OUTSTANDING! Australian Senator Jacqui Lambie says supporters of sharia law are “maniacs and depraved humans” who will not stop committing “cold-blooded butchery and rapes until every woman in Australia wears a burqa”

Jacqui Lambie has redoubled her attack on supporters of Islamic sharia law,  blaming sharia law supporters for “every major terrorist attack on the Western world.”

“The 9/11s, the Bali bombings, Boston marathon bombings, recent beheadings and massacres have all been carried out by supporters of sharia law,” she said.



ABC  (h/t Maria J) Again demanding that sharia “supporters” leave the country, Senator Lambie advised “innocents” in the community to realise “these thugs and extremists will not stop their acts of terrorism and depravity until their way of life, their culture and their law is imposed on Australia, indeed the whole world”.

Senator Lambie has faced widespread criticism for her hardline anti-sharia statements, including from her own party leader Clive Palmer. In a statement posted to Twitter earlier, Mr Palmer said Australians needed to remain united. “We are a rich & diverse nation who enjoy a special country,” he said.

“Challenge is dealing w/budget & measures that attack the fabric of society. We must think about who & what we are & where we want to go. “We have strong obligations towards each other. We have lots in common, we love our families, freedom & our efforts to help each other.”

Jamila Hussain, an Islamic law expert from Sydney’s University of Technology, said sharia was a “way of life for most Muslims” that dictated things like religious duties and ethical conduct. 

“This kind of behaviour stirs up Islamophobia and then we find that Muslim women are walking down the street, minding their own business, pushing their children down the street in a stroller or something, and they’re being attacked by racists and very bad members of the public. “And it’s simply not fair.” (Hey, you reap what you sow)