AUSTRALIA: “Alert! Your time has passed, we strike above the neck,” reads threatening note pinned to a house torched in Melbourne last night.


Melbourne police are investigating a laminated note on the fire-ravaged house in Doncaster, that contained a symbol associated with Islam and made a number of threats. But police are not treating the arson as a terror attack or hate crime. (Of course they aren’t, wouldn’t want to link Muslims with a threat)

Herald Sun (h/t Kenneth N)   “ALERT … your time has passed,” it said. “Only the beginning more to come here or homeland, your next move will determine our next attack. We strike above the neck.”

Senior Sgt Tim Hardiman said police would forensically examine the note and its contents. “There were some comments in the note which we do have some concerns about but at this stage we are not treating it as anything other than a house fire and an arson.

“The note is something we are investigating but we are not jumping to any conclusions. “I understand it can be alarming for people in the vicinity but what I can say is Victoria Police is here to protect everyone in the community regardless of race or religion.” No one was injured but MFB spokeswoman Heather Stockton said there was extensive damage to the property.

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The arson attack came the day after Australia’s biggest anti-terrorism raids in Sydney and Brisbane, with police alleging a plot to behead members of the public had been foiled.