Looks like some Islamic State (ISIS) beheaders got their heads handed to them by Iraqi militias

The August 31st assault on Amerli by Shiite armed groups, Iraqi army and Kurdish Peshmerga forces broke the IS siege of some 80 days

Shockingly, the video has not yet been taken down by Youtube:

Around 20,000 Iraqis from the Turkmen Shiite minority live in Amerli, where the IS blockade affected 36 surrounding villagesMarwan al-Biyati, who recently married and was fighting as part of the committees formed to defend the region, told Al-Monitor by telephone that he made a deal with his wife to kill her if IS enters Amerli. I will not allow these criminals to sell or rape my wife. I’d rather kill her and fight for the city until my last breath,” he said. 

Some spoils of war: