AUSTRALIA: Vandals paint the word “EVIL” on mosque in N. Queensland

And this makes news in British media because WHY?

UK Daily Mail  Worshippers arrived at the mosque in Mareeba, inland from Cairns, on Friday morning to find their place of worship defaced with the yellow paint. 


Mareeba Mayor Tom Gilmore said the act was deeply saddening and the mosque had been part of the community since the 1950s. (And it took this long for people to wake up about what Islam really is?)

This is entirely unacceptable behaviour by anybody in this community,’ he said soon after visiting the site on Friday.  ‘I don’t think it’s ever been defaced before in that time.’  Mr Gilmore said a large group of ‘highly respected’ Muslims had lived in the community since the 1920s. (Respected by whom?) He said the graffiti was visible from the street. (Passersby reportedly seen nodding their heads in agreement)