ISIS defector tells CNN’s Arwa Damon that a British terrorist was chosen to behead journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff because it would be a good way to recruit more Western fighters


Jihadists from Western countries are high-value recruits for the Islamic State (ISIS) because they will turn on their home countries and be ready and willing to carry out terror attacks there. 

He said: ‘Since Western fighters joined ISIS they consider their home country as infidels. ‘If they have a chance they will carry out attacks because they consider it an infidel country and it should be fought.’



He said: ‘It is possible that the goal was to project the image that a European or a Western person executed an American so that they can showcase their Western members and appeal to others outside Syria and make them feel that they belong to the same cause and that they too can do anything in support of ISIS in their respective countries.’