ABOUT TIME! Anjem Choudary arrested in UK Islamic terrorism investigation

Radical Muslim hate preacher and jihadist recruiter, Anjem Choudary is one of nine men arrested today as part of an investigation into Islamic terrorism.


ITV  Nine men were arrested by counter terror police in London this morning on suspicion of being a member of a banned organisation and encouraging terrorism, Scotland Yard said.  Eleven properties are currently being searched in east London, one in west London, one in north west London and five in south London. One residential address is also being searched in Stoke on Trent.

A police statement said: “These arrests and searches are part of an ongoing investigation into Islamist related terrorism and are not in response to any immediate public safety risk.” (I’ve got $10 bucks that says ChouderHead will be out in 24 hours. Even though he lives off state welfare benefits, he IS a lawyer)

UPDATE: Choudary arrested after making series of Tweets attacking the air strikes on ISIS