The Islamic State (ISIS) explains why you should be living in Syria rather than in Finland


Finland pays you only $142 dollars per month for having a kid while the Islamic state (ISIS) will pay you $150 dollars per month.

And considering that the cost of living in Finland is way more expensive than in Syria, this $150 will go a lot farther in Syria.  Now, imagine how much money you can rake in if you have four wives ($100 per month for each wife/ $50 per child) as is permitted under Islamic law, especially if they are prolific breeders.


But that’s not all.

Breitbart  A North-London hate preacher who was released early from Prison in 2010 has published a BuzzFeed style top-ten listicle of benefits of joining ISIS to his thousands of Facebook and Twitter followers. Describing the perks of traveling to ISIS territory, he praises the Islamic State’s multiculturalism and policy of only taxing non-Muslims. Mizanur Rahman’s list, which he shared on Facebook and Twitter, highlighted the benefits of joining the Islamic State, which aside a heavy focus on financial incentives strangely picked up on the ‘multicultural’ aspect of International Jihad.