INDIA: Outraged Muslims demand PETA activist be stripped of her veggie burqa and stoned to death

When a PETA-India activist dressed up in veggie burqa demands that animals not be barbarically halal slaughtered for Eid, 4,000 Muslims riot and threaten to kill the woman. Police intervene and arrest the activist, charging her with inciting religious hatred.


Blazing Cat Fur (h/t Larry A) Every year during the Muslim holiday of Eid, the streets of India run red with the blood of millions of slaughtered goats, many of whom play with and are the beloved pets of children until they go to the knife. Instead of killing animals, a PETA India activist dressed up in a lettuce and vegetable burqa appealed to Muslims to celebrate in nonviolent ways.



From PETA’s website: The angry mob of Muslims, which police estimated at 4,000 people, had apparently gathered in anticipation of the event. After men in the crowd reportedly shouted for the PETA India staff members, who are all women, to be stripped and stoned to death, men started hurling rocks and assaulting the women, who were forced to run for their lives.


One staffer sustained severe facial injuries and other wounds and remains hospitalized. Another staffer’s pants were ripped as the mob tried to tear at her clothes. Three police vehicles were smashed, and several police officers were beaten as they tried to reason with the crowd.

Two PETA India staffers remain in protective police custody. Local men apparently affiliated with the mosque have charged the women with “outraging religious feelings.”