Islamic State (ISIS) video says: “The best thing you can do is kill civilian disbelievers (non-Muslims) – Americans, Europeans, Canadians, etc…”

Apparently, ISIS-linked terrorists in Algeria have heeded the call and beheaded a French tourist earlier today (Click link below for video/photos)



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  1. There was already a jihadist that killed 2 random people in seattle and then killed another in new Jersey I think. They caught him.

  2. What a joke our supposed leaders are. I listened to Col. Ralph Peters this morning, it’s true what he said, saying the odumbo admin is not serious about killing these evil people. That’s why we hit them at night when the buildings were empty. We managed to kill some furniture and break some windows. What a waste, obumbler doesn’t want to kill his buddies!!!!

    • @Blane, from what I understand, odumber got money from Saudis
      Arabia for all of his schooling so he’s in debt to the moo moo heads and
      that’s why he does what he does. His loyalities are to our enemy not to us.

  3. O.K. kiddies, it’s time to arm yourself wherever you are.This is war. If you’re not a rag head/lice beard no matter where you are, you are a target and don’t rely on police help in England or the U.S. You are on your own.

  4. 1) Didn’t someone in power say there was no threat from ISIS
    to America and now this video just proved them wrong?
    2) I have relatives in Boston and 60 miles from Boston.

  5. The freak, anjem chaudrey has a twitter feed! Just went there to tell him that 72 virgins will pick at his soul in the afterlife! I feel dirty for even being there! Such evil! I have to go take a shower! Nasty bastards! All the women around the world should rise up against the evil that is islam! #BANTHEKORAN

    • Everyone show arm themselves and shoot the cowardly rag heads if they approach you. But they travel in packs because they have no honor as we well know. They will come at us with their machetes but a large, sucking chest wound that you deliver to them will stop them in their tracks. The other ass lifters might just run and hid as you continue to shoot them. At least you can take out some before they stop you. I’m 69y/o and pack a weapon. I’m ready to protect myself the best I can.