Since when is John Kerry on the CAIR payroll? Claims ISIS’s hateful ideology has “nothing to do with Islam”

Who does he think he’s kidding? Everything ISIS is doing comes right out of the teachings of the quran.

Walid ShoebatISIS follows the Quran literally and any media outlet including the Fox News that says Islam is hijacked or “it is only the extremists” are deceiving you. Until the American people put aside the political correctness and the craziness that “We all worship the same God” nonsense, hundreds of thousands and even millions of people will die at the hands of Islam. The Truth is very uncomfortable and very scary, it will be especially scary for liberals who will not recognize reality until we lose one or two U.S. cities to the enemy.  Tragiclly this mistake may cost us the destruction of several US and European cities before we may come to our senses. TOP TEN verses in quran that inspired ISIS to do what they do