ATTENTION! All Muslims must leave America because it is too dangerous for them to be here any longer

OKLAHOMA Muslims allege they are receiving death threats because of inflammatory, but accurate, remarks about Islam made by Rep. John Bennett.

BNI Readers know that this alleged ‘beheading’ threat is likely not true but just one of the usual scare tactics repeatedly used  by Muslim Brotherhood front group CAIR whose goal is to silence any and all criticism of Islam. The CAIR Nazis are losing their little jihadist minds over the fact that Rep. John Bennet (R-OK) stands by his comments about Islam and refuses to apologize for them (See links below).

If you haven’t already, please send your support to John Bennett:


TEL: 1-800-522-8502 








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  1. It’s time for a worldwide muslim holocaust. All muslim countries should be nuked and every muslim rat in other parts of the world should be burned, gassed, shot, drowned. This filth has no place in this world

  2. We don’t need harsher gun laws, we need no Muslims in our country. The Jews, Satanists, Catholics, Christians, and for giggles, even the Scientologists don’t go around killing everyone simply because they have a different belief structure on a regular basis. As an American I will admit there are many different groups of people in this country that I despise for one reason or another, however, I choose to express my hatred through political action and reason, not by mass murder under the assumption I will be rewarded for it. Muslims are ignorant animalistic pieces of shit, and I don’t believe the the word “radical” factors in. They are all the same, some just haven’t reached their “radical” potential yet. Any religion that justifies the rape and murder of women, children, and the militarizing of young boys is not a religion, it’s a sickness. Get them out of the US. We should have learned our lesson from 9/11 but half of this country is full of ignorant people that want handouts, and in turn elected a Muslim dictator under the guise of a president to run this country. I pledge my allegiance to God and the United States of America, not Allah, and damn sure not Obama or Hillary Clinton. God help us if she’s elected. It will be a day of sorrow in the United States, but a day of celebration in the savage 3rd world countries that breed these terrorist demons wearing the masks of humans. Wars have happened in the past, and we may be close to another war now. Not only a war against the Muslims that are trying their best to destroy our country, but a war between ourselves as this country has completely lost it’s moral and ethical values in the past 8 years.

    • Federal Law and the US Constitution demand no entry and no citizenship for Islam or any faction of Islam. If they are living here and still practicing and reading the quran, they are in violation of their oath of citizenship! Their citizenship for the US (which was then illegally obtained) is no longer valid and they have to leave the country or be arrested and deported.

  3. Good, GTFO of our country, you Barbaric Bastards!! We the People, are on to your devious plot to destroy America. We know that Obama is one of your boys! Take the POS with you!!

  4. Muslims are a threat wherever they go and CAIR has been deemed to have ties to terrorism not only by our FBI but by many of our representatives. If Muslims are threatened they are deserving of it and they need to be deported in the thousands. Europe has learned it’s lesson, Slavic countries are not taking refugees, England going to vote on leaving the EU because it is the EU that is telling them to take refugees, Europeans are rising up against the refugees and they are deporting them. They come on ships that hold over 5,000 they go back the way they come. We need to do the same but with O in office will never happen.

    O not minding our immigration laws, allowing the UN to run us and is bringing in those from the worst countries. 75% of these refugees men. We have a clause in our immigration laws called “Alien Threat” any aliens coming to our shores who have a belief system that makes them a threat to Americans can be deported immediately and the Imams preaching Jihad and all the Muslims protesting and saying Death to America, need just that.

    Time to wake-up and get rid of the Muslims Americans through, had it, kaput and won’t take anymore crap.

    • Stupid! Shut your lying hateful rant!
      Muslims have been part of this subcontinent much earlier than your tribe coward killer of native Americans from Europe came here!
      And Columbus too brought in many Muslims with him! You can do nothing! Zero! Zilch!
      9/11-2001 was done by MOSAD.
      Stop lying ignorant!
      The mayhem, genocide and destruction by the US and its coalition army resorting to lies of so called weapons of mass destruction was but a heinous cowardly act!
      The hegemonic desires shall stop!

      You have no right! Your dog bark would be just a mad dog bark nothing more!

      You will eat your own shit lies and your own people will do it for you!

      • Zamma,
        Shut the fuck up yourself. I don’t care about Muslims being part of this subcontinent before my people arrived. Nor do I care about your history or anything you have to say. My people gave this world civilization while the rest of you were still swinging down from the trees. I know what I see with my own two eyes every day. Muslim terror, whether in Europe or the US. If it came down to it and we really got pissed off at you, my people could wipe you off the face of the earth just like we did during the Crusades. It’s coming.

      • Oh shut up Zammu Bada Bulda! Read the POSt, you stupid ugly dirty mongrel. It says WE DO NOT want your filthy way of life in our CLEAN AND CIVILIZED county. GET OUT. If you hate us, then get the fuck out. And do not even think about laying on hand on our women. You will be sorry. FACT. the US Army is waiting…..

      • Know this, I have native american blood in my veins. I find your remark not only unhistorical, but just a bunch of your Islamic bullshit. You will find out very quickly our resolve as Americans. We will rise up against you and show you the door. We will either walk you through it or carry you through it feet first. Get the hell outta my country and stay out! We are not interested in your laws nor your way of life. You want to live that way go back to your own country.

      • No you shut up you terrorist! This is NOT your country. You all are fallen Jews who failed the God the Almighty. Your muhammad’s could not cut the mustard to be accepted as a prophet. He was so desperate to be famous and “special: that he turned to hatred and Satan to be accepted as a prophet and used violence and crime to force you all to follow his treacherous ways. You are satan’s spawns! You have sold your souls and are mindless idiots with no self control, controlled only by your demons, destined to do his evils deed. Your entire existence is a lie, You think everything belongs to you. Let me tell you, I am part Indian and some of my ancestors came over when the Mayflower did… You were not here! But none of that matters anyway …you have no say here EVER,,,Our country is OURS- NOT YOURS. Get the Hell out and leave here. You are nothing but greedy, whoremongering pedophile rapists and abusers and murderers. The world will be a better place when your satan has been cast out.

  5. Once upon a time, I preached tolerance. No more!!!!!!!! Not since I found out from our soldiers returning from the middle east that muslim men rape little boys on a regular basis…and it is accepted by their society! They murder women for being raped! They cut and mutilate little girls for being female. They are entirely misogynistic society and culture. Muslim is against God. Their so-called god is not the God of creation and salvation. He must be the e serpent from the garden of eden. Their so-called god is the god of lies to get what you want, torture, blame the victim and use little children for your sick reprobate urges! Their women are so used and tormented that they are full of hate and go right along with it. Their evil plague will not mix with western thought and culture. They must not be allowed to come over in droves. They only know how to infiltrate and rot from the inside by their insidious lies and dirty dealings. We must keep their numbers down!!!!! If we continue to allow the plague to stream in, there will be no safe and free areas on the planet.

  6. I do believe the koran (or Qu’ran) is like an instruction manual (like those found in model cars or airplanes) is like an instruction manual, that have verses that teach terrorist groups like Isis how to inflick violence, like what happened in Paris, France, or San Bernandino, California (on U.S. soil) in 2015.

    • Islam is supposed to be the religion of peace…They got a “PIECE” of New York (911), A piece of Massachusetts (Boston Marathon bombings), A piece of England (train station bombings in London) and most recently a piece of France (Paris bombing and shooting spree). Now they are everywhere all over Europe and will most certainly take a PIECE of those countries too. Keep Islam OUT of the U.S.!!! We don’t want you or your disgusting, barbaric, religion of peace!

  7. I truly wish that there was a petition for people to sign, so that there will be a law to NOT allow Muslims in USA, nor any free countries.

    • Amen! We have a Muslim Ptesident for now, and things will only get worse. It rally is offensive to me, to see them all dressed in their consume; It’s like they’re so proud and unafraid, because Obama has enforced Polictical Correctness to such a ridiculous limit!

  8. The servility (Dhimmism) with which the greater part of the western intelligentsia have swallowed and repeated Muslim propaganda since before September 11, 2001, onwards has been quite astounding. On one controversial issue after another the Muslim (CAIR’s) viewpoint has been accepted without examination and then publicised with complete disregard to the truth, facts or intellectual decency.

    There are 164 Jihad verses in the Koran of which at least 109 verses that call Muslims to war with nonbelievers for Islamic rule. Muslims who do not join the fight are called ‘hypocrites’ and warned that Allah will send them to Hell if they do not join the slaughter. So the Koran itself tells us there are no moderate peace loving muslims.

    It is not paranoia if they really are after you. When it comes to muslims they are coming after you. Where the death cult of islam is in the minority, they cry for minority rights, when they become the majority minorities have no rights. Just ask the Christians in Saudi Arabia.

  9. Funny,but is it ‘NOT AMAZING ENOUGH ‘ that these ragheads & gladbag wearers can make any remarks they want, and condemns everyone else in whatever means they want, Without any form of penalty at all !

    This, allows them to run with (FREE REIGN) THROUGHOUT THE WORLD, to continue their own passage of DEATH &. Destruction on one and all ….. Without, even being concerned of KILLING/MAIMING, OR RAPING WHOEVER IS IN THE WAY,too… Yet, are the 1st to SCREAM OUT, ” that we non-believers are RACIST, and whatever else they can dribble or claim, without any form of PROOF !

    All thy whilst, we hear of this on our daily news reports (FFS):-

    ” Just what more info or proof and DETAILS IS NEEDED (?) UNTIL WE ARE ABLE TO BE HEARD, IN TODAY’S modern times ! ”

    ” Just, what do we ‘ NEED ‘ now to make them answerable of their constant bombardment of the bullshit they deny still ? ”

    # Maybe it’s time that we gather up, or collect any & every Imam as well as those that profess to be some type of leader of islam ( OF THE SIC CULT ) and dump them all within where their evil actions are happening, then…….

    This may help them ” ADMIT, THEY ARE TELLING PORKIE PIES ! “

  10. Isis as well as ALL the other terrorist groups follow the very same quran and ideology they are all one in the same with different names and the ONLY difference is isis kills muslims too and I’m guessing they don’t like their own medicine. They can call themselves al qaeda, boko haram, isis, hamas, Barack Obama , etc., etc., the common denominators are islam and sharia … FACT: There is only ONE group that commits the most heinous of crimes all over the world today in the name of their ideology, islam… There is no moderate or radical only islam and sharia and both refuse to coexist with free republics…

  11. OKLAHOMA Muslims allege they are receiving death threats because of inflammatory, but accurate, remarks about Islam made by Rep. John Bennett. What? How about thousand upon thousand of non Muslim being killed by Muslim all around the world today? Leave this barbaric teaching quickly. Be shameful of this hatred teaching. You are tired of defending your religion. Muslim is Muslim. There is no moderate Muslim. Is all about time before you turn to radical one. Check your Quran, killing Christian and Jews is okay. Don’t be fool America, there is no moderate Muslim. Anyway we don’t hate you Muslims, your teaching makes you hate us.

    • Exactly jonathan! How do you think us American’s feel??!! There are Muslims trying to behead us American’s and they are continually doing it. Don’t they think WE live in fear now?? Why isn’t they NEWS talking about OUR fears?? Muslims are killing us and they focus on SCARED MUSLIMS?? WTH?? So ridiculous!

  12. well said my brothers and sisters!! Get them outta here or suffer the consequensces of one really ticked off nation!! Like yamamoto said “this is not a victory, I fear we have just awakened a sleeping giant”

    • They don’t really get our laws, they think they found the LOOPHOLE, they were mistaken about that. They took advantage of the fact we don’t like to kill, But kinda forgot that well were ‘capable’ of doing that for our humanity. Things will not last we will break and when that happens? well Islam no more, We will remember you in books and stories and something to never get close to again, Hopefully for your sake you BURN your stupid books to save your future kids, admit your so sick you cannot LIVE correctly as humans anymore, you do not have happiness or freedoms or LOVE since the ONLY way anyone is allowed around you is through the HATE of submission, That is pretty weak, Therefore it can only be a weak GOD you have, Your making Christians STRONGER in their faith not weaker, That has to SCARE the crap out you guys in reality to know this fact. Even if we did KILL you it would be mercy killing for the sickness vampire zombie to us anymore. ( Amen.)

  13. There is NO such thing as a Moderate islamist:

    (1) There is no such thing as a Moderate muslim.
    (2) If they believe any of the things, listed below, that are found in the koran, they are not Moderate.
    (3) If they wave the Palestinian Flag or any other islamic Flag in the US, they are not Moderate.
    (4) If they even listen to a nut case cleric and give money to any terrorist organization or country, they are not Moderate.
    (5) If they HATE this country and it’s freedoms, they are not Moderate.
    (6) If they think their restrictive religious rules should override the Constitution, they are not Moderate.
    (7) If they listen to these arguments of hate and do and say nothing in rebuttal, they are not Moderate.
    (8) If they encourage acts of violence against women and animals, they are not Moderate.
    (9) If they can walk an American street and see the awful cruelty and violence taking place in the Middle East and in any way condone this, they are not Moderate.
    (10) If any muslim can look at the koran and not see the hate and evil in that , they are not Moderate.

    islamic rules—14 Commandments of muhammad, the founder of islam.

    1. Thou shall Rape, Marry, and Divorce Pre-pubescent Girls. koran 65:4
    2. Thou shall have Sex Slaves and Work Slaves. koran 4:3, 4:24, 5:89, 33:50, 58:3, 70:30
    3. Thou shall Beat Sex Slaves, Work Slaves, and Wives. koran 4:34
    4. Thou shall have 4 muslim male witnesses to prove rape. koran 24:13
    5. Thou shall Kill those who insult islam or mohammed. koran 33:57
    6. Thou shall Crucify and Amputate non-muslims. koran 8:12, 47:4
    7. Thou shall Kill non-muslims to guarantee receiving 72 virgins in heaven. koran 9:111
    8. Thou shall Kill anyone who leaves islam. koran 2:217, 4:89
    9. Thou shall Behead non-muslims. koran 8:12, 47:4
    10. Thou shall Kill AND be Killed for islamic allah. koran 9:5
    11. Thou shall Terrorize non-muslims. koran 8:12, 8:60
    12. Thou shall Steal and Rob from non-muslims. koran chapter 8 (Booty/Spoils of War)
    13. Thou shall Lie to Strengthen islam. koran 3:28, 16:106
    14. Thou shall Fight non-muslim even if you don’t want to. koran 2:216

  14. How can you think any American with a braincell in their still attached head would feel anything but hatred and anger towards your people and beliefs. Why are you here leave this country, you despise what we are and represent well same goes for us. Get out we don’t want you here.

  15. Is not good if you felt bullied by people in OK but do you feel sorry for thousand of non Muslim killed by Muslim like you all over the world? You said and again you said killing is not Islamic way but your Quran suggests killing and hatred. Don’t pretend to march out against ISIS. All Muslim are the same. There is no moderate or non-moderate Muslim. Radical Muslim is about time.

  16. There were several times in history where God has told His people to completely do away with a certain other people. He said to kill all the Men, women, children, even their livestock. To completely wipe them off the face of the earth. I strongly believe that the muslims were one instance He spoke about. I also think its not too late to do as we’re told. I think every muslim (Man, woman, child, anything and everything associated with muslims) should be destroyed! I have my opinion just like anyone else. Some say im heartless and mean, i dont care what they say. I feel like the only way to fix the problem is to eliminate it.

    • Don’t worry Rick many more will wake up to the reality of this situation, Many sympathizers will see they were lied to and tricked, Being submissive is not one of my strong points so even without being a Christian I would 100% hate these losers they are the weakest things, defiled and weak and yes the only thing at this point anyone needs to be ashamed of it not discrimination of them but not having the BALLS to even admit your looking at zombies here without Soul, Grace, Love or Humanity a real sickness and threat to your children, Protect them, these people cannot understand you – they have NO love of anything, Stop trying to reason with LIARS, We were FAIR, more than FAIR we bent over backwards and well, just learned they played that to attack us, Really weak creatures these are, Do not be afraid to admit the human condition left to Islam yes sucks and has NO advancement of mankind but rather the most backwards moving thing we had ever seen in our lives, Please, and by the way if you like Music you can just forget it if you give up your freedoms, Forget having a relaxed nice day anywhere period… How they hate nice days, or well anything that is Good, and who is Good can you guess? They hate GOOD therefore we must Admit we do HATE what they are doing and have done to themselves, that is when you SEE this beast is not a damn thing to be afraid of in reality it is a COWARD a snake because it needs to crawl on its belly fearful of being SEEN fearful of US who know what this really is and can only end. Many of us could care less if we loose our heads to beat this stupid looser no good Satanic beast of a creature, That has NO Good within it.

  17. All MUSLIM WOMEN wearing that Burka shit need 2 have those stupid gowns ripped off of them in public.. Expose their bodies bare ass naked and them have them arrested for indecent exposure & prostitution…

    • The last time you talked to your mother ? what would she say to muslum women are repressed and dress this way to avoid being stoned or beaten. not their fault but the men who repress them. dont forget in the 1800 s they used to wear hats long sleeves and high necks anything else was considered imoral and tar n feathers pursued. the muslum women are a repressed gender think again what you say how it your a perv

      • Right on that but most of these women actually do NOT want out and chant to chop your head off Linda, they do not hide them for protection or modesty that is again another LIE, They hide the bruises with those things, They make terrible husbands and then blame the wife, everything about these people represents the falling of mankind gone wrong severely wrong if anyone cannot see the putrid rotten backwards thing Islam is I pray for your soul, it is proof we had the right book far as I am concerned and should pay more attention to it from now on, they hate it so much it must have a LOT and I man a LOT of value, the proof is in their way of living, thinking and treatment of life in general.

  18. id say if your muslim, keep your culture to yourself. Dont come over here with your crap, and try to over run us with it. You dont like our culture, then get the hell out of here, PERIOD. If you wanna fight to earn a spot here, then BRING IT, DONT SING IT. Theres way too many miltias here in the USA, that you muslims cannot and will no t handle. So before you even think of taking advantage over here, your signing a DEATH WISH. You will be taken down, with pork shoved down your throats…

  19. Well, ” Im proud to be an Okey from Muskogee ”
    thank you Merle Haggard.
    we need to hear that song on a daily basis, till the rest of the US understands the cancer.

  20. Most muslims I’ve met have lied through their teeth. Even after being caught in a lie! Muslims! You have no place here! Your culture sucks and your religion is a JOKE!

  21. muslims come to America for what reason ?, to impose not only their WILL on Americans, by demanding Halal food, and being allowed prayer in the same schools it’s denied to Christians , they demand Pork free halal foods on their welfare and foods Americans work hard to make the money to buy these foods for pantry;s and to help the ones in America that need help, and muslims think they have some special right to demand more from Americans, than their already generous nature ?, yet they insist we Adopt their culture and refuse and demand and denounce Ours?, while holding out their hands and demanding We give in to them ? how well did that work in your countries you just came from?, how well did demanding your children especially your female children be educated ?, how well has anything your life style and religion has done for you, Every nation of Islam is in turmoil, every nation of islam is fighting it’s neighbors and you come there and DEMAND we Americans adopt your ways ?, who the HELL do you people think you are?, we will NOT succumb to giving in to you anymore , we will NEVER adopt Shariah laws, you either come here to be Americans.,…..or LEAVE to remain muslims….because demanding we take all of you to raise and pay you to sit on your asses and make more demand and more concessions isnt going to happen, all you are doing is increasing the chances if America crashes because of the current policies, you and your people will be paying the price for what an ineligible person posing as our president and trying to convert the US into islam will only result in a backlash of untold devastation to you and your people……..

      • Let us know if our socialist liberal and labor leaders of oz can be persuaded and understand that no matter how much they appease the community in the end even a polutician and his daughter is nothing but a possession that once has outlived its usefulness is tossed out,burnt or raped. One wonders why tony abbot started going LOUD when he left australia abd started talking about dinking the boats. WHO RUNS AUSTRALIA that tony is so scared off talking about not letting syrians in?? Sp does saudi run oz?? Emirates already owns ethihad stadium and supports ausiie rules goorball and soccer here so what ekse is “ausyralian” owned??

  22. I’ve come to the conclusion that requiring all Muslims to be deported (as well as all illegals here) is a necessary reality but I would do so with a caveat or two. Muslims who have become Christians should be exempt. Plus we have to consider those born in Muslim homes who don’t consider themselves such, though I don’t have a good mechanism how to screen them. Ideally, however, all those Muslims who claim to be peaceful and/or so-called “moderate” should be required to sign some form of non-aggression pact with the United States. Those who refuse or hesitate, out they go. However, I know we won’t see this anytime soon, especially with ISIS embracers Obama & Holder in Washington as well as their defenders in the Dummycrat Party. Plus it would be extremely daunting to reach them all. But I have this idea (again, not workable with the Muslim “prez” in the Oval Office) which is more practical, IMO.

    A list should be drawn up of all mosques in America along with their addresses. Officials should go to each mosque and have each imam sign a non-aggression agreement with the understanding that their mosques will randomly be monitored to ensure no threats are made against any group of people or state or the U.S. as a whole. Any imam refusing to do so will be declared a hostile aggressor against the U.S, their mosques promptly closed & deadbolted, and deported at the earliest possibility. Of course the ACLU will cry foul, saying such actions are unconstitutional but the safety of this country far outweighs any individual or groups calling to maim America in the name of the 1st Amendment. And I’m a huge 1st Amendment guy.

    And ban the damn burqa! There’s no 1st Amendment right to shield your entire body (except eyes) from general public observation. If France can ban it, so should we. It gives me the creeps.

    I know the last paragraph is off the subject a bit but i just had to get that off my chest.

    • Nedd, No exceptions. ALL Muslims must go. Muslims who have become Christians are of course exempt. There are no moderate muslims, only muslims who are not actively violent, but they support the violent ones everytime they contribute to their mosque charities. So they must go, too.

      • There are hundred of thousands of Shia muslims fighting ISIS everyday in Iraq and Syria. Those Shia are considered as “infidels” by ISSI who keep killing them everyday.
        Have you noticed that ISSI kill more of muslims than non-muslims? Do you know how many thousands of Iraqi interpreters worked for the US military supporting their mission in Iraq? Do you know how many of these brave translators and their families got killed by ISIS?
        We, interpreters, worked side by side like US soldiers insuring that these soldiers get the best info. needed; we saved many US soldiers’ lives; We put our life and the life of our families in serious jeopardy.
        And, what do you think would happen to these interpreters and their families if they go back home? get killed by ISIS ?for sure! Would that make you happy? You need to reward those great interpreters, not to kill them, smart people!

        • We’ll take all the Iraqi interpreters who worked for Americans if we can send the rest of the muslims in America back to the muslim country of their choice. Nobody cares if ISIS is killing Shias or Shias are killing Sunnis or Sunnis are killing Shias. As long as muslims are killing muslims, we are happy.

    • You do realize they can lie to you because you’re infidel. Lies are ok to ‘ll you if it’s get what they want. So even if they sign a pledge to do no harm to American’s they do NOT have to honor it according to their laws.

  23. It ain’t the congressman they need worry about, it is We The People with all our guns. media trying to scare us with all their beheadings, They’re not scaring us they are pissing us off !!! News for them if they did my family like that, I would be out on the streets hunting them down one by one and doing them what they did to my people. NO MERCY HERE !!!

  24. they want us to except them yet he says that the representative should act like Jesus? What does he know about Jesus. If he is of Muslim faith he don’t know my Jesus. He believe in prays to Allah. I have no sympathy for these people they don’t even stand up and speak out against Isis and the rest of the terrorist. Yet they are going to cry poor pitiful me?

  25. If this or any other muslim group wants to be accepted they should assimilate into our culture and not try to change it into a muslim country. We also need them to lead the fight against all radical muslims, all Jihad and publically abolish Sharia Law.

    • If only you would educate yourself about Islam you’d know that muslims are FORBIDDEN from assimilating- Quran. [5:52] O ye who believe! take not the Jews and the Christians for friends. They are friends one to another. And whoso among you takes them for friends is indeed one of them. Verily, Allah guides not the unjust people.

  26. Muslim, when their number are small they are docile and play victim. But when their number grows big, they are the most fierce devil and they will attack and kill you.

  27. So sorry that people have to be so judge mentle of others. I’m a God follower and I love like Jesus loved. And who ever is doing these evil thing u should be ashamed,
    of yourself maybe u should follow Jesus as well

    • You Mary Moore are so duped by your belief in Jesus and that he will take care of things, Sorry we have to deal with these bastards like in the Old Testament, Jesus’s way of hugging and caring is not going to work, Every Christian quotes the New Testament, Well did God just screw up and put the Old Testament out and not realizing what he had done, Well if thats true the God is not perfect and really screwed up big time. This Old testament New Testament is a big deal to me, people need to start looking at it

      • Muslims aren’t bad, Isis is bad. But they are not Muslims, they are just complete assholes. I’m not Muslim either I’m Catholic, but I’ll stand up for anyone getting persecuted for their faith. To all you Muslim haters, get your head out of your asses and learn who is actually evil. Isis, or Muslims.

        • Well then my Catholic brother: you should know that our shared faith has a long history of combatting Islam (Vienna? Lepanto? as a Catholic you should be well acquainted with the names of those places). You should also know that many of our saints were not exactly peaceniks when it came to dealing with Islam specifically. You should also be up in arms over the sad fate of our Catholic brothers and sisters, and Orthodox cousins, in the Middle East. Our people are being persecuted for their faith, even onto butchery….brother, where are your words for them?
          Now, I do pray that many a muslim would see the light, and some do, which is a wonderous thing…but for the ones who don’t…

      • Abdul
        You are a phony and a liar.mohommedist are extremely bad.So bad GOD cursed them. Through Ishmael your ancestor. Abram, NOT Abraham is the father of Ishmael. His hand will be against everyman and everyman’s hands will be against Ishmael and his Decedents. How does it feel to be on GOD’S SHIT LIST?

      • Christians know we need to DO something, By the way when I knew these people here a long time ago I started having dreams warning me about their nature, they DO lie all the time and I was picking that up, and yes sorry to say Atheist can get abusive, so do not think for one single minute the new Atheist have the answers, the ones I knew now have kids in a ‘new faith’ so it can backfire. Just be happy there are people around they hate like Christians so we can humiliate the crap out them, And don’t worry in by doing so nobody is trying to convert anyone not wanting to be converted, ‘we know what they are after and what they hate so much’, since they want to chop off a lot of heads including yours, we can do that.

      • Abdul…if you are Catholic then you certainly have heard and understand Catholic Just War Teachings? If you are truly Catholic, then adhere to ALL Catholic Doctrine. No where in Catholicism does it say that we cannot speak out against or fight evil! Nowhere does it say to not defend our homes, our families and our country up to and including the taking of life in defense of self or weaker members of our society. Surely you understand that Catholicism is composed of both Faith and Tradition?? Surely you do because you’re such a “devout” Catholic?? Yeah. Right.

      • Jesus isn’t the happy hippie hugger a lot of easy, breezy Christians of today mistake him for; nor were the early church fathers and saints.

    • Mary Moore, you don’t know the doctrine of Islam? Read the tragedy of Christians in old Turkey and you question your self if Paul ever worked there. If you will leave a legacy for your Christian futures you better start to defend your Christian faith now. Above all, pray that God will touch the hearts of these murderous people to embrace peace.

    • Sorry Mary but Jesus was killed because he was a nice guy. The very Jews he wanted to save stood by and let Barabus go free. I asked a Jew why that happened and he told me, because if Jesus was the savior they were asking for, he would have killed all the Egyptions. A lot of things look good on paper but when applied to real circumstances they fail, and you have to accept that failure and get out a new sheet of paper.

      • read about what the muslim turks did to the greeks. the greeks were occupied by these barbarians for four centuries and had to fight a terrible war to finally be free. if you read history, you’d know not to trust any muslims and you would not allow them in your country. read about greek history abd what happened to the beautiful city of smyrna in the 1920s. you would never engage in an argument about good and bad muslims again. some might not be as bad as the radical ones. even so, you would not trust having them in your country ever again.

    • A God follower? You love like Jesus loved? I should be ashamed of myself because muslims are doing this evil thing? And if I follow Jesus then what?

      Do you know that the only reason why you live in a civilised western country is because of the brave and noble Christian Crusaders who gave everything they had to protect and defend christian europe, and that after almost 500 years of perpetual islamic unholy jihad on Christians and non muslims? This was an act of love for others.

      Not sure what god you follow but my God is YHWH and he is a mighty warrior. It appears to all intents and purposes that this war is not one of only guns and bullets, it is also a ideological war, and if you prefer satanism then you can put up with Islam but I am afraid true Christians will fight evil with swords when necessary.

      At the Last Supper Jesus says:

      He said to them, “But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one.”

      Jesus knew that about his impending death, Christians would be persecuted, and he told them that they should equip themselves with swords for there is evil in this world. The kingdoms of this world belong to satan.

    • Mary Moore
      Did Jesus Christ overturn the money changers tables? Did he not condemn the misuse of Temple, Loud and clear? Did Jesus say I did not come to change MY FATHERS law? Did GOD, tell the Israelites to keep their spears and weapons by the door at the ready? Did Jesus Christ say to be a Christian one must be a door mat? Did Jesus Christ say do not defend yourself? Did Jesus Disciples carry Weapons? Were These weapons just for looks?

      These are just a few examples of Jesus Christ as you begin to understand his Motivation. Turn the other Cheek is specifically for insults. In others words don’t respond to a stupid remark with another. It does not mean let someone else use you as a punching bag.


      So please refrain from saying foolish things about the Christians that are Warriors! My family is full of them fighting this EVIL in various countries around the world. In the USA military and various other ways as well.


      • Thank you Ice My people were went through hell in the spanish civil war when Franco sent the muslim army from morroco to destroy them it was a bloody war.

      • maria
        My pleasure. And thank your ancestors for their actions destroying the mohommedists. People think this mohommedist thing is new. What a Crock. Education and More Education is needed to get the rest of the world on the same page.

      • Very well said ICE. That is the very reason I will not return to church. Christians have twisted and mutilated the scriptures so they can justify their passiveness. Jesus told Peter to put his sword away only because he knew it was His time to fulfill prophecy. ….His…..not everybody else’s. Christians, Stand up and fight!

    • You want to play bible on us look at luke 22:36 Then said he unto them, But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one. Jesus did not tell us to lay down and be murdered, take that in your pipe and smoke it. Instead of all the weed you been smoking and all the Koolaid you be drinking.

      • @ Ice, and some tend to forget, that God said there is a time for war and a time for peace, and he also commanded the Israelites to conquer tribes, God had his reasons, but they disobeyed, and for that, they never had the entire land God promised them, and we also ended up with Islam. But the one overlooked most of all is that God said of King David, a great warrior, that he was a man after his own heart. Have a think about that. Too many Christians misunderstand what Christ was teaching, especially about turning the other cheek. He was not a pacifist by any means either.

    • In the immortal words of Eric Cartman…”What’s that? I think I hear the flower children calling”. Get real. Your faith is admirable, but it’s made you into a sitting duck ripe for slaughter. Muslims don’t give a shit about you and would happily slaughter you in the name of their “religion”.

  28. I agree that muslims or Islam whatever they want to be call, they are the cancer of this planet and need to be exterminate, tell me one good thing they done for humanity?

  29. @Muslims- Get out of the U.S. Get out of the North and South American continents. We have had enough of you and your vile, filthy “religion”.

  30. Not all Muslims are Islamic terrorist but all Islamic terrorist are Muslim, America has had just about enough of your “moderate Muslim” facade, you all come from the same religious doctrine from the quran.

  31. Thank God. They are finally getting the message. Keep the heat on, Patriots! No rolling out any “Welcome” mats for this scum.

  32. Tell clean-shaven muSLIMEs ABOUT how they do NOT follow their OWN laws.

    Reliance of the Traveler 🙂

    e4.0 THE BODY
    e4.1 It is sunna:

    (1) to trim the fingernails and toenails;

    [yep MUSLIMS NEEDED allah to TELL them THAT! ]

    (2) to clip one’s mustache (O: when it grows long. The most one should clip is enough to show the pink of the upper lip. Plucking it out or shaving it off is offensive.)

    (A: Shaving one’s beard is unlawful according to all Imams except Shafi’i, who wrote two opinions about it, one that it is offensive, and the others that it is unlawful. A weak chain of narrators ascribes an opinion of offensiveness to Imam Malik.

    It is unbelief (kufr) to turn from the sunna in order to imitate non-Muslims when one believes their way to be superior to the sunna);

    (3) for those used to it, to pluck away the hair of the underarms and nostrils, though if plucking the underarms is a hardship, then shaving them; and to shave the public hair;

    (4) and to line the eyes with kohl (n: an antimonic compound that one should be careful to see contains no lead), each eye an odd number of times, preferably three.

    e.4.2 It is offensive to shave part of the head and leave part unshaven.

    [AGAIN YEP Muslims must be told of this, ]

  33. It’s alright for the muzzies to threaten us and get away with it?? But speak the truth about them and they flip out. It’s a radical dangerous so-called religion. Trust none of them!!

      • 100% correct it cannot be a religion, This IS the false religion you have all heard about in Sunday school, and stop arguing with the LIAR you are not to speak with them but ignore them, Do you guys remember our own movies about zombies? Yes these are the real zombies make no mistake about it we are NOT to have supper with zombies folks, NO I am not kidding and yes I was deceived just like anyone that wants to argue, do NOT wait to have proof on this, Do you sleep with your doors open? This is exactly like doing the same thing on a nation folks. They even Admit they use your kindness to screw you over – so do NOT sympathize with the beast you already know what this is, Trust your GUT more then you have been Americans.

  34. Did your House member co-sponsor H.R.5194 – Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act of 2014 and advocate the passage of this bill?

    Is Obama using the Muslim Brotherhood to form a global caliphate, an Ummah or are they using him to do so? Either way, it is happening and it is setting him up for his next goal in life and that is to serve as a UN SecGen so he can rule the world under Shariah/Islamic law. Think not, why did he push for UN Resolution 16/18 that places Shariah/Islamic law above our First Amendment? Go to YouTube and watch The Organization of Islamic Cooperation and its Role in Enforcing Islamic Law


  36. Islam IS a cancer. I find it funny that people who are part of a religion that states that they MUST terrorise the infidel (all non Muslims), and they are directed to behead us in THEIR Quran , should complain that the infidels are scaring them with threats.

  37. This is all nothing but just another big dose of Islamodrama, Muslim theater. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

    I’ve sent John Bennett two emails thanking him for standing up for America and the rest of Western Civilization.

    Deport them all.

  38. Yo!!! Massive respect for John Bennett!

    As soon as that Muslim opens his mouth he immediately comes out with a complete ******* lie: ” We have no problem with people expressing their concerns about our faith “. This is also a complete self-contradiction as John Bennett was doing just that.

    So what about Salman Rushdie ( death threats ), Pim Fortuyn ( murdered), Theo Van Gogh ( murdered ), Geert Wilders ( 24 hour police protection ), Ayaan Hirsi Ali ( death threats) etc etc.?

    Your Koran actually commands you to intimidate, subjugate or kill those who are critical of your Stone-age cult.

    Also,what about the relentless smearing and demonising of reporters of the truth of your evil ideology, such as Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller and David Wood?

    Also, what about your reaction to criticism by crying “Islamophobia ” and bigotry, your playing the race card and the victim card, and calling for CAIR at the slightest excuse?

    I’m glad that you take John’s comments seriously about Islam being a cancer that needs to be eliminated, because I am fervently hoping that you will all take the hint and despatch yourselves to paradise, with our help if necessary. A world without Muslims would be immeasurably happier and more prosperous, and we wouldn’t have to worry about our children and grand-children etc. suffering in a world-wide Islamic Dark Age of evil that could possibly last forever.


    • Here here Muzzo oh how they are so afraid, what a joke. As soon as muslims become the victims the world has to know, I wonder how many people have been intimidated by muslims who attend that mosque, probably more than visa versa.

  39. GOOD!! SEND THE PIGS BACK TO THEIR PEN!!! They’re about as welcome in America as Ebola is! Go back to your cultic homeland & stop polluting our environment with your ideology & satanism! Go over to the middle east & get blown up so you can meet your 72 virgins a piece up in Allah’s Prostitution Camp. You won’t have to iron your Burka’s & hajibs because you’ll be too busy fanning your crotches getting through all them virgins. Idiots. Take your immorality, book of terrors, satanic mosques & GET OUT!

  40. Act like Jesus?

    the Jesus Allah in his koran says was NEVER crucified. the same Jesus who according to some weird story killed a teenager as a youth? And because of this killing he is unfit to intercede on the behalf of the sinners? While Qathem is more fitting?

    On the question of intercession at the last day!

    sahih bukhar:

    Volume 9, Book 93, Number 601 : Narrated by Ma’bad bin Hilal Al’Anzi


    ‘You’d better go to Jesus, Allah’s slave and His Apostle and His Word (Be: And it was) and a soul created by Him.’ They will go to Jesus who will say, ‘I am not fit for this undertaking, but you’d better go to Muhammad whose sins of the past and the future had been forgiven (by Allah).’ So they will come to me and I will ask the permission of my Lord, and I will be permitted (to present myself) before Him.

    = end quote =

    Sorry the Jesus Christians know is not a a Muslim, and your wanna be messiah the mercy for all was not called by the real God

  41. ooh I am so sorry, I must confess I send CAIR OK some very NASTY message ….

    And (sobs uncontrollable) TWICE! How can allah ever forgive me! I’m doomed!


    o9.8 The caliph (o25) makes war upon Jews, Christians, and Zoroastrians (N: provided he has first invited them to enter Islam in faith and practice, and if they will not, then invited them to enter the social order of Islam by paying the non-Muslim poll tax (jizya, def: o11.4)-which is the significance of their paying it, not the money itself-while remaining in their ancestral religions) (O: and the war continues)until they become Muslim or else pay the non-Muslim poll tax (O: in accordance with the word of Allah Most High,

    “Fight those who do not believe in Allah and the Last Day and who forbid not what Allah and His messenger have forbidden-who do not practice the religion of truth, being of those who have been given the Book-until they pay the poll tax out of hand and are humbled” (Koran 9.29), [end of quote]

    Honesty send them NASTY portions of their OWN scriptures, this why one can show to know their ideology!

    If they do NOT like it tough luck!

  42. I guess the taste of your own medicine is never nice. Now you know how it is to live in fear of being beheaded just because you are off another religion. You people never spoke up against ISIS and the atrocities they committed until now when someone speaks up against Islam and your live is treatened.


    Over 109 verses in the quran says to KILL INFIDELS!!!! READ THAT BOOK AND SEE FOR YOUSELF. IT IS FULL OF EVIL, murder etc. KNOW THE TRUTH!!!

    Did you know that if a Muslim dies for the cause of “allah” AS A MARTYR, he believes he becomes an intercessor for 70 members of his family?
    NO WONDER, THEY LOVE SHEDDING BLOOD and ensuring their salvation in paradise? Such demonic lies, are just SATAN WORSHIPERS. TRUTH REVEALED, WOW! “It is the duty of the brother to kill you [if you converted to Christianity]” & “Your family becomes your worse enemy [upon conversion]” Walid Shoebot (ex muslim). He lost his wife, his son because the court gave him to the Muslim family and lost EVERYTHING. That’s the “RELIGIOUS FREEDOM”, an ex-Muslim will experience.

    • FFP
      Did you know, that the intercession remark, was put on paper after Mohammeds time. The Mufti needed to infuse the ranks with additional followers. Also That the Virgins were changed in number from 200 in number to 70, that they now preach. Only one small problem the virgins are All demons. Satan lies big time.

      • If they had virgins they would just turn them into trash unable to LOOK at them, Why they cloak and hide their women? is not for reasons they say, They are ashamed of the abuse they have DONE to women their other 1/2 as they hide everything else, They cannot stand the light of themselves, They cannot confess they are sick and in need of help. The women were made to be lesser not a part of their own family that was serious mistake. We DO see this clearly also Islam, You shame your women and try to guise that at modesty, You covered up a lot of crap now haven’t you? in the name of your wicked BOOK that lies to YOU as it says to LIE to everyone else, How can you trust a book that says to lie? Your common sense has failed you, That book has failed you, Your wars fail you, and your unholy, NO book that CARES for you will tell you to LIE that can ONLY means it can LIE to you!!!!!!

    • “Love the Muslims, hate the demonic doctrine”?

      Are you joking? Muslims = Islam = Muslims = Islam

      They cannot be separated.

      • What he means is they would not be demonic if it was not for that book, I know it’s hard to fathom but we could have been born there getting that brainwashing too. We don’t just get born that way, we born imperfect but not killers of others. But yes it is time to put sympathy away on the shelf, and use some common sense for humanity and many people now SEE they do not care for humanity.

    • FFP
      I don’t know if you realize that GOD cursed Ishmael and his descendents. When Hagar the Egyptian and Ishmael were kicked out of Abraham’s camp, for running afoul of Sarah and causing unnecessary trouble. Hagar asked GOD to Bless her Son that she had with ABRAM. “NOT” Abraham. GOD Blessed Ishmael with 12 Princedoms, with a Caveat, that his hand will be against all other men. And all other mens hands will be against Ishmael and his Descendents.

      So to Love the cursed you are fostering EVIL in your own home. So beware of your Pearle’s and where you cast them.

  44. What a tactic to try to SILENCE the truth of ISLAM in the eastern world!
    CONTINUE exposing the TRUTH OF ISLAM
    WHAT MUSLIMS IN THE EASTERN WORLD SOW…. THE western world Muslim ALSO REAP. It is just the way it goes. Sowing, reaping of that ISLAMIC doctrine.

  45. I’m telling you. One day these Islamic jerks are going to do something and go too far. I think it will be a dirty bomb, and then it will no longer be safe for them to be here. People will be so enraged, it will not be safe. The Rep is right.

    • Lucy
      It will be more than a dirty bomb. It will be a nuke in NYC. This has been Prophesied. Just what size was recently decided upon. When the De Blazio was elected and loves the mohommedists and the Abortion mills in New York. These mills have killed his Seer’s. Healers, Saints, and Prophets. He will no longer stand for this.


  46. If the mussies are looking for sympathy, may I humbly suggest they open their dictionary? They’ll find “sympathy” sandwiched between “$HIT” and SYPHILIS ~ right where it belongs!

  47. HAHAHAHA!! TOO BAD YOU LYING PIECES OF CRAP! CAIR is a FARCE! Your “religion” is a FARCE! Your “I hate ISIS signs are a FARCE! I don’t and won’t believe a word you say for many reasons, number one is your religion tells you to lie to all non-believers! How do you like the feeling your “Religion of Peace” brings to so many around the world? How do you like going to bed at night in fear for your life? There is NO place for Islam in America! There is NO place for Sharia law in America! The only good Muslin is the one that hasn’t killed you, YET! ALL Muslims are Jihadists in waitng! Waiting to follow the instructions of Allah and Muhammad to kill all non-believers as written in the Qu’ran! Leave America and go to a Muslim country where you can kill each other at will! Death to ISLAM!

    • Jesus did not advocate becoming a door mat. He believed in self defense. Look at his Disciples and the weapons they carried. Jesus Christ is the LION of Judea. Make no mistake about that. He rides the White Horse.

      • This is the TRUTH too many people forget, We are not actually here to submit to this retarded thing, You were made to defeat it and rebuke it, We see fallen people and yes it is freaky, like a horror movie, Yes that is humans without souls, there comes a time YOU need to SEE that and admit that, it’s a relief when you DO .. And Oh I do see that clearly.

  48. It’s no wonder Leftists, community organizers, and Mohammedans are so tight with each other. They all want to “fundamentally transform” the West, Israel, and America into Third-world wastelands, and they’re all particularly adept at using our deeply ingrained sense of tolerance and fair-play against us. But “love thy neighbor” doesn’t mean surrender, so they can stick it.

  49. HOW ABOUT CHRISTIANS In SAUDI ARABIA ? OUR SO CALLED ALLY ? HOW ABOUT CHRISTIANS IN EGYPT ? IRAQ ? IRAN ? TURKEY ? How about Christians that have been slaughtered since the time of Mohammed ? How about Jews living in Europe today murdered and their children attacked ? We KNOW how ISLAM works-play the meek victim when you are in the monority, but when you are in the majority LOOK OUT the mask comes off and –ok even if you are more so called moderate muslims, STILL you will not come against the more fundamental of your brothers that will arise out of your midst. Face it, Islam is a CANCER that needs to be purged in the Western “Christian” countries before they try to institute Sharia Law -it is in NO WAY a symmetrically parallel faith to that of Christianity, Judaism, Buddahism and even Hindism. Islam is a triumphalist faith meaning it MUST take over and supercede other faiths and CANNOT co-exist with other faiths. In light of it’s militant pedophile so-called prophet and his murderous reign, it is not even a religion but a terrorist, totalitarian philosophy that is a threat to ANY government or nation upon which it exists. Which is WHY Muslim nations are theocracies and make it ILLEGAL to practice other faiths. WE DO NOT WANT IT HERE NOR IN ANY WESTERN CHRISTIAN DEMOCRACY ! IT NEEDS TO STAY IN THE MIDDLE EAST AND NO WHERE ELSE ! IF IT KEEP SPREADING IT’s EVIL HEAD THEN I AM ALL FOR USING NUCLEAR WEAPONS TO TAKE OUT THE ENTIRE REGION AND CUT CANCER OUT OF THE WORLD FOR GOOD !! THE ONLY WAY !

  50. guilt is the most fundamental aspect of’s how Islam preys on us,tyranny La La Penitence,the tyranny of guilt, Pascal Bruckner

    I didn’t hear any proof that any call was made.And now? I need proof of EVERYTHING.Muslims can lie.I am Just finished with political correctness.Now politically correct means telling the truth.
    He leapt Right on guilt.. It not behaving like “Jesus” he knows.. I wonder if he means Isa.. Because thats Muslims Jesus.Not the son of God.. Did not die on the cross.NOT Christian’s Jesus.
    Allah is not the God of truth.. Allah boasts he is the “Best deceiver”.Allah does Not have the name..YHWH.Both Christians and Jews have the same name on God.And Muslims KNOW this.A court in malaysia ruled,allah can no longer be used by a Christian as God, doing so,constituted a threat to the sanctity of Islam.I believe that man was using al-taqiyya ..flat out he lied.He had no proof. I even believe their are people out there mad enough to say that.But I need proof.

    • Our ( honest ) military and police and our citizens for that matter need to BAN together to rid of them, it is WE the People for the people before anything else, and the people have spoken, Get them out of here NOW like right now this is no longer debatable OR a political thing, we do not need war – we just need them out and never again. BAN them from here and in other places, this is nothing similar to anything else we have ever witnessed before not even close, We are not that stupid, Today is today’s problem and that is ISLAM creating this stupid problem. Unlike other problems it cannot be ‘resolved’ with them – we SEE and we know!!!!

  51. Are these so called immigrants of Islamic facisism calling out Hamas, Hezbollah, Isis, isil, are they calling out terror?????????

  52. Soltani seems to think it is Bennett’s comments that are provoking Americans, but in reality Bennett’s comments are just the endpoint expression, not the origin, of the Americans’ rage. Americans don’t need to be told how to think, they think for themselves. Soltani should be more worried about the impression his Islamic brothers are making on the TV’s of every American rather that a few comments made by a politician.

    • Exactly, Bennett is the symptom, not the disease! The disease is in the gory practices of islam – more ghastly than even the best of the B-grade horror movies. Teaching a child to behead could never be imagined by even the most gruesome ghoul-writers.

  53. And the muslim-orchestrated misinformation jihad continues. What an insult to REAL cases of persecution of non-muslims in the Middle East and elsewhere. CAIR and their lies and fabrications. Perhaps we really should be uttering death threats to these islamo-scum. God knows, they deserve it! Nor do they deserve to live here.

    CAIR OK, the final reckoning will come! Mark my words!

    • “All muslims must leave America!” (From Oklahoma!!)

      Hey Randy, bloody well done mate, you’ve got them on the run!!!!

      • Lol Pete! I certainly hope so (on the run.) By “all muslims must leave America,” that means North, Central, and South America too. We want you good Canadian brothers and sisters to be rid of the filth of islam too!


  54. I notice they are making signs for their protest, muslims against isis, one imam acting the victim will never change anyones mind. Hundreds of years of rape, murder and attempted genocide leave a lasting impression, try showing your support a bit longer than one attempt at making some signs, speak out louder if you want people to take you seriously

    • Tempting to lace halal meats with truth serum (sudium penetal) like day of old when saltpetre was placed in kids’ cereal breakfast. a few years maybe just maybe they can even mention their bank account details.

  55. These people are such scum, what a crock of shit, how about all the people that have been killed due to Islam, you are free to leave our country you sorry cock roaches, they make me sick.

  56. There is an old saying : Nothing is more frightening than a large , igornant group that is well organized”. Seems to apply with muzzies to a “T”.

  57. One knows they’re desperate when they play the ‘beheading’ card. Nobody will believe this story. Only muslims behead people. Funny story.

  58. IT IS a cancer!…pislam that is!..It NEEDS to be cut out of CIVILIZED American Society ASAP!…Minority of radicals.?!….and “the Jesus you know” arselifter?! Which one would THAT be?!…You filthy hypocritical lying piece of pig poo! ……..Ooooh, did I just commit a “hate crime”?! Telling the truth about lying filthy stinking lowlife moslem garbage seems to fit with today’s version of “hate crimes”…hating EVIL, and exposing it for what it is!……And to the imam: Piss be upon you!

  59. Every single day Christians and other non-muslims live in fear and terror of muslims in muslim countries and muslim areas. Muslims burn down the churches, homes and businesses of Christians. Muslims kidnap, gang rape, forcibly convert, mass barbaric murder, and take massive numbers of Christians and other non-muslim females for sex-slaves. All in OBEDIENCE to Quran commands.

    Cunning CAIR DECEIVERS want to obfuscate the fact that their Book of Hate and Murder for infidels – the quran, is filled with DEATH THREATS towards Infidels.

    The Holy Bible instructs us to tell the truth. John Bennett is OBEYING Almighty God.

    Our wicked Western leaders have colonised our nations with muslims eager to obey the Quran.

    Truth-teller, Courageous, Patriotic JOHN BENNETT FOR PRESIDENT OF AMERICA!

    • Every single day Christians, Jews and other non muslims live in fear and terror in European countries,,,,,,,etc etc..This is what these low grade life forms do where ever they go.

    • You said it right! People are disgusted & angry at sadistic Islam for being the only religion that beheads as punishment & killing non-believers. Such barbarism in a civilized advanced world!

      • to freedom fighter you really need to research your information a little more accurately !!! To say that Islam are the only one to practice beheadings just proves how dumb you are !! Celtics in the 1st century would go on regular head hunts , Englands noble kings and queens used beheadings as a fo of execution from 1286 until the 17th century , Scandinavians used a sword as a method of beheading , the French invented the guillotine , others countries such as China , India , Japan , Korea , Thailand , Syria , Finland and Norway and who could forget the Mayan civilisation who not only beheaded their victims but ripped out their heart as well . So get your facts straight before posting your lack of knowledge !!

      • REALLY, “Anastasia”:

        And HOW MUCH beheading do Christians do nowadays, or have done since 1800 (especially outside wartime)???

        Don’t you realise that ISLAM and COMMUNISM are the danger, NOTHING ELSE????

        Kak vam ñe stïd??? [How come you’re not ashamed???]

      • Well ADHD if you used that mushy thing in your scull called a BRAIN you would know that the last person to be publicly beheaded in a democratic country was with the guillotine in France in the 1970s !! So yes REALLY !!!! And if you also read the comment to which I was replying to then maybe your comment wouldn’t seem so obtuse !!!!!

      • Sorry that I didn’t see this MUCH earlier.

        The wretch who was guillotined didn’t have to face death in a public square: it was done within a prison.

        Furthermore, it was NOT done as a “religious-crime” thing but as a punishment on a CRIMINAL. Multiple rapes, murders, treason and other such crimes are the only bases for executions nowadays – and have been for more than 2 centuries as of now…

      • Sorry, my note was for “Anastasia”: apparently she doesn’t believe in capital punishment and also holds any judicial executions against the Christian faith.

        • ADHD, maybe she is a Muslim or at the least a sympathizer trying to intimidate and throw you off track. They are good for that……

  60. In Europe, we’ve had this problem longer, but, we’re not armed. So in discussions Americans would show up and tell us, this was the problem, and that THEY would know how to take care of the problem. There have been Islamic attacks on America before yet you were prohibited from even pointing a finger at Muslims in general, let alone a gun. Also I think if people do start shooting Muslims, well that will be a reason to have guns confiscated! Because the law protects their “religion” and their freedom to exercise it. I think that needs worked on, it needs reclassified as a dangerous supremacist political ideology hellbent on world conquest. That masks as a religion. But they’re organized crime.

    • wise assumption jitskesez we who protect our second are aware of this trap rest assured when and if we exercise that right it will be a clean sweep

      • Thank you for your encouragement! I have mailed Mr. Bennett to suggest to him he try classifying Islam under RICO as organized crime. They extort protection money, dont’t they?

      • You’re welcome jitskesez and as an Oklahoman myself, thank you for sending Rep. Bennett your suggestion concerning the possibility of using the RICO Act. The extortion racket analogy is true. The jizya tax is the epitome of protection money and islam is most definitely the world’s oldest organized criminal enterprise. It is high time we defined it in those terms, not as a religion. The theology of islam is simply window dressing designed to present islam as an ”Abrahamic faith” of which it is not. Islam is merely Arabic paganism dressed in monotheistic clothing by Muhammad’s plagiarizing of Hebrew and Christian scripture in order to embellish his depraved, barbaric invention with a measure of respectability.

        There is absolutely no reason for Americans to believe islam is deserving of 1st Amendment protection under the rubric of freedom of religion. We would never tolerate a revival of pre-Columbian Aztec worship which involved mass human sacrifice simply because it deprives others of their right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Likewise, islam’s call to behead those “people of the book” (Jews, Christians) who refuse to submit and pay the jizya tax as well as forcing pagans and atheists to either convert or die is a deprivation of other’s right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

        It is high time for people to recognize islam as such. A threat to our way of life and our cherished ideals. Again thank you for your wonderful suggestion to Rep. Bennett. I’m sorry it took me so long to respond, I’ve been extremely busy as of late and am trying to catch up.

  61. Hamas-linked CAIR doesn’t know what death threats are, though they are the ones sending them. No mention of Ayaan Hirsi Ali getting threats.

    • If he knew the Jesus that John Bennett knows, he wouldn’t be a muslim anymore, but rather a Christ believer and follower. I pray that one day he will meet my Jesus face to face and know the truth of WHO the real Jesus is and become a Christ follower and believer.

      • Yes – They hate pork because they see themselves in pigs, That would be cannibalism, how can anyone NOT see this obvious connection to the pork paranoia they have which of course they lie about as well, they know they came from the pig, that is why they fear it so much, They fear Jesus will make their souls go back into that of a pig.