FINALLY! A Western leader who declares that Russia is our best ally in the fight against Islamic terrorism

Nigel Farage UKIP and Vladimir Putin

Nigel Farage of UKIP and Vladimir Putin

The West must desist from its staunch opposition to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s policy in Ukraine, and form an alliance with Moscow in order to defeat the Islamic State (ISIS), UK Independence Party (UKIP) leader Nigel Farage has said.

RT  Farage demanded the West stop antagonizing “the Russian bear”by poking him “with a stick”, and insisted President Putin is “on our side” in the global war against jihadist extremism.


The right wing MP called upon Western leaders to “grow up” and “recognize the real threat facing all of our countries, communities and societies.” It’s time for Europe to halt the geopolitical theatre in Ukraine, he warned, and prepare a plan like “like Syria, like Iraq, like Kenya like Nigeria” to deal with the real and substantive “threat that faces us.”

Farage sparked controversy earlier in 2014 when he publicly declared Putin to be the statesman he harbors the most admiration for.


In a European Parliament (EP) debate on Tuesday morning, the UKIP chief offered a sympathetic interpretation of Russia’s actions in Ukraine. Farage argued EU leaders had directly encouraged the uprising in the conflict-ridden state, which he says has predictably prompted a retaliatory reaction from Moscow.

Putin is also blamed by many Western leaders for prolonging carnage in Syria by supply Damascus with arms and military aircraft. He has also been criticized for repeatedly blocking attempts to sanction Syrian President Bashar Assad’s government via the United Nations.


But Farage argues these political differences must be cast aside so that Russia can join forces with multiple European nations to tackle IS and defeat the Islamic terror group. The UKIP leader warned we are living in tenuous times, with the West currently facing the greatest threat it has seen in over 70 years.

“The recent beheadings of the British and American hostages graphically illustrates the problem and of course we have our own citizens from our won countries engaged in that struggle too,” he said.


Farage suggested a litany of Western “foreign policy failures and contradictions” in recent years have unnecessarily provoked Putin, including the “bombing of Libya” and Western leaders desire to arm Syrian rebels. UKIP leader criticized the EU’s expansionist agenda, emphasizing EU powers “directly encouraged the uprising in Ukraine that led to the toppling of the president Yanukovych.”

Putin’s reaction was unsurprising, Farage concluded, who stressed “if you poke the Russian bear with a stick,” you should expect retaliation.


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  1. Putin looks at the UK with contempt, as do other countries. We have wimps for leaders with a backbone of a jellyfish and the liver of a lily. If Putin was in charge of Argentina or Spain, we would be scared witless for our territories. Imagine Silliband! He would give them up to his Marxist mate for his troop manoeuvres!


  3. Don’t get too excited. I don’t trust Putin even though he is iron-souled- a good quality characteristic but he leans towards anti-freedom totalitarianism, just like crème puff Obama. The only difference is that Obama is pro-Islam and Putin is pro-Communism.

    Putin will be a useful ally against Islam just like evil Stalin was a useful ally against Nazism. The ‘Cold War’ after WWII that came close to a Nuclear War in the 1960’s warns us to be cautious about whom we call friend.

    The measure of a persons thinking and subsequent behaviour is their ‘Belief System.’

    Totalitarianism in any form is not compatible with the values of ‘Liberty’ in freedom of speech and choice that we treasure in the West.

    A rattle snake and a brown snake are useful allies when used against the enemy but they can also turn against us and kill because it is in their nature- their instinctive belief system.

    Nigel Farage opposes ‘Islamic State’ like most Western politicians but again like Cameron and most Western Politicians, Farage does not oppose Muslim immigration in the West.

    Only Paul Weston ‘Liberty GB’ & Paul Golding ‘Britain First’ are truly standing strong against Islam in Britain.

    Until Politicians as a majority recognise that the ‘I.S.’ is ‘True Islam’ behaving exactly like ‘Paedophile Muhammad’ did and that there is no such thing as a ‘Moderate Islam’ and there is no such thing as ‘Two Islam’s’- we the people shall never be able to live free in safety.

    Wiping out the ‘Islamic State’ is just like trying to wipe out ‘Al-Qaeda’ – it just changed its form and attacked again.

    There is only one solution… Islam must be banned in total.

    As it stands only Russia & China might be willing to wipe out Islam- it is not clear yet whether they will; but one thing is certain our current majority of leaders including Politicians, CEO’s & Christian Rulers don’t have the united courage to ban Islam. They are too afraid of offending Muslims.

    Our only solution- everyone must join the ‘Freedom Resistance’ in their Nation and use ‘People Power’ against all Coward Leaders.

    It is going to be a long hard fight against ‘Islamization of the World’ -I believe this current war will last over 300 years and shall not end until Islam is vanquished completely.

    We need ‘People Power’ by the millions in the ‘Global Freedom Resistance’ -all Nations to defeat Islam.

    • I agree that Putin is a totalitarian and would not make a good Western leader. But as far as a partner in fighting a war against Islamic extremists he is a good fit. The world is a bad neighborhood so sometimes we must find common ground with bad people. With regard to Obama, Putin may actually be the better man. I don’t like communism at all. But Obama is on the side of both the totalitarian globalists and the Islamic extremists. I imagine Putin could agree to disagree with us on our ideals of liberty of the people, put aside those discussions for a later date, and work together with us to fight the Islamic radicals seeking to fight all the non Muslims.

  4. Up plutin and fuckin Russians (lock stock and 2 smokin big un,s )
    I for one would fight shoulder to shoulder against islam with our old friends Russia
    Its a shame our stupid leaders ( nige excluded ) dont feel the same
    Up the farage
    Up the Russians
    Up the uk
    Time for change
    Against this islamic death cult
    Many thanks

  5. We are going to have to alley ourselves with Russia. They are more capable to help us shoulder the load then any other nation. Plus, I think they hate Islam as much as we do.

    • No Jack they hate islam more then we do which is why I like Putin more then I like Obama. I don’t like communism but I think I am less scared of it then I am islam. We need to get rid of this imposter because I’m not sure we can stand 2 more years of this cancer. I am hoping the military will do what they have never done in the history of this country and that is remove this president.

  6. Russia is the answer…to Obama who is deceiving the world to dominate for Muslims.Basically the hierarchy in Saudi Arabia and a nuclear powered Iran . An Iranian bomb is Obama’s dream.

  7. Absolutely the only answer..Russia is the way. This has become total war..Islam radical Islam is attacking Australia now from within . Leading Muslims are lying . This the beginning. The Saudi Arabian hierarchy are the perpetual supporters of these radical imams. Saudis Arabia is the source. The president of the United States bowed to this hierarchy. The answer is to isolate Islam and deny them democratic rights. No passports. No negotiations . No money. The oil must not be paid forthe world needs to find it elsewhere.

  8. As a Pole interested with Russia, I do not understand your admiration for Putin. After 14 years of his rule Russia is backward country, that is not even able to feed himself, although it has 8% of the world’s arable land. Haven’t you heard of the Russian parliament advisor Professor Aleksandr Dugin? In his view, Islam is a simpler version of the Orthodox and Muslims should be allies of Russia, because they have a lot in common (IMHO totalitarism and no civil rights). Dugin’s ideology is part of the curriculum at Russian military academies.

    But you say: logic, let us together praise gloriuos president Putin…

    • PW, as a Pole your view of Putin and Russia is to be expected, but surely you realize Russia needs a very strong man (a bully) to lead it, given it’s size and ethnic make up. The same is true of China, which has occasionally been a threat to neighbouring countries, though not nearly on the Russian scale.

      The praise for Putin is nevertheless warranted when you compare him with other leaders, e.g. Putin does at least look out for Russia; does Cameron do the same for England? You should know by now that obama is doing a really good job of ruining America and making the country a laughing stock, to the point where I for one wonder how much more of his islamic nonsense the American military will take before it revolts.

      Hollande in France; a good leader? How about Merkel? She showed some promise at the start, but surely you agree by now–she’s useless too. I could go on, Poroshenko……………but you get my drift.

    • I’m, sure you know a lot more about this stuff then I do and don’t think I like Putin it’s just for the most part everyone knows what and who Putin is but with Obama for some reason he has people blinded to who and what he is and so to me he is more dangerous then Putin.

  9. CHINA is even more effective in dealing with their muslims than Putin.

    There should be a global anti-Islam alliance with a “NO PRISONERS” policy.

  10. Bitter truth is if ussr wud have invaded and captured afghanistan and usa wud not have come in between i think there wud hav been no terrorists,no mass killings ,no death of inocents world wud have been peaceful place to stay !!!!

  11. If I had to side with any world power, it would definitely be with Putin. He rules with an iron fist and sees the problem of Islam as it is. I like how he deals with the islamic virus thats threating our existence, unlike obummer and his muslim loving friends in office!

  12. The US and Russia, united to defeat islumic muslim terrorism would work like the world’s heavy weight boxer with both the left and the right hand working in unity, punching the life out of muslum islumic terrorists. The only way to finally defeat muslum terrorism is for the 6 billion d’himmis, Americans, Russians, Brits, French, Christian, Jews, Hindus and so on working together to recognize that islum is the problem to defeat the 1 billion muslum islumic cult of evil. Instead America lead by the muslum in the W house with his 6 muslum minions continue to support the muslums by denying that all of the terrorism in the world has nothing to do with islum.

  13. I think Putin is up to something, but the west needs him. WW2 could not be won without Russia, so Churchill and Roosevelt had to make friends with STalin, as horrible a prospect as it was. I don’t think Putin is as evil as Stalin, but I think Putin is up to something. (he just has that look) As an aside, Our Lady of Fatima said that Russia was to be consecrated to her. Consecration means that Russia has some role to play, some key role in the future.

  14. sadly, Putin is the only leader who recognises islam for what it is.
    if letting him have his way in the Crimea and Ukraine stops them reverting to muslim hell holes then more power to him.

  15. i have been saying for years that we should be friends with russia they are most like us they what all most the same things. this friendship should have been done a long time ago.but once again oboma wont have it because putin is a conservative ,not a muslim like oboma. we need to get rid of his mad man ,and find your real friends.

  16. Agree. Unfortunately I received an email today telling me that there are 250,000 refugees who (are Muslim) will be relocated to the US in the next 4 months or ASAP. This means 250,000 ADULTS who will suck off our welfare system and have 6+ kids per female. We have to educate their kids, give them money, give them food stamps, give them govt housing and give them health care. I bet they will get SS too if they are 62+. Then they will go to Mosque and be taught to hate us and devise ways to implement Sharia Law and to hate us as we support them.

    • Hi Kim, I liken Muslim immigration into western countries to this scenario.
      Imagine the publics reaction if the government announced it was releasing a dozen pit-bull terriers into each school yard with the reassuring message, parents shouldn’t needlessly worry a child will be ripped to threads, this breed is largely misunderstood and the vast majority of these dogs are not at all vicious.

  17. Obama-Nation is gay, WEAK / FECKLESS / PARASITE that is a Sunni muslim and he wants to destroy the United States of America and Israel!!

    Putin is a man true to his word to fight terrorism!!

    Obama-Nation is Aiding and Abetting all the muslim brotherhood!! He is the worst president in USA history!!

  18. Putin is one of only a few world leaders that the world can respect and admire.
    Long live Russia and the Russian people!

  19. love the speeches from putin.
    he kicks ass for real.
    in a bar room brawl he would destroy weak
    cameron and and his muslim loving friend obama.
    seriously. I’ve seen putin doing judo and throwing
    these dudes all over the place

  20. While I would agree the world is in political chaos at this time, and it’s difficult to discern who is a friend and who is ultimately the enemy, I have to agree with Farage; it makes a lot of sense to side with Putin. (and Assad)

    And straight away we run into a problem–the U.S.A. should be on board, but the U.S. has obama, who is the enemy of Assad and Putin, and who is arming the very sub-human crowd we wish to obliterate! To further obfuscate matters, we have the U.K.–headed by a man who doesn’t really know which way to turn, wants to kill the evil beheaders, but declares those already infesting his own country to be acceptable citizens while they rape and murder his own people

    And then we have Iran–the joker in the pack.

    And all the while, the world is obsessed with Ukraine, which by comparison is a ‘tempest in a teacup’.

    • All the crisis situations were created by USA and EU.

      Whether its Libya, Egypt , Syria or Ukraine.

      Since majority of East Ukranians do not wish to join EU // NATO bloc they are being bombarded by Illegitimate Ukranian govt that was formed after a coup.

      Under such situation do you expect Russian govt to sit babk and watch east Ukranians getting slaughtered ?

      The Right solution would have been to go for referendum and divide the country into 2 blocs.

      But that is not acceptable to the Lunatics in US govt and EU…..of course Democracy , Right to choose the govt are not meant for East Ukranians.

      But supporting the jihadis and creating the Present ISIS …wiith jihadis coming from USA and EU perfect blowback to the lunatic policy making that has been going on since last 4 – 5 years.

      If Farage gets this much , he is Right Leader to lead England……unless the voters are stupid enough not to get it..

  21. Unlike Obama, I actually believe Putin when he says this. The Russians are not to be messed with, as they have never heard of being politically correct.