NEVER HIRE A MUSLIM Reason #125: Disgruntled Muslim bagheads will sue you in France, too


The Muslim cashier sued her employer, Supermarket Carrefour, because she was not permitted to wear her headbag on the job, which is against company dress code regulations. She did not wear the headbag for her first several months on the job.

Wearing religious attire that is offensive to French citizens
Wearing religious attire that is offensive to real French citizens

Fdesouche (h/t Christian M)  A dhimmi court sided with the baghead and ordered the supermarket to pay her 10,000 euros for her ‘offended sensibilities and humiliation.”She was dismissed “without real cause,” stated in its verdict the industrial tribunal of Lyon. The company Carrefour supermarket was sentenced Thursday to have fired Hafida Treille in 2010, when she was a cashier. 

After taking a several month maternity leave, she returned to her job at Carrefour Villeurbanne, wearing a Muslim headbag, which she had not worn on her interview or while she worked there prior to taking paternity leave.

“She had the feeling of being discriminated” said her lawer Mrs Raouda Hathroubi. “This decision  gives back her dignity”. (Hopefully, it didn’t give her back her job)