic? Didn’t think so.

      Homosexuality doesn’t just go against the Bible, Quran, and whatever the Jewish book is called, It goes against Mother Nature as well. Here are some quotes from the Koran regarding Homosexuals Homosexual acts are condemned as unnatural. (Will ye commit abomination such as no creature ever did before you?) 7:80-81 Male homosexual activities are condemned as unnatural. 26:165-6 Male homosexuals commit abominations and act senselessly. 27:54-55 Male homosexuals acts are condemned as unnatural. 29:28-29

      The 3 million British Muslims and the 1600 million Muslims in the world in all schools of thoughts believe strongly that homosexuality is unnatural sinful and forbidden to practice and is punishable too.

      The same in Judaism and in the original teachings of Jesus(peace be upon him).

      Homosexuality is a sexual aberration and deviation and there is a need to address first the risk factors/psychosexual pathology which do lead to same sex attraction in order to prevent it.
      There is a need to offer psychosexual conversion therapy for those who choose before to be homosexuals, if they are interested as it was found successful in many cases in the US..
      And to bring them back to their natural gender and sexual orientation according to their genes/sex chromosomes/genital organs and their normal healthy psychology.
      EVERY HOMOSEXUAL MAN IS BASICALLY HETEROSEXUAL ….but some “sexual dust and mud” have confused and masked his natural gender and sexual orientation!

      Homosexuality is not allowed in Islam. There are various verses in Quran where Allah clearly says about Homosexuality.

      We also (sent) Lut: he said to his people: “Do ye commit lewdness such as no people in creation (ever) committed before you? “For ye practice your lusts on men in preference to women: ye are indeed a people transgressing beyond bounds.” – Holy Quran 7:80-81

      “Of all the creatures in the world will ye approach males”. “And leave those whom Allah has created for you to be your mates? Nay ye are a people transgressing (all limits)!” – Holy Quran 26:165-166

      • Oh, look what the cat dragged in – Iftikhar Ahmad, Paki muslim POS who trolls every anti-Islam website on the internet. He’s been banned here several times. I guess he’s run out of other places to troll so he’s back. He’ll soon be banned again here too.

  1. This is sickening no matter who does it, but I have to keep it real when I say that the “Christians” have no room to talk. Isn’t this the same thing that the Roman Catholic priests are doing to the altar boys on their watch? There are some sick ass people in the world.

    • Catholicism is not Christianity. It is Babylonian Witchcraft, it was never Christianity nor shall it ever be. In fact, who were the primary targets of persecution? Jews and the early Church. Catholicism attacked those Christians who did not conform to it’s paganism – and the new Pope is again starting to turn against real Christians calling them fundamentalists who are dangerous and violent even though we may never attack anyone, going back to their roots. Do more research in future before speaking of Christianity; it helps if you actually know what it is at all! LOL.

        • I think Roman Catholicism is a ‘long firm’, designed at the outset to appear opposed to Jews (when in fact the inner hard core soldiers of Catholicism, the Jesuits, are Jewish-dominated).

          British Jew Freemason Lord General Cornwallis stated in 1781 to his Godbrother in the craft, loyalty to whom overrode all other considerations, to American Freemason George Washington on the ‘opposing side’ (at the time of the American War of Independence) that over the next 200 years in America, there would be another revolution, in which all religions in America would be made to serve the Judaic religion, without even knowing it, and that that would be made to happen by the Freemasonic British Royal family.

          Queen Victoria claimed to have been descended from King David of the Bible for instance, and Prince Charles was circumcised by the top rabbinical Jewish Mohul in England. Young Prince George has had a rabbinical scroll made in his honour by top British Jewish rabbis, the British royal family are clearly crypto-Jews, despite Queen Elizabeth II being the Governor General of the Protestant Church of England. King Henry the VIII’s hat looked very much like a rabbinical hat in fact, though I have not researched his family line to see if it is well connected to the present ‘British’ royal family.

          Just as Israel and her subordinates in NATO countries fund, supply and control ISIS today, whilst outwardly claiming that ISIS has declared war on Israel, just as the Turkish crypto-Jewish government declared that ISIS has also declared war with them, even allowing a few ‘attacks’ by ISIS in Turkey to complete the illusion, the Jews are very crafty, and Catholicism, like Islam, serves their purpose ultimately, Roman Catholicism having been started in the first place at the behest of the Piso Jewish family, descended from King Herod (according to ‘The Diegesis’ by Rev. Taylor, 1829, which can be freely downloaded), who heavily infiltrated top Roman officialdom, ultimately only for the benefit of Jewish purposes.

          • mothman, you are even more creative than the usual Muslim idiots who post here. I know you low-information inbreds love to blame everything bad that happens in the world on the Jews, but you have just elevated that delusion to a new high.

  2. .First off, ANYTHING or ANYONE having ANYTHING WHATSOEVER to do with ISLAM, is strictly forbidden from entering the United States, as per the Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1952. They are termed “enemies of the state” and “terrorists” within the act itself.

    And secondly, the Quran says they are to receive 72 RAISINS, not virgins if they die in the performance of their slaughter of those they deem to be infidels. Raisins were rare and valuable 1400 years ago in the middle East, and were quite the prize. It’s NOT VIRGINS folks, it’s RAISINS. No fooling.

  3. It was working great when Iran and Iraq were at war…they thought of each other as infidels, so they could all go to heaven. Give them all some dynamite and tell them to practice.

  4. Why are they bringing in so many Muslims as well as allowing so many from south of the border to stay illegally? Easy. When the elite retire to their underground bunkers and start WW3, they don’t want to return to the surface ten years later with any angry real Americans still alive. The three factions left above ground will pretty much kill each other off. What, you thought the elite were planning on living with that rabble?

    • Like angry real Americans are going to be beat by these scumbags? You must be on drugs. And even if you are right the elites want to come back to these sick fucks who will eat them alive? You know how easy it will be to suffocate or poison the elites air supply? Have they thought of that?

      • Must be on drugs, or I might be right. Way to cover your bases with ambiguity Jeff. So let’s take the one you say might be right. There won’t be enough of them left to cause much problem since it’s ‘real Americans that are prepping and storing food and seed, ready for the future, not the poor from the third world. And I think the Orlando creep showed that they can be pretty effective when they put their mind to it.

    • Why are they bringing so many—- answer

      Obama is actually “STOCKING” Like when a farmer stocks a pond with bass or he stocks a field with quail or pheasants. Obama is “STOCKING” this country with Muslims and other undesirables knowing full well that they will multiply like rats “AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE” and cause murder, rape, robbery and mayhem “FOREVER” into the future of this country. Obama doesn’t care about the well being of these “refugees??” his only intent is to stock as many of them as possible. Could there be any more proof that Obama hates this country.

    • Do you really think the elite will escape the consequences of a global nuclear war they started by just retreating to their bunkers, and expect to return to the surface a decade later? Think again. It will be hundreds, if not thousands, of years before the planet’s surface is safe enough to return to. In the meantime, these scumbags won’t survive in their bunkers; instead, they’ll die a lingering, painful death, by either starvation or slow suffocation. They’ll wish they had died instantly in the thermonuclear blast.
      More likely, however, the angry Americans won’t let them escape into their bunkers; rather, they’ll exact their vengeance upon these cowards by hanging them from tree limbs and lamp posts all over the US.

      • I never suggested that their strategy was foolproof. I also believe it won’t work, but that will mean little to us after the fact. (ten years was just for discussion and who knows how long they expect to stay) I answered why so many Muslims were being brought into the country and provided the answer while not supporting its efficacy.

  5. Everyone should take a look at there background.
    I am not saying that the post is wrong cuz I know there are some people who are doing this kind of ridiculous and unforgivable things and everyone want them dead but it not in our religion or a part of it. As a muslim I’m proud and islam is the best religion. Guys first go through every nook and corner then judged someone

  6. there are people Muslim people who are living with curse to prove that don’t belong to dark and very ugly non human filthy part of religion… but its package if you are Muslim.. it is your religion you belong to it… you cant explain us… better you die by bombing your self.. so that if you are not getting these child you can get 72 virgin.

    • I believe a common Muslim phrases if you see something wrong stop it with your hand if you cannotthen then speak out against it if u cannot speak out against it then know what is wrong on your heart anyone not speaking out against this is breaking Muslim law.saying it is a common practice is unbelievable Muslim men are hipocites and believe they are justified in any unholy acts they chose to do.Who is going to stop them?They fool noone they need to up there prayer times to maybe ten a day cause they no they have no afterlife in store for them

  7. The biggest curse to the world is Islam the most horrible stupid and violent religion. Their book quran or what ever it is; is interrupted by all muslims (most of them murderers, women and child molesters and rapist) in their own way. And hence on their illiterate confused understanding they claim to be fucking scholars and start implementing their own form of islam; like the taliban, isis, boko haram and so on. Look at all muslim majority places. It is always murder, rape, beheading and so on. If they don’t have any other religion to fight they fight among themselves and kill each other in the name of their religion. And the irony is that all these assholes want to migrate to developed democratic and free nations like UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and of course any part of Europe like worms. Once in that country, they start their rubbish and religion. What a menace.

  8. I tell you, the Koran says nothing bout this thank God! Or any hadiths or sunnahs. It’s a culture thing, sick thing, but not Islamic nesseceraly.

    • Nothing in the Koran? Really?

      Koran sura 52.24 (regarding paradise). And there shall wait on them young boys of their own, as fair as virgin pearls”.

      Koran sura 76.19 “They shall be attended by boys graced with eternal youth, who will seem like scattered pearls to the beholders”.

      “Bacha Bazi” is the practice in Islam of sexual abuse of young boys, literally meaning “boy play”.

      “Bacha Beresh” are the young boys involved, literally meaning, “boys without beards”.

      Thursday nights is the accepted time of drunkness and raping of young boys.

    • Do you even read quran?? I am sure not at all!! Once you will and understand the messege i bet you’ll regret on what you hv said.. I am peoud to he a muslim.

      • Well I did read the Koran…it’s quite evil the Koran tell you right there not to befriend the people who don’t believe and call
        them sons of pigs and monkey , the Koran tell you to smile to and pretend to be their friend but killed them when you can , The Koran tell you to kill anyone who don’t believe in your legion , and that my friend is your understanding peaceful religious go-ahead now it’s your turn to read my Bible maybe you have a whole new perspective .

        • Sounds like the Quran separates the Muslim from all the rest the same old sick way the OT uplifts the Jews over the gentiles and get to treat them like “cattle” Fuck that. . Neither of those books when the segregate and bestow gifts of sick lust to the Muslim are the word of God.

  9. I think there are good and bad people everywhere in the world. Bad people do not have a religion or a nationality, they are just evil and twisted. l condemn any type of abuse especially on children.

    • The UN is responsible for the muslims invading western countries. It as long since lost sight of what it was meant to be, and supports the New World Order. And of course, like everything else, it has been infiltrated by Islam, bribed with the Petro dollars and is responsible for Agenda 21.. It needs to be dismantled along with the EU and all its other organisations.

  10. For the people who use the arguement that not all muslims are bad- consider this.

    I also agreed that not all muslims are raping children, beating wives, applying honor killing, stoning, and committing jihad terrorism. 100% I agree. HOWEVER! A person or group who knowing allows it by inaction is also guilty of the wrong. If good muslims don’t speak up and change what is horrific, and continue to maintain laws that are hateful- then we cannot tell what their belief system is. Read TRUST.

    If I’m with two other people and one starts speaking about hating —–(fill in yourself), if the third person doesn’t object and state another opinion, I’m going to think 1) they agree and/or 2) this person has no spine

  11. Islam is a doctrine from the pit of hell. Heavenly Father, please save these little boys who are being abused. In Jesus’ Name.

  12. We need to make noise on the Internet, to help these children, we need to send messages to the world authorities and the United Nations! We can not just take note of this barbarism and cross your arms! Let’s report!

  13. Wow! The hatred and foul language expressed here is sad and disturbing.
    I posted a comment about Christianity and all it’s evil history (never mentioning anything for or against the sexual abuse of children). It was removed… guess the web master is only interested in posting comments that reflect his or her beliefs. So much for freedom of thought and the freedom to express n this web site!

    • Hey idiot non-christian, did you miss the name of this website? We are not here to bash Christianity. You are so ignorant you don’t even know that the first amendment applies to what the government can or cannot restrict in the way of speech, NOT individuals. Now you are banned.

    • Dude, you can definitely tell you are not a christian. What a nasty miserable thing you sound like. You, my hateful friend, need Jesus!!

    • Guys that is 75 pence. I just found on net that Hitler planned to destroy christianity & replace with Islam. Arabs convinced him Islam with its traditions of subjugation of non muslim was best suited for nazi ideology of subjugation of non Aryans. Both nazi & muslim hate democracy which empowers the common man against tyranny.

  14. Oh God help these children- when I was young we used to call Pakistanis “dirty Pakis” and when I got older I was ashamed of my “racism”, but it seems to me now, with all the evidence that is being presented,myself and my peers were right all along- they ARE dirty Pakis because they are muslims and are following the example of muhammed. That was another common insult when I was young,if someone did something even mildly disgusting like spitting or burping loudly, we’d ! say”Ugh! Ya dirty Arab!” and muhammed is the original dirty Arab so no wonder this depravity is so common amongst muslims! They are an abomination.

  15. This is totally sickening. Makes my heart break to think what those poor children go through. There is so much poverty, corruption at each level of society that everybody cares about themselves or are helpless due to such a poor justice system. People are afraid to report or turn a blind eye.
    I’m not entirely sure about other factors that must be in play in these scenarios that perpetuates the pattern of behaviour.
    It does make me angry that such articles paint all Muslims and Pakistanis with the same brush. And how people assume that ‘the whole race’ is the same. Please open your eyes. These evil people are everywhere and of all races and religion. If you are committing heinous crimes as reported about then they never were of Muslim faith in any case.

      • Stupid ….. dats show how stupid and unwducated u r. Dis is simply how dat u call ur mon bulshit and ur dad call u son of bitch…. u dnt want to involve dis but the reality is dis not only in Pakistan all over the world this kind of shits happened. Specially usa …go n check street crime report of usa times.

      • lol notice how there is no actual information to back that up. the simple it is what it is because i’m right attitude. you are horrible christians! I can’t believe what lies you tell your sheep and how everything you do is holy. there are other religions get over it. Wheres the article here on christian priests raping altar boys?? but oh…wait this is a bashing page for anything you dont agree with. thats right. Obviously this cant happen in our own back yards…hello boy scouts. just horrible.

  16. Pakistan has probably the death penalty for homosexuality!? all men who rape are pedophiles pigs and gay with mental problems.

  17. All of Islam needs to be destroyed. Everything from the whacked-out fables of the mentally insane & evil Muhammad about his god of Prostitution & sexual immorality to the Quran & all the followers of Islam. It ALL needs to be wiped off the earth in order to bring morality, security, dignity & peace to mankind. The world became wicked on a whole new level at the dawn of Islam. Violence, brutality, cruelty, devastation & suffering surged through the World like a global epidemic & death is the pnly cure for it. Islam needs to be destroyed. Most of the violence in the world comes from Radical Muslims. Proof it’s a religion of terror, immorality, violence & sin.
    Genesis 6:6 And the Lord regretted putting humans on the Earth.

    • “Violence, brutality, cruelty, devastation & suffering surged through the World like a global epidemic” have you read the old testament? if so, you’d know that people did all these things in the name of Christianity. Aswell as the crusades, etc.

      • Hey “worthatron”; here’s an FYI: The “OLD Testament” was written BEFORE Christianity. Although part of the complete “Christian Bible”, Christianity BEGAN with Christ – in the “NEW Testament.

        The OLD Testament, also called the Torah, is where Judaism comes from. Our current Bibles are, in fact, Judeo-Christian as they comprise BOTH Books..

      • the OT condemns to death those who do these perversions, it reports all the evil people did which was why God ordered some massacres, and brought in pagan conquerors when the Israelites fell into evil and wouldn’t repent after repeated calls to repent.

    • U guyz cant say like this, its all bcoz of some persons who they need to punished ..

      Bt pls stop insulting any religion as well their messangar pls… else surely u will be punished soon…

  18. Perhaps the major reason why Sarah asked her husband Abraham to throw Ishmael and his mother Hagar from their home was because Ishmael was found molesting Isaac. The bible says was “playing” with Isaac which caused the fury of Sarah. Clearly, this idea of raping and violence comes in their blood.

      • You won’t shame them by outing them as rapists, child abusers, paedos. They will revel in all of this. This is exactly what they want to be. They are over here and taking the piss. And our appeasing career politicians are falling over themselves to welcome them, giving them a nice secure cozy bed to claim benefits, import more people like them and breed the rest of us indigenous people out of existence. Anglo Saxons are dead people walking.

  19. Those men deserve hell. They are putting those boys threw it everyday… how did humans get like this… because of money and power. And you think gods with those boys when their screaming…?

  20. Stop praying and do something your bullshit obama isnt helping anyone unselfishly. Dirty muslim is what that man is.

    • You seem to be under the impression that the American people support Barrack Hussein Obama; we don’t and our government will not listen to our demands for justice against him. He committed a confirmed FELONY when he released the Taliban leaders without our Congress’s consent. He’s destroying OUR country! However, where are YOUR country’s military forces and what is YOUR country doing about this problem? Americans have been calling for the punishment of this trash for a long time now. It’s time for everyone to stop hiding behind America for once and waiting for us to make the first move, because our Islam – loving President will never make it. It’s time for our allies to start taking a stand on their own. We’re nobody’s body guards, so if you don’t like the circumstances in Pakistan, YOU do something. Right now, we’re struggling to get our lame – duck President impeached, against a Democratic -heavy government who label anyone that opposes him as a dirty racist. Maybe if our allies make a play that calls for our support or for him to acknowledge that we are no longer allies, he’ll either be forced to act or expose him for the fraud that he is, once and for all! The way he treats our allies is deplorable. From Britain, to Israel; he believes he can do whatever and say whatever he wants without consequence, he’s THAT egotistical!

      • Ransom, I agree with the points you make, but saying Americans don’t support obama is, well, just a little suspect!

        You voted him in, and you re-elected him! And you will NEVER impeach him–because he’s black, and Americans know if he was impeached you would have a nation-wide Ferguson!

      • Peter35, Obama got more votes than anyone else, but the majority of American people didn’t vote for him. Unfortunately, there was a rift among conservatives, where many conservatives who wanted Ron Paul to be nominated by the Republican Party for President decided not to vote at all when he didn’t get the nomination. If they had all voted for the Republican nominee, Mitt Romney, then Obama would not have been re-elected. The tantrum thrown by Ron Paul’s supporters in 2012 had serious consequences.

  21. Jesus said it was better for someone to tie a millstone around their neck and drown in the ocean, than to hurt a child.
    What evil, vile, inhuman swine!

  22. pakistan, not worth a capital. The only good thing to come from pakistan is himalayan pink salt.
    Truly, pakistanis are worthy of the term “sub-humans”.

  23. In the Garden of Eden, God showed all future generations His perfect plan for humanity, sex and marriage. One adult male married to one adult female.

    In the Garden of Eden, the adult man, Adam, did not complain to God that he hated having sex with the adult female, Eve. Adam did not complain to God that he wanted a six year old child to rape.

    Adam did not demand that Eve cover her entire body and face in a black cloth coffin because he hated to see her female form.

    Adam did not beat, choke or seek to kill Eve because she did something he didn’t like.

    Adam did not do dirty, abnormal things — the animals were safe. Adam and Eve and their best friends, the animals, were all safe and happy in the Garden of Eden.

    • If you belive in Adam and Eve, you must also know that Adam had sex wwith his daughter. How else do you think he got grand children?

      • No it’s more likely that Eve had daughters and one of them bred with a brother. Or, it’s possible God created others in the same vain as Adam and Eve. Who knows? Incest wasn’t considered a sin back then and they were instructed to populate the earth.

    • So we’ll said god only wanted us humans to love and respect each other yet look what We have done to our world, we will only have ourselves to blame we humanity comes to an end…

  24. On Youtube, check out “The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan Frontline” (PBS). This happens in ANY country where Muslims live (Turkey, etc). It is very common among all men in the Muslim world. And, it has been going on for a long, long time. Truly revolting. I pray for these children, every day. Poor souls. Everyone, pray and read the word, daily. Pray for your neighbors, enemies – everyone – so that God will soften their hearts and lead them to HIm, now. Time is of the essence.

  25. Confusing? Are they training boys to “Give Head” Or “Behead” My guess is both. That is why your seeing is these “Men” pretending to train these little boys as militants. What is our future going to hold??? Were going to be invaded by a nation of muslim men who want to suck our dicks, and than get pounded is the ass!!! Allahu akbarnaked boys is what they will scream as the semem runs down’t their throat. I also heard they are practicing Anal Strtching to replace the suicie vest? Sick Fuckers!

  26. Its these sicko pakis that they are bringing into our countries! Did anyone miss that? I keep trying to figure out their end game and I am at a loss! Why are they bringing these monsters to live among the civilized people? Don’t they know these people are cursed! We don’t need cab drivers and convenience store owners! Watch your children! While I am at it maybe someone can help me with this one. Russellville Arkansas is a small town with very few jobs and most of the young people are on welfare. Why then are they starting a paki community there? In the welfare district where the children are less protected! All I keep thinking is that 15 miles from Russellville is a Nuclear plant capable of taking out all of the bottom half of the state! Is that what they are up too because there is no other reason to be there! The paki women are dressed head to toe in their Halloween outfits with just slits for eyes! And the stupid men come outside and just stare at the kids! My family lives near there and I am afraid for them! There is no reason for these freaks to be there, no taxis needed and no 7-11’s either!

    • I keep trying to understand why a large (or at least, powerful) group of our fellow westerners wants these “people” here. I’ve read a couple of answers but they don’t really seem to cut it: 1) it’s a leftist attempt at wealth redistribution. Bring in more poor people and thereby make us all poorer, er, make the wealth spread more equitably. 2) Also, many (if not all) of these folk HATE our culture and history, they hate our Judaeo-Christian traditions (bye bye Bar-Mitzvahs and Christmas), and they honestly want to destroy them. Why? I’ve heard that the bloodshed of the 20th century, including the Holocaust, was blamed by them on Christianity (how the hell was Christianity responsible for Hitler or Stalin or Pol Pot, atheists all) and nationalism so – get rid of both. Now our civilization’s history is a thing of shame to them. They threw out the good with the bad.

      But I personally don’t find these arguments compelling. I just don’t understand – do these PC fanatics really think life would be better under sharia? Even for women? It’s lunacy.

      • Constantine, Western leaders are rabid God-haters who hate the Bible and intensely hate Jews and Christians. This is why British and European ruling elites and the EU have colonised each one of our tiny nations with millions of muslims in a wicked act of ethnic cleansing. POPULATION REPLACEMENT is FORBIDDEN by INTERNATIONAL LAW.

        Although our Western leaders are not muslim (except for Sunni Muslim Brotherhood Obama) our leaders identify with Islam’s cruel god and are determined that muslims will become majorities in our countries.

        In Britain, Infidels who tell the truth about Islam can be sacked/fired from their jobs and are viciously persecuted by our ruling elites and sometimes arrested and jailed. In England, Paul Weston, leader of political party, Liberty GB was arrested for quoting in public what Winston Churchill said about Islam.

        United together, Western ruling elites and muslims have declared war on non-muslims.

      • Con, knock it off about atheists–I’m one, and I don’t go around killing people, but the three megalomaniacs you mentioned were hardly completely sane. Hitler had delusions of grandeur and was a ‘nut case’, Stalin was as mad as a gum-digger’s dog, and completely unpredictable, and Pol Pot was an inhuman killer.

        However, liked your comment! Most of us here are mystified as to the end result envisioned by the leftist lunatics; wiping out western civilization will surely wipe them out too.

      • They are are bringing in poor people to dilute the vote of Nationalists, and achieve a world government via the backdoor. Its pure treason.

    • Teri do not be afraid. Get together with your friends and start intimidating and harassing them. Make fun of their dress, ridicule and taunt them as much as possible. But always do it with a laugh so that if they start filing lawsuits you can say blink blink your honor it was just a joke. In the meantime, keep up a relentless harassment campaign to drive the Moslims out. It can be done, lots of cities in N. Idaho such as coeur ‘d alene manage to keep their population all white although discrimination has been illegal for decades. It’s just “attitude” and I suggest you start treating the moslims like they treat you, namely unwanted, contemptible DIRT. Do NOT be afraid, think of all the christian kids moslims killed. Good luck.

  27. The “religion of peace”? I don’t freakin’ think so! I have said it before and will say it again – islam (lcit) is a SATANIC death cult of goat f’ing pedophiles! The harm done to children by these pieces of pig squat is horrendous! And THIS is the “religion” this administration so loves. Wake up America! Wake up and start defending our Judeo-Christian roots and return to those roots. Unless we do turn back to God, it won’t be long before islam will have more than a toehold here in America; a whole lot more.

    • There is no such thing as a religion of peace…if you think that you clearly haven’t read any of the novels people base their faith off of…the bible is no more peaceful than the quran and quite honestly very very simular…the only reason you so called Christians don’t carry out the insane shit the bible says is ok…such as child slavery…women not having a voice…etc etc is because we have laws here that prevent that…and if that’s not the case then maybe your weak in your faith…ever thought about that….the laws we have here that keep you from being an extremist make you weak in your faith. ..we are not a christian nation by far…and just like all the gods before yours that are “dead”…yours to is on the same path…

      • Unfortunately Mark you’re going off half-cocked – you yourself have obviously never even read the Bible yet you’re an expert on it.
        Now I’m just your regular agnostic, but I sure as hell have read & studied the Bible as well as the Queeran & other “holy” books.
        “The bible is no more peaceful than the quran” is one of the more ignorant comments I have seen here – typical usually of left wing apologists.
        The only comparison that can be made is with the Old Testament (OT) where blood thirsty things were described. Difference is there is no CONTINUAL order to keep on killing Baal worshipers. Unlike the Queeran which demands all moslems wage war until disbelief is no more i.e. convert or kill unbelievers.
        Whether you like it or not, Western civilisation was founded on Judaeo-Christian principles – from The Bible & nowhere else. The laws you speak about COME from these – whether you like it or not.
        The New Testament or Christian scriptures speak exclusively of peace, but I’m not going to bore an atheist with those quotes, except for perhaps a couple “Love your neighbour as yourself” “Seek peace & Pursue it”. Hardly Quranic.
        There are many more, but I’m no Christian so I’m not going to preach on their behalf, suffice to say again that you speak from ignorance. Heaven forbid, maybe you should read the Bible sometime, the NT to be more exact. Yes there is bullshit in it, but even a person with half a brain can pick out the peace message.

      • Actually Mark, Buddhism comes very close, although technically it might better be described as a way of life rather than a religion, since Buddhists don’t worship a god as such. However, Buddhists are peaceful, do not proselytize, and are no threat to any other people.
        No, I’m not one!

  28. This is preview of what is to come if any western country
    Becomes an Islamic Nation. Remember that these little boys
    Who gain mental problems from being viciously raped, grow up
    To be men and then everybody wonders why Baconophobes
    act the way they do. The first pedophile Baconophobe,
    Mohammad(May he always be in the body of a pig), started this
    whole demonic cult . the Islamic culture is evil in all ways. No
    morals, no conscience, no love, no kindness, no honor!

  29. Child molesters …. should be sodomized by rogue elephants …. in the same public area …. where they stone the women ! Monedas 1929 Comedy Jihad Paquidermistan World Tour

  30. And of all the Country’s in the world it is the pakis we let in wholesale to the U.K!
    The very same who are taking over towns and cities refusing to integrate or assimilate with there supremacist (haha) bullshit religion, throwing up mosques everywhere, claiming benefits, raping and prostituting children, constantly offended, constantly whining, constantly playing the minority and race card, electoral fraud, drug importation and distribution in particular Heroin! and so on.
    Is it a coincidence people? No i dont think so.
    Quite possibly the most corrupt bunch of bastards on this earth but it is innate in them.

    But to qoute our great leader “it is mainstream Britain which needs to integrate more with the British Asian (he means muslim) way of life, not the other way around.
    david cameron

    And i qoute someone who i admire a great deal.

    “It is time we admitted that we are not at war with terrorism. We are at war with Islam.” Sam Harris.

    The dogma of multiculturalism has left a secular Europe very slow to address the looming problem of religious extremism among its immigrants. The people who speak most sensibly about the threat that Islam poses to Europe are actually fascists. To say that this does not bode well for liberalism is an understatement: It does not bode well for the future of civilization. Sam Harris

    We should profile Muslims, or anyone who looks like he or she could conceivably be Muslim, and we should be honest about it.
    Sam Harris

    The link between belief and behavior raises the stakes considerably. Some propositions are so dangerous that it may even be ethical to kill people for believing them. This may seem an extraordinary claim, but it merely enunciates an ordinary fact about the world in which we live. Certain beliefs place their adherents beyond the reach of every peaceful means of persuasion, while inspiring them to commit acts of extraordinary violence against others
    Sam Harris

    • We could always give them the same choice as they give anyone who does not subscribe to their belief system, convert, emigrate or die. In the interim, Muslims should be electronically tagged, placed under curfew and restricted to the Ghettos that they have made in UK cities. Muslim shops would be allowed to serve only Muslims and made to close on Christian holy days.
      Benefits for Muslims with more than one child would be stopped and incentives offered for men over the age of 14 to be permanently sterilised.

    • Excellent and interesting comment, Geoff! It seems I must learn more of your Sam Harris, whose comments make so much sense to me!

    • I used to believe Islam was a peaceful religion. I believed this because I was told Islam was peaceful by many people. I especially believed President George W. Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair. They were great and educated leaders after all. Then I began to read about Islam. Ninety percent of what I read was written by Middle Eastern Muslims. It didn’t take long to uncover the true intention of Islam. Lies meant to cover so much intention of hatred and world domination can’t be hidden forever. Muslims have stated that because the west has made racism the ‘Cardinal Sin’ – that was the phrase used – we have created the perfect environment for Islam to claim the U.S. and the U.k. as their own. To a Muslim the only definition of ‘peace’ is everyone worships Allah. Peace is not about tolerating other’s religious beliefs and cultural differences like we believe in the west, rather peace only comes when everyone worships Allah while inferior races and all women stay in their place. Westerners are afraid to stand against the Muslims for fear of being called racist and the oppression of women – even their abuse and suffering – is often excused as a cultural difference so to not offend someone’s religious beliefs or to give the offensive impression that the oppression of women should be considered just as important as a man’s. What most people don’t know is the ONLY way a Muslim man can be assured he is going to heaven is if he kills and dies in Allah’s name. It is nearly impossible for a woman to get to heaven as Mohhamed said he looked into the mouth of hell and all he saw was women. Women who make it to heaven get to be one of the seventy- two sex slaves. That was what one Muslim woman was taught. And I thought slavery was evil. Read ” Now They Call Me Infidel” and watch the video “Islam: What the West Needs to Know”. These works are done mostly by Muslims and will teach those who don’t know Islam what they need to know.

  31. Watched this night before last. “Pakistan’s hidden shame”. Well its not that hidden anymore!!!. What should be a bus depot or truck stop, is actually a filthy Muslim raping ground where young boys are rented out along with open air beds. Absolutely vile.

    Let us not forget these people are in our midst, not just in the hell hole named Pakistan.
    All of them do it its rife within the kornimal community. They are nothing but beasts.

    Also this is not a “Pakistani problem”. Its a Muslim pass time.

    Vile beasts.

  32. What a filthy thing . I suppose if you were to say , what a filthy race , you would be called that little word that bores one to death .

    Why can’t the men’ just fuck each other ? They are serial poofters , they rape other men in the asylum detention centers .

    I see London is having a big public housing shortage . They could go back to their shit hole paradise they came from . But no , pollute the west , and be fodder for the lick spittle pol left .

  33. ANYONE who molests or rapes a child, no matter boy or girl, should be disemboweled, neutered then crucified upside down to let their entrails flop onto their face as they die a slow, agonizing death. No mercy for those who abuse a child.

  34. These boy rapists are committing and performing homosexual acts so basically going by Islamic tradition they should all be either imprisoned and tortured or hung from a crane as they do in Iran?.

    These same boy rapists would probably join in with a lynch mob to massacre an openly gay man?.

    • Pedophilia and homosexuality are not the same thing. People have always killed whatever reminds them of the “evil” or shame inside themselves, haven’t they? Muslims are simply the worst hypocrites about it. Well, Muslims, along with the hypocritical pedophile Brits who allowed the rape of 1,400 children. The gay men Muslims hang are simply their scapegoats and they’re probably raped by the same men who hang them before they hang them. Muslims have no introspection, no awareness of their own hypocritical nature and psychopathology. Child sexual abuse turns children into angry monsters when they grow up (regardless of any cultural or religious stamp of approval of the abuse); thus, at least part of the reason Muslim males, and females, are permanently enraged. Pedophiles are typically extremely emotionally retarded also, which is patently obvious with Muslims. This is part of the reason why trying to turn Muslim hell holes into democracies simply won’t work and why having a dictator/fuhrer/ogre (strict father figure) leading the hell hole does work. It’s also the reason the grand muffin of Jerusalem, what’s his name, almost wet his pants when he met Hitler.

    • Clamb;
      Muhammed was quite a war lord, and he raped countless thousands of women, and acquired syphyllis. He had no way to treat it, and it progressed to the point of infecting his brain. He wasn’t very coherent then, and that is when he wrote the Quran. What he claimed was “inspiration” was really delusions from the infection in his brain. Countless millions follow a book written by a man, insane from syphyllis when he wrote it, and they all think it’s from some god named Allah. Can you think of anything less intelligent?