BROOKLYN: “I’m going to cut your head off like Muslims do to us, you Arab bitch”

Radical pro-Hamas Muslim activist was threatened with beheading in the streets of Brooklyn. Linda Sarsour, the 34-year-old extremist director of the Arab American Association of New York, was allegedly attacked and insulted by Brian Boshell as she left her group’s headquarters on Fifth Ave. in Bay Ridge.

Linda Sarsour, Radical Muslim activist
Linda Sarsour, Radical Muslim activist

NY Daily News  An Arab Muslim rights activist was attacked in Brooklyn Wednesday by a man who hurled slurs and threatened to behead her to “see how your people feel about it,” authorities and the victim said.

Linda Sarsour, 34, director of the Arab American Association of New York, was leaving the group’s headquarters on Fifth Ave. in Bay Ridge at 12:20 p.m. when Brian Boshell, 45, allegedly threatened her, called her an “Arab b—-” and insulted her in Arabic. Boshell, who is white, then allegedly chucked a trash can at her and a woman walking with her, Sarsour said. Neither woman was injured.


She said she had called the police reporting Boshell as a suspicious person before the attack, but officers didn’t respond until afterward. Sarsour vented her anger at the allegedly slow response on her Facebook page.

Boshell was charged with menacing and aggravated harassment as a hate crime and criminal possession of weapon.

Here’s what the media isn’t telling you about Linda Sarsour:  An Islamist activist honored by the White House last December as a “Champion of Change” called Zionism “racism” and said “nothing is creepier” than the belief in a Jewish homeland. Linda Sarsour also posted two links on her Twitter feed to a rabidly anti-Israel video by a New York poet that accuses Israel of ethnic cleansing.


IPT  Sarsour, director of the Arab American Association of New York, is on record defending terror suspects, casting skepticism over law enforcement investigations and advancing conspiracy theories. She also believes there is a government conspiracy against Muslims and that the authorities were behind Malcolm X’s assassination. During a Feb. 23, 2012 interview with Russia TV, Sarsour claimed that “Islamophobia” today is a continuation of the genocide of native Americans and the slavery of African Americans.

Sarsour  dismissed reports about an al-Qaeda plot to blow up an airplane using a more sophisticated, more difficult to detect, underwear bomb. Rather than celebrate this outcome, Sarsour leapt to a false conclusion, claiming that in a May 8 Twitter post that it was a CIA inside job. In fact, the bomb plot was quite real.


But it fits with her view that there is “War on Islam” led by the United States. That narrative is considered among the most effective messages in radicalizing young Muslims.

“The value of Arab life – whether nameless Palestinian children bombed by American-funded fighter jets or American youth profiled, questioned and incarcerated for frequenting a particular mosque – is spiraling downwards rapidly in the US and at a more accelerated rate in the Arab World,” she wrote in a March 22, 2012 Al-JazeeraEnglish opinion piece.

She demonized law enforcement at a 2010 panel discussion at the Islamic Society of North America’s national convention. During a question and answer session at New York University with White House terrorism adviser John Brennan two years earlier, Sarsour lamented the Patriot Act and cast the arrest of terror suspects as an unjust and everyday occurrence in the Muslim community.


But it is her Palestinian advocacy that seems to set Sarsour most at odds with American policy and ideals. She expressed misgivings about Saddam Hussein’s 2003 capture by American forces in Iraq, saying she felt humiliated by his appearance because he was a hero to Palestinians. “”I think he’s done a lot of things he shouldn’t have done, but I was hurt. My Arab pride was hurt,” she said. “Palestinians are under so much oppression and no other Arab country ever helped them.”

She does not condemn Hamas leadership, its history of suicide terrorism or its indiscriminate firing of rockets at Israeli communities. Any notion that she’s a responsible and moderate voice for the Muslim community, one worthy of access to the halls of power, ignores a darker, extremist record.