FRANCE: Calais under seige by illegal alien Muslim parasites demanding their “rights”

1409941372151_wps_14_Migrants_hold_banners_as_Dozens of illegal alien invaders and gangs marched through the streets of Calais demanding human rights protection, as charities warned they are being overwhelmed by the rise in numbers using it as a base to cross the channel. There is rising anger at the rising number of  mostly North African Muslim illegals flocking to Calais which has long been used as a staging post to try to reach the shores of Britain. (Where the free benefits and handouts are better than in France)

1409941298523_wps_9_Migrants_protesting_in_CaUK Daily Mail (h/t Maria J) The disorder and large influx, mainly from African countries have led the mayor and deputy mayor of Calais to make direct appeals for UK help. Pascal Froehly, a volunteer at a migrants’ charity clothes shop in Calais: ‘There was a time, two to three years ago when we served 100 people. Now we just cannot face it any longer. My assessment is that there are around 800.

‘The only people who try to help them are volunteers and they are tired. They are tired elderly, unfit and they just cannot face it any longer.’ The protest in the town saw invaders waving banners, one saying ‘where are our human rights?’ another ‘we are against eviction’.


The illegals alleged police brutality against them, with some claiming to have suffered broken hands and legs. (Then the police should shoot you and put you out of your misery like they do to horses, who actually work for a living)

In a statement signed ‘the migrant communities in Calais’, they said: ‘Migration is not a crime (But illegal alien invasion is) and each and every one of us has reasons why we had to leave our countries and our families and why we are here now. (Nobody cares. Go to one of the rich Muslim Gulf States. Nobody wants you parasites in Europe)


‘Europe is always talking about human rights and freedom but we cannot find this here. (You are not European, you have no rights, go home) ‘This is why we want to demonstrate and bring our demands on the streets.’ (Your demands? Who the hell do you think you are? Filthy, disease ridden parasites)

One illegal alien who has been in Calais for two months, said: “I’m sleeping rough in a forest at the moment and I only have one meal a day. ‘I’m always very hungry. I’m not happy here. Me and my people need food and we need shelter. It’s not good for us here. (Then go home)


‘The people of Calais do not like black people, (especially black muslim thugs). I had to come here. In my country, people were being killed, including my own brother. ‘I’m desperate.’ (Who cares? Go home and die. You are  a worthless POS)

Meanwhile more footage emerged of migrants in Calais scaling a huge security fence in a desperate bid to board ferries bound for England. A clip has emerged showing several migrants clambering up huge fences at the French port and dropping down on the other side. Several then managed to evade security officers as they tried to board – but police moved in and took them away.


Peter Cullum, head of international affairs at the Road Haulage Association, told that blocking Calais would mean another port would be lumbered with the problem.

He argued that the invaders should be stopped by the country they first enter, adding: ‘For anyone to get to Calais means the Schengen agreement is not being implemented properly. To treat the problem at the last point in the Schengen area seems perverse – and blaming us for not picking them up sooner is a nonsense.’ 


Earlier Ms Bouchart begged David Cameron to come to France and tell migrants that Britain is no El Dorado. She also repeated her threat to blockade the town’s port to make the UK change its ‘generous’ welfare and asylum policy. ‘Everyone who comes to Calais, comes because they believe they will be looked after if they get to Britain,’ said the tough-talking politician.

‘Under British rules they get free accommodation, they can work on the black market easily and they are given money. ‘For poor people from Africa this is very attractive. Britain is too soft on illegals. I demand that David Cameron comes to Calais and gives the invaders a strong message that Britain is not an El Dorado.’


Mrs Bouchart said the number of migrants in Calais was intolerable and the town was suffering alone. ‘If the UK government does not listen I will block the port. We are 75,000 people. If we all go to the port together we can block it.

Mrs Bouchart also demanded the dismantling of Britain’s border control at Calais and financial compensation for the cost to the town of the immigration crisis. She said: ‘If we move the border back to Dover you [the UK] will have to deal with the problem of illegal aliens.’


So far this year in Calais the police have stopped 7,500 invaders who were trying to reach England and it’s thought that by the end of the year 30,000 will have been found hidden in vehicles. The influx dramatically increased earlier this year when the crisis in Libya allowed migrants from Eritrea, Ethiopia and Sudan to reach Europe from the North African coast. (Just as Gaddafi warned would happen if the West ousted him)

Armed gangs fight pitched battles for control of the best vantage points from which to break into trucks boarding ferries to Dover.