REAP WHAT YOU SOW: Steven Sotloff, Jewish grandson of Holocaust survivors with American-Israeli citizenship, held a “deep love for Islam”

24_08_2014_016_016_004Leftist Jew gets in bed with the mortal enemy of the Jews and suffers the consequences. Steven Sotloff spoke fluent Arabic and showed a deep love for the Islamic world, even while living in Israel. He is reported to have supported Hamas and the Syrian jihadist rebels before he was captured by ISIS militants in Syria in 2013 and beheaded by them yesterday.



According to various online reports, Sotloff’s journalistic style effectively gave aid and comfort to America’s enemies in Bahrain’s Shi’ite Hezbollah rebels, Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, Libya’s Al-Qaeda rebels, and finally ISIS. Sotloff had kept his Judaism a secret from his Islamist captors by pretending to be sick when he fasted for the Yom Kippur holiday.

Steven Sotloff Deeply Love Islamic World, Comitted to Arab Spring, Respectful of Islamic Culture:

Steven Sotloff’s Sympathies Were with Arabic Culture, Not Jews or America:

Sotloff Moved to Yemen, Where he Lived for Years, Lot of Respect for Muslim World:

Steven Sotloff, Friend of Muslims & Arab Spring Breaker:

* Beheaded journalist steve sotloffs tweets reveal support syrian terrorist friends

UK Daily Mail (h/t Maria J)  Sotloff, 31, grew up in Miami with his mother Shirley – whose parents were both Holocaust survivors – and father Art before attending the Kimball Union Academy boarding school in New Hampshire from which he graduated in 2002.  He then studied journalism at the University of Central Florida but did not graduate.

Sofloff, who was born in Miami and was the grandson of two Holocaust survivors arrived in Israel in 2008 to become an undergraduate at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya according to the Times of Israel. However, he was apparently not a fan of the Israeli governments hardline approach to Palestine.


‘Like most of us, he came here and he became very critical of the government,’ said Hillary Lynne Glaser, who studied conflict resolution, international relations and counter-terrorism with Sotloff. ‘I’m not so sure it was about the Israeli-Arab conflict, I think it was more how they treat their own people. But he still came back to visit,’ she said. ‘He didn’t hate it enough to not come visit,’ she said. ‘He still considered it his home.’

After he graduated from the IDC, Sotloff freelanced for the Jerusalem Post and the Jerusalem Report and from there moved onto Foreign Policy and Time. His editor at the Jerusalem Report in 2011-12, Illene Prusher, called him fearless. ‘He was an excellent journalist, and he filed great work,’ she said to the Times of Israel.

Sotloff with Libyan jihadist rebels
Sotloff (navy vest) with Libyan jihadist rebels

‘He was our only guy who was filing from the region, and he was filing for a bunch of different places… In addition to covering Libya, he was covering Arab uprisings.

As a freelancer, Sotloff traveled the Arab world and eventually arrived in Syria in August, 2013. The Times of Israel said that they knew he was Jewish, but kept it secret in case his kidnappers found out. Sotloff wrote reports from Bahrain, Egypt, Libya, Turkey and Syria.


‘A million people could have told him what he was doing was foolish, it seemed like it to us outsiders looking in, but to him it was what he loved to do and you weren’t going to stop him,’ said his friend, Emerson Lotzia. ‘Steve said it was scary over there. It was dangerous. It wasn’t safe to be over there. He knew it. He kept going back.’

Lotzia, now a Florida reporter, tweeted his horror after his friend’s execution: ‘Devastated and crushed. Steve was an amazing friend. Heart is heavy for his family. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.’ Sotloff was ‘no war junkie’. He was ‘committed to the Arab Spring and very respectful of Islamic culture’.

How do you like the Islamic world now, Steven?
How do you like the Islamic world now, Steven?