AUSTRIA: Senior citizens being thrown out of their homes to make room for (mostly Muslim) asylum seekers

Many of these pensioners can barely make ends meet as they only receive the minimum pension and housing subsidies from the government.


The 72-year-old (female) pensioner Waltraud Z. couldn’t believe her eyes when she came across this letter from Austria Homes (its shareholders are Caritas, Raika and the bishophric of St. Pölten) in her mailbox on 11 August.

“We hereby notify you that your rental contract cannot be extended as of 30/4/2015 as this flat is urgently needed to provide accommodation for asylum seekers. Salzburg Social Work is responsible for further assignment.” 

Source: Kybeline (h/t DMF)

As more and more Muslim invaders from North Africa and the Middle East continue to flood the EU, this unconscionable trend is growing: