HOUSTON BNIers! Islamic State (ISIS) comes to Jason’s Deli in Houston

Houston Muslim caught supporting ISIS, wearing Islamic robe with the infamous ISIS logo on his shoulder. If you live in Houston, keep an eye out for this homegrown jihadist. You’ll recognize him by the beard and the rag on his head.


Wounded American Warrior (h/t Joe K)  These images of a Muslim man are from Jason’s Deli on west 34th and 290 in Houston.  The unknown man was wearing a black Islamic robe with the Islamic State logo embroidered on the right shoulder. (Not sure if he’s a worker there or a customer)

These terrorists are popping up everywhere and we need to start isolating the issue before we have a major problem.  These images should be sent to the FBI in Houston as well, so if you know anyone please send these to them. This guy most likely lives in the area.


ISIS in Syria
ISIS in Syria