ITALY: There is now only one Italian student in a Padua school


While they don’t give the ethnicity of the rest of the students, we must assume they are mostly Muslims, as Islam is now the second largest religion in Italy.

In Italian schools now there are more and more foreign children. According to the most recent provisional data from the Ministry of National Education, there are 740,000 new foreigners registered in Italian schools for the new school year.

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But in the “Four-leaf clover” primary school in Arcella, a district of Padua, a true record has been reached: of 66 kids, only one girl is Italian! A choice disputed by the mother of the girl who has denounced the disproportion and has criticised the educational policy of the institution.

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According to The Morning of Padua, Eleonora Baccaro wrote to mayor Massimo Bitonci to get an exact response: “her protest is not linked to racial motives but to a concern that her culture cannot be oriented towards the Christian culture. A concern shared by all the teachers who regret the absence of linguistic and cultural mediators and denounced the difficulties in relations with the parents who don’t speak Italian either.”


According to the mother, the protest “is not based on racism or intolerance towards those who come here from far away.” The protest is “cultural and educational” in nature.

The mother says it is a question of “integration in reverse”, with her daughter forced to adopt to other cultures one way or the other, and to do without, for example, stories typical of the Christmas period.

Muslim headbangers Milan
Muslim headbangers Milan

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