SUDDEN JIHAD SYNDROME! 82-year-old London woman beheaded by convert to Islam

myjihad1-vi-214x300Palmira Silva was decapitated at her home in Edmonton in an indiscriminate rampage before armed police subdued and arrested her ‘crazed’ attacker whom locals last night claimed had converted to Islam last year. Police are alleging it had “nothing to do with Muslim terrorism.” (Phew, I feel so much better now, don’t you?)

UK Telegraph  Pensioner Palmira Silva was decapitated at her house in Edmonton in broad daylight in an apparent frenzied assault by a 25-year-old man who randomly targeted victims. The horror scene unfolded as terrified eye witnesses saw the man, who was wielding a foot long blade, attack a passing vehicle and a cat before roaming back gardens for a victim.


Police believe the man also tried to attack two people at another address in Nightingale Road but they were able to escape without injury. The man was arrested after armed police, who had distracted him to avoid other attacks, cornered him in a house and Tasered him, during which some officers were injured. Ms Silva was pronounced dead at the scene.

 Freda Odame, 30, said she heard a commotion and pulled back her curtains and saw a black man aged in his mid 20s. “Someone was shouting and the door was banging. I could hear the screaming but I could not hear what he was saying,” she said. “I could see that he had a big curved knife, about the size of an arm’s length and he was crouching as if frantically searching for something.

However, detectives said they had ruled out terrorism as a motive for the killing. (No, not terrorism just a run of the mill Muslim beheading. YAWN)


“He had a crazed look in his eyes so I closed my curtains because I was scared. My next door neighbour was in his garden but did not seem to realise anything was going on. “I have seen him around here all the time, I think he lives on the road, He has a grey car and I think he lives with his family. “I was just so very scared. Five minutes after I heard him screaming the police knocked on my door and told me to get out.”

THIS is not an “isolated incident.” On the 3 June 2014, Tahira Ahmed, 38, was decapitated. Her husband, Naveed Ahmed, 41, was charged with her murder.  Last year, in June, Reema Ramzan, 18, was decapitated by boyfriend, Aras Hussain, 21.