RIGHT ON SCHEDULE! The anti-terror police raids aren’t even 24 hours old and hundreds of Australian Muslims already are pulling out the victim card

As authorities thwart Islamic ‘beheading’ plot in Australia’s biggest ever counter-terrorism raids, hundreds of Muslim perpetual whiners join Sydney protest claiming they are being “terrorized by police raids on their homes.”

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AU NEWS (h/t infidel)  Hundreds of Muslim protesters in Sydney have called on Muslims to stand as one against government aggression following raids by combined state and federal officers that saw one man arrested on terrorism related charges and others detained. Hundreds of protesters in Sydney have called on Muslims to stand as one against government aggression.

The emerging reality of terrorism in Australia struck home just before dawn on Thursday when more than 800 police launched synchronised raids on houses and vehicles across Sydney’s west and north-west, and Brisbane’s south. The raids foiled a plot involving a man believed to be Australia’s most senior Islamic State member who called contacts in Australia and asked them to carry out a campaign of random public beheadings in Sydney and Brisbane, the ABC understands.

Mohammad Baryalei the Muslim who sparked the anti-terror raids was  a former Kings Cross bouncer now fighting with Islamic State is accused of encouraging Australians to carry out gruesome terrorist attacks on Sydney's streets.
Mohammad Baryalei the Australian Muslim who sparked the anti-terror raids was
a former Kings Cross bouncer now fighting with Islamic State is accused of encouraging Australians to carry out gruesome terrorist attacks on Sydney’s streets.

AN urgent meeting was called by members of the Muslim community who are furious about today’s anti-terror raids in Sydney. A speaker at the protest said they were not there to interfere with security, despite what many believed. “We are not here to determine guilt or innocence … but we are greatly concerned.”

He said women and children had been terrified during the raids and homes “smashed” as the raids were carried out, adding they took place only days after the Government claimed there was no direct threat. (Apparently, they discovered one)

He said they were “not fools” and could see through the “spin” and “propaganda” of the Abbott Government who he insisted were seeking to politicise the security situation. 


He said history was repeating itself and the Prime Minister was simply following the example set by John Howard in 2005. (Thank God!) “Tony Abbott doesn’t have a creative mind, we know that ..” (Yeah, because he isn’t fooled by the so-called “moderate” muslim spin on Islamic terrorism)

He drew a direct link between today’s raids and arrests and the anti-terror bills about to be Introduced to Parliament. The crowd chanted “we reject the terror laws, they only serve American wars”. “Terror raids can’t break the spirit of Muslims” and “stop terrorizing Muslims” were some of the signs held by protestors listening to the speakers at Lakemba station. “These are the same people who brought us children overboard and Iraq. (You mean the illegal aliens from Iraq who drowned trying to invade Australia by boat?)


“So what do we expect from this tale from ASIO and the police commissioner?” There were about 100 people at Lakemba station for the protest in response to what organisers say is the Federal Government’s heavy-handed approach to the raids, which resulted in 15 arrests.

“My house was raided by these police pigs,” a teen from within the crowd screamed. He claimed his mother was assaulted by the police, who he kept referring to as “pigs” or “dogs”. He alleged she was assaulted as she tried to cover herself with a bed sheet . “They tried to take the blanket off my mother…Pigs came and tried to take it off my mother as she was dressed like any woman would dress for her husband.” (Yeah, that’s really bad. They should have just arrested her)

He woke up to her screams. “The dog punched my Muslim mother on the ear…” The boy screamed, growing increasingly agitated as he asked his ‘brothers and sisters’ what they would have done”.


The officers were covered by helmets and balaclavas and broke doors to gain entry to their home. “They didn’t knock – At least have some respect …they came in breaking the door and wanted to see (my mother) half naked.” (I’m sure the last thing they wanted to do was see your fat ugly bagheaded mother naked)

The boy said he was thrown on floor and handcuffed. “And a dog puts his boot on the back of my neck and chucks me onto the wall.” (Good!)

“The Australian government has overnight carried out “the biggest anti-terror raids in Australian history”. Just as in 2005, these raids come on the eve of new laws being tabled in parliament next week! Many families terrorised in the middle of the night, people beaten, and stories of harsh, unjust policing are emerging,” the Facebook post said.

It claimed: “The Muslim community is squarely the target of these raids and laws, the climate of hysteria only increases as the government fabricates reasons for these draconian laws.” (The Muslim community is behind ALL the terrorism)

The anonymous post said the community needed to “raise your voice as one” if they were angry about what occurred. “Spread the word, invite Muslims and non-Muslims and send a strong message against this government aggression.” (Go to jail, directly to jail. Do not pass CentreLink. Do not collect your welfare benefits)