OKLAHOMA CAIR whackjobs and their interfaith lackeys hold press conference in their ongoing jihad against Republican Congressman’s accurate portrayal of Islam

During the news conference attended by about 2-3 people from the media, Hamas-linked CAIR Executive Drama Queen, Adam Soltani, said Rep. John Bennett (R-OK) has crossed the line of inflammatory comments to almost inciting violence against Muslims in the state of Oklahoma. (See Bennett’s remarks for which he refuses to apologize in the links below)

Soltani said the mosque in Oklahoma City has been vandalized twice with hate messages and violent imagery. He also said a Tulsa woman who was perceived to be Muslim was violently attacked. (Gee that”s nowhere near the number of attacks on Jews and synagogues by Muslims in the past few months. Blow it out your ass Soltani, you paid shill for the Muslim Brotherhood)