AUSTRALIA: Did citizens fed up with the Muslim plague threatening their country vandalize a mosque?

Maybe. More likely, Muslims themselves did it to get sympathy from the community and media who are focused on Muslims for being engaged in a campaign of barbaric terrorist acts all around the world.


9News  (h/t Gerald P) Police were called to the site in Rocklea about 7pm yesterday after members discovered the damage. “Muslims are evil and have no respect for our ways” and the word “die” had been graffitied on the entrance, according to an ABC report. (Certainly sounds like something a Muslim would write, not an outraged Aussie)

Hamid Mawardi, the president of the Islamic Indonesian Community of Queensland, honoured police for their quick response to the attack on the Rocklea mosque. He said he had no indication of who had vandalized the mosque but that it was “probably just kids”.

“I think this is a misperception about Islam – we are here, Australian,” he said.  “I’ve been here for years and we live nice and peacefully and whoever did this – respect us as Australians.” This incident is the second of its kind in less than a week.

A police forensic team has begun an investigation into the incident. (Be sure to analyze the handwriting of the mosque members)