AUSTRALIA: Councillor stands behinds remarks that outraged perpetually outraged Muslims and their useful idiots on the Left

MHV~l6v-360CASEY Councillor Sam Aziz has come under fire for a controversial Facebook post to Muslim leaders who feel “alienated in Australia.”

“Dear So Called Muslim Leaders — I am sorry you feel alienated in Australia. Perhaps you would be far more comfortable leaving Australia (with its liberties and welfare system) and go back to somewhere in the desert in Arabia, where you can engage in oppression, violence and any other 7th Century activity that does not belong in a civilized country in our time,” he wrote.

Herald Sun  Aziz took to Facebook to vent following the fatal shooting of Narre Warren terror suspect Numan Haider, 18, at Endeavour Hills police station last night, after he stabbed two officers and allegedly made terror threats against Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

As usual, the leftists are horrified! Multicultural Affairs Minister Matthew Guy said Cr Aziz’s comments were divisive. “All leaders — including those from our three tiers of Government — have a responsibility to provide leadership and to unite all Australians,” Mr Guy said. “No community should be targeted from this event. (Gee, I wonder why it’s always one particular community behind these events?)


“No community should be targeted from this event. “Cr Aziz, as a local councillor, should be uniting residents in his municipality, not dividing them.” Greater Dandenong Interfaith Network president Helen Heath OAM said public figures should not inflame the situation. “It’s a delicate situation, people can have an opinion but we all have to live here and get on with each other,” Ms Heath said.

Aziz stood by his Facebook comments. “We’ve had two injured police officers hospitalized in Melbourne after they were stabbed by someone who was under investigation yet the Islamic Council of Victoria are coming out and talking about alienation,” Cr Aziz said.

“I don’t see how a society like Australia fosters alienation when we have all the liberties, the great welfare system and amazing opportunities that many other people in the world aspire to have.