MICHIGANISTAN: Army officer told he could not enter his daughter’s school in uniform because some students might find it “offensive”


Lt. Colonel Sherwood Baker had stopped at Rochester Adams High School during the day to clear up an issue with his daughter’s class schedule. But when Baker tried to go in, a (Muslim?) security guard told him that he could not enter wearing the uniform because it could offend (Muslim?) people. (Michigan has one of the largest Muslim populations in the country)

FOX News  “They told him some kids might not understand and might be offended. So they gave him a choice, told him he could phone in to the office or go home and change his clothes,” said Rachel Ferhadson, the Lt. Colonel’s wife. 

At that point, the couple called the superintendent’s office from the parking lot and a staff member came out to let him in the school. Ferhadson says the superintendent, a combat Marine veteran himself, was also “appalled” at what happened and the principal has also expressed regret to the family.