AUSTRALIA: Anti-Islam fact sheet stirring up community

Anti-Islam campaigners have begun a hate truth mail offensive targeting Maroochydore residents. An eight-page booklet detailing “the unpalatable truth” about Islam and Muslims has been left in letterboxes in an apparent bid to spread fear the facts among residents.

 Jacquie Dubois-Stanton was shocked to find Islamic hate mail in her letterbox this week.

Jacquie Dubois-Stanton was shocked to find Islamic hate mail in her letterbox this week.

Sunshine Coast Daily  Jacquie Dubois-Stanton, of Maroochydore, was left “shaking” and “disgusted” by the contents of the pamphlet, which includes claims that Muslims will “capture the Western world” in the next 50 years. (Disgusted by the pamphlet or the fact that Muslims are a threat to you?)

The letterbox drop follows a protest on Saturday by anti-mosque protesters. Tempers flared as about 500 people, most of them opposed to mosque plans, faced off outside the proposed site on Church St, Maroochydore.


Mrs Dubois-Stanton said she had no doubts the booklet was not about informing the community, but encouraging people to revolt and become violent. (That’s why you are an idiot)

“I thought I was going to learn something about Islam when I saw it,” the 80-year-old said. (And hopefully you did learn something about Islam – the truth) “But instead it turned out to be hate mail. “This is trying to make people do something bad. “They are trying to scare people. (No, they aren’t. Muslims are the ones scaring people. These pamphlets are simply explaining why)

Here’s the other half of the mosque graffiti in Brisbane previously posted on BNI the other day:

“Muslims are evil and have no respect for our ways” and the word “die” had been sprayed on the entrance, according to an ABC report. “Get the f*** out of our country” was also sprayed in large letters on the mosque walls, accompanied by a cross.

“Muslims are evil and have no respect for our ways” and the word “die” had been sprayed on the entrance, according to an ABC report.
“Get the f*** out of our country” was also sprayed in large letters on the mosque walls, accompanied by a cross.

And here’s some more blowback from the anti-Islamic terror raids last week:



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    • the stupidity of those people is endless. why would we bother going through all that trouble just to discredit an innocent religion. IT’S BECAUSE IT’S THE TRUTH THAT WE SPREAD IT.

  1. Just correcting the name of the new Australian political party. Its the Australian Liberty Party, not Australian Liberal party. It has an anti Islam domination slant.

  2. Apparently someone was arrested for the mosque paint-a-thon, but the story has gone cold. This is of interest because the language used in the paint-a-thon was curious. Who uses the term “our ways” except foreigners? On the other hand, “Get the f…out of our country” is spot on. Will be interesting to see if they ever charge anyone.

    • Unfortunately there is an awful lot of political correctness here. Its driving us nuts but we are not easily scared. Both sexes will fight to the bitter end side by side. Its true though theres not been much further info on that graffiti in QLD. Some of the evil lot have been yelling appalling threats at a catholic school in Sydney and yelled shocking threats to a nun standing at the gates that they were going to kill her and all the Christians. They have been arrested. This old lady holding the pamplett is an senile old fool causing trouble, she wont even be around much longer to be affected by it. What a troublemaker and attention seeker she is, so embarrassing. She should pull her 2 brain cells into line and go and take another valium or something, or her dementia medication. Australia has just got a new political party and its called Australian Liberal Alliance and is a major anti Islam organisation growing out of the wonderful Q Society which is a society of lawyers, and other professionals as well working people which was formed in the Melbourne suburb of Kew, hence Q Society. It was begun in 2010 by an amazing and v brave women called Deb Robinson when she witnessed appalling anti Semitism against Jewish chocolate shops in the CBD. Almost like ‘crystal nacht’ in that they were trying to prevent people entering the shops and also to demolish them in outrageous violence. What the Q Society has dug up about the true nature and aims of Islam is astounding, including the halal certification rort which is making trillions worldwide for muslims. Headquarters are in Malaysia. Basically what happens is these evil gross lot force and use standover men (worse than the mafia) to force food suppliers to pay enormous money to get a ‘halah’ certificate on their goods even though there are only 3 foods which are forbidden in Islam and they are many animal products, not fruit, cereal etc etc. But Q Society has found there is not ONE product in our supermarkets that is without it. Lovely isn’t it? The researcher on the halal situation was a women and once she rang a major iman to see if she could get any info about it and the stupid idiot thought she was a new convert and was asking advice about what foods are ok etc etc and he opened up and told her HEAPS!! hahaha, about the halal rorts. He told her he gets a share of the money and his wife loves designer shoes so much he really needed his cut!!!Well, only her feet are visible for her to show her individuality of course! The money is used to fund terrorism and also for muslims to buy up properties around the world. After all this research it was given to our government to look into and they said they would investigate it closely. They better stop it. Its also on cat and dog food!!! Well animals aren’t muslims and most muslims hate dogs. A blatant rort. Check it out over there, you will have it there too. Maybe you can start a political party like ours too, though I know your system is a lot different. Saw that your muzzas are about to start a party over there. This is a massive prob for you I think. They’ll probably try here too I suppose though someone might burn down their meeting hall next to the mosque or something. Also check out a brilliant English lawyer Gavin Boby fighting to prevent new mosques being built and also fighting to get many pulled down that have been built with no approval as they just use bribes and standover violence on councils. He’s blowing it all asunder. He has been v successful in getting no new ones built. He does it free because its usually poorer areas that the muzzas try to intimidate and they cant afford lawyers to help them. He has also been instrumental in bringing to light the shocking muslim rape gangs of England which have been operating for decades and because of PC disgraceful England ignored it though they KNEW. Also its a big problem in Holland and stupid Sweden.Its an appalling shame for once great England, land of St George, the knight who defends women’s honour. What a shameful joke, St George has left in disgust. You can download his horrific report on his page. He is considering suing the English government for not defending its people against a known threat as their constitution says they must. What’s ahead??? A LOT WORSE. Sorry about huge post but there’s so much info that we all need to know

      • Thanks very much for drawing attention to Gavin Boby. One very impressive man, I hadn’t heard of him but will spread the word.

      • Astrid,

        Well said, thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. It is inspiring to know that other Aussies feel the same way.

        We need to defeat the Greenies, including ‘GetUp’ and put them out of business for supporting Islam.

    • all Australians have had enough of islam if any terror happens in Australia forget allah praying to christen god might help I doubt it

  3. Bonni, it would be nice to have a printable copy of the 8 page letter – as I rub my hands in glee – I mean ink – lol

  4. That paper broke through her “bubble of innocence”. The “REAL” world is for grownups. This shows that it doesn’t matter your age, that immaturity is a way many (most) people insulate themselves from reality. In the REAL, adult world, evil happens, woman – GROW UP!




    Who do they think they are kidding?

    Everything ISIS is doing comes right out of the teachings of the Quran.

    ISIS follows the Quran literally and any media outlet including the Fox News that says Islam is hijacked or “it is only the extremists” are deceiving you.

    Until the American people put aside the political correctness and the craziness that “We all worship the same God” nonsense, hundreds of thousands and even millions of people will die at the hands of Islam.

    The Truth is very uncomfortable and very scary, it will be especially scary for liberals who will not recognize reality until we lose one or two U.S. cities to the enemy.

    Tragically this mistake may cost us the destruction of several US and European cities before we may come to our senses. TOP TEN verses in Quran that inspired ISIS to do what they do

  6. It boggles the mind that anyone with even 1/2 a brain could see the daily violent atrocities committed by Muslims and still remain so clueless. Maybe Jacquie should be checked for dementia.

  7. Smiling with pride; leftist Jacquie Dubois-Stanton aids and abets the muslim goal of conquest of Australia and the world. She has lived for 80 years and this is her despicable contribution to the world. Deceiving for totalitarian, expansionist Islam.

    Western media and Western leaders are digging our graves. They know the terrible truth about Islam. They are evil. They have sold their souls to the devil and colonised our nations with muslims. They will not escape God’s future terrifying judgments.

    • Linda Linda !!! Get back on your meds !!! Number 1 Australia will never be overrun by Islamic extremists ! “Why ? 2005 Cronulla beach riots and that wasn’t Christians against Muslims , that was white surfers against anything that looked remotely Middle Eastern, Christian or not if u looked Arab u copped a flogging ! Because a couple of young ethnic Arab boys decided to entertain themselves with the bashing assault on a 17 year old volunteer life saver ! Well if that was the outcome over a small assault then u can just imagine what the murder of an innocent person would do to our moral . Don’t ever underestimate Aussies ! We may not have the legality to own or use guns like Americans but we don’t need guns ! When the numbers are on your side all u need are fists and brains

      • Very well. We’ll do this via email, ok.

        Please request my email from Bonni, ok. We’ll take it from there. Please put “Aussie pamphlet” in the subject box so I know what it’s about.

        Bonni; I authorize you to divulge my emaill address to Justin. Thanks! HEA

      • Justin,

        Would you please be good enough to send me a copy of the brochure to the below e-mail address…BNI will vouch for me…will be greatly appreciated, thank you, sincerely…Allan

        Allan Ivarsson
        Founder of…

        Blue Light Freedom Watch © 2013
        Working to Protect Freedom of Life.

      • i would very much like to get a copy please,need to get this out people need to get their head out of their butt. maybe it would help.

  8. Ausies used to be a gung-ho bunch and good fighters. They have so many wonderful things for the Muslims in Australia….hungry sharks who would appreciate a nice halal meal, beards and all – and in the north they have some of the world’s biggest crocodiles. Allah will be willing – feed’em to the crocs.

  9. Why should this woman care. She will soon have left her old body and moved on. (May however have a muz fantasy like the liberal mindset.) Meanwhile everyone a few years younger will be left to right the wrong that is the now openly plotting our bloody downfall right here right now. Mocking and jeering in our faces on our streets. We have a national emergency.

  10. At a minimum this is our governments job. “An informed citizenry…etc”. A Muslim in any society has civil war consequences – as if we didn’t know by now. Not the time to be full-time employees of the Saudi Wahhabis and other low bottom wannabes.

  11. Why is this lady so disgusted? Muslims have been announcing for many years that they are going to take over the West. At the moment it seems like they are winning considering the amount of politicians accepting their constant demands. If the world doesn’t react they will take over as predicted, they reproduce like rats and teach their little rats to hate everybody.

  12. I do believe that the long-awaited fightback against the possible oncoming Muslim Dark Age is starting to kick off!! Well done to the no-nonsense Aussies!!
    The excerpt shown of the pamphlet looks very factual, responsible and reasonable to me.
    I believe that there has been a real sea-change regarding peoples view of Islam in the past few months; it’s now all over the mass-media every day now ( thanks in part to the unspeakable atrocities of ISIS, or whatever they are called today ). Soon, even people like that ignorant old lady will be forced to admit that Islam is not just a religion but a totalitarian fascist murderous death-celebrating cult that just can’t wait to destroy us all.
    If everybody ( particularly our traitorous so-called leaders ) got their stupid heads out of the sand and realised that Islam is an unprecedented threat to civilisation ,then Islam wouldn’t stand a chance against us all, and it would be wiped out.

    What a day that would be, the party might go on for years!!

    Is anyone able to post the full transcript of this pamphlet? I’m sure it could be put to good use here in Ca-Moron’s Caliphate of formerly Great Britain.

    Truth! Let’s keep pushing and pushing it till the dhimmi idiots stop pretending we’re the problem,
    and are eventually forced to look the real problem right in the face. Only then can we all unite to fight this deadly threat, just as we did to the Nazis.

    I think that makes sense.


    • Hi Muzzo, You say, Is anyone able to post the full transcript of this pamphlet? I don’t know about that, however, this is on Britain’s Liberty GB facebook page.

      My computer won’t let me copy and paste it. Scroll down on right hand side and see the excellent comparison with the Islamic State and Islam

      “Just in case you were in any doubt about the ideology that ISIS follow. It is, of course, all sanctioned in the Qur’an.
      Photo: Just in case you were in any doubt about the ideology that ISIS follow. It is, of course, all sanctioned in the Qur’an.

      Comparing Islamic State and Islam”

      • Thanks, Linda,will check that out! Yes, it’s crystal clear to those of us that have taken a bit of time to study the matter that ISIS are following Islam to the letter. I just thought that it was a great idea of the Aussies to have a pamphlet that we could shove through peoples letterboxes that tells the absolute truth about the evil death-cult.

        We must keep spreading the truth and putting the finger on our deadly enemies.

        Keep on with your excellent posts,



  13. Americans are catching on… sssllloooowlllly… but the news and awareness is spreading. I’m seeing it first hand. But dam you Australians are an inspiration!

  14. Whenever my idiot liberal friend and I get into a debate about Islam, he takes his fingers and places them over his ears and says “I am not going to listen to you. La la la la la…”

    It would be nice to have something that addresses all his stupid retorts. One can only hope that some empty brainboxes will open up.

      • Judi,

        I agree any friend that refuses to learn the ‘Dark Truth about Islam’ is not a friend- they can never be trusted in a fight. I walk away permanently from such people, I don’t trust Dhimmis of any kind.

        Unfortunately that 80 year old is an ignorant idiot and has clearly lived her life as a naïve person with limited mind unable to think outside the square. Such ignorant people thinking inside a box are always easily offended and are time and again emotionally immature in their thinking.

        It is hard to comprehend that elderly people have lived their entire life in such ignorance.

        An elderly woman was beheaded in Britain recently but this Aussie probably does not know about such incidents.

  15. Dumb old bitch, maybe she will learn something about islam when they rape her, or behead, or make her pay the jizyah.
    People in australia are very slowly waking up to these muslims. I honestly think good times to come.
    I like that letter, might copy it and do a letterbox drop in my suburb of sydney

  16. I read just the first page of that pamphlet and it is spot on accurate. My only suggestion is making it interactive. In her case since she is so stupid, it branches off and gives her ad nauseum irrefutable proof to back up the statements.

    I have an idiot liberal friend. He is much like the elderly empty brainbox in your story. He finally admitted I was right about Muslims. But I expect him to drink some Obamalade and snap out of his awakened state…

  17. Loving the blow back pics above. I hope it was done by pissed off Aussies not the Muzscum themselves. That tells me Aussies are ready to rise and fight back!

    FYI I was in the CBD of Melbourne on Wednesday early evening for a couple of hours. Normally I see bagheads everywhere. Did not see one baghead at all. Now that has never happened. Sounds like to me they are keeping their ugly heads low and not venturing out in public in the evenings.

    Has any other Aussie BNI’er reading my comment, noticing this too?

    • muslims leaders have not spoken out for years on the violence in religion now in Australia they are they realize we have had enough they are worried so they should be be veryafraid

  18. We not save here in Australia any more our Govnt’s are trying to lie to us as always. As I see it the muslims are protected they will use our laws against us . this is insane what about our way of life our freedom for our Children is our Leaders so blinded buy their lies and bullsh………. religion. Honor killings are happening in a America and the media are silent about it. it will start in Australia soon if we don’t wake up to the truth that islam is the idea of a mad man set on killing. Jews on Saturday Christians on Sunday and other Riligions that don’t submit to islam

  19. I live in a respected gated community on Vancouver Island, mainly over 70, and in the fourteen years I’ve lived here I’ve got to know a lot of people (we have about 1000 residents) and can honestly say about HALF our residents are every bit as naive and internationally clueless as this woman.

    • I probably live not too far from you. When school teachers take their classes to the mosque to teach them about the love islam bestows on all, and when they unwittingly say the words that makes them muslim in the eyes of the diabolic cult, when the local news (except for one notable exception) whitewashes islam or ignores it completely, and when too many people openly support the Liberal leader, and too many people live in their little bubble of ignorance, then we have a problem that will cause us unending grief in the near future. The building blocks of the caliphate are set before the local population wakes up, and by then it is generally too late. Look at Denmark at this moment.

  20. I hope people heed the truth in Australia and not be like that
    lady in the top picture. As far as the graffiti, I don’t know……..
    If there was pig blood and pieces of pig all over the mosque then
    I would be sure. I cannot trust muzzies even if they tell a truth because
    they lie so much.

  21. Jacquie Dubois-Stanton must be her married name, so Duboi would be her maiden name.
    And isn’t Jacquie Dubois a fine French name?
    A dangerously naive French dhimmi name?
    Alas, even in Australia….

  22. Maybe this 80 yr old woman was the only one “disgusted” by it; she’s the only one mentioned. Some people prefer to live in ignorance.

    • Yep! Some do indeed hold fast to that old adage about ignorance being bliss…but I don’t see the ignorant old bat smiling….and I’m sure she won’t be smiling when the muslim savages come to her doorstep.